Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1987

Chapter 1987: Xuan Kong

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"Xing Xing Xing! I listen to you!" Lord Turtle showed excitement in his eyes.

"Sister, what are you doing, why should you seal the Dong Mansion?" Xuan Yue walked in and saw Zhao Yuande nod to him slightly, then looked at Xuan Ye very dissatisfied.

"Sister... Me and..." Xuan Ye smiled bitterly.

However, before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Xuan Yue.

"Okay! Don't explain it. I'm here to thank this brother. Without us, we both would suffer today!" Xuan Yue looked at Zhao Yuande.

"Everyone is a friend, so don't say that!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

"No...I must say it!" Xuan Yue firmly said, "I Xuan Yue doesn't like to owe human affection. It's better to do this. I invite you to sit at Brother Xuan Kong's restaurant, which is also my thanks."

Zhao Yuande looked at Xuan Ye and saw the helpless gaze in his eyes, knowing that this time it could not be pushed away.

"Alright!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Let's go!" Xuan Yue made a please gesture.

Xuan Yue's thinking is also simple, the other party's identity on the wine table should be very easy to ask!

Now that he has satisfied his curiosity, he has returned his favor, and the best of both worlds.

"Hey! Wait, sir, you seem to have forgotten something." Lord Turtle saw an emergency when Zhao Yuande was leaving.

"Oh! Haha, I really forgot!" Zhao Yuande looked at Xuanye a little apologetically, pointed to the basalt grass and said, "This guy has taken a fancy to your basalt grass, otherwise I will use it Change your valuable fairy medicine with you!"

"Xuanwucao?" Xuanye turned to look at the medicine garden deep in the cave, and there was a convulsion on his face. "It's okay, just take it away! It's just a sixth-grade fairy medicine...not worth a few." Fairy Jade!"

Although Xuanye said so in his mouth, his heart was bleeding. This turtle's eyes were really good. He even took a fancy to his basalt grass. It was taken when he was planning to hit the realm, but here is the master. If there is a bad rejection, you can only grind your teeth and agree.

He didn't bother to look directly at the hand, he pulled the basalt grass out of the medicine garden and handed it to Lord Turtle.

"Boy! Refreshing, Lord Turtle is very optimistic about you!" Lord Turtle also puffed up and swallowed the basalt grass into his stomach.

"Brother! You're crazy, but you're wasting..." Xuan Yue looked a little dumbfounded, and didn't have time to stop the main Xuan Ye, then the basalt grass was swallowed by Lord Turtle.

"Sister Sister, stop talking!" Xuan Ye waved her hand.

"Why, Xuanye, although the basalt grass has some promotion effect, but it is also harmful, it is good to eat this guy! After we come back later, I will help you to promote the late Xianjun!" Zhao Yuande patted Xuan Ye's shoulder.

He was very satisfied with Xuan Ye's performance, and he felt that it was reasonable to give each other some benefits.

Xuan Ye was ecstatic when he heard Zhao Yuande!

He naturally knew that Zhao Yuande could do this, but his identity was clear.

"You... what are you talking about... Xuan Ye, don't you be fooled by him..." Xuan Yue couldn't believe her ears. She even doubted whether Zhao Yuande had used any demon methods to confuse Xuan Ye.

"Sister, don't say it! I believe what Brother Zhao said." Xuan Yesheng was afraid that the other party would irritate Zhao Yuande, so he gave his sister a hard look.

"You... well! You don't care about yourself, and I won't say much!" Xuan Yue waved her hands helplessly, "I'm going!"

"Go!" Zhao Yuande nodded to Xuan Ye.

The three soon arrived in a huge city. There were also mortals in the Ziqi Continent where the Bajing Palace was located. They also had their own cities. Most of the disciples in the Bajing Palace also came from the Ziqi Continent.

Of course, the mortals mentioned here also refer to the practitioners who can't reach the fairyland. As long as the people of the Purple Qi Continent are born, they are the strong ones of Yin and Yang. The purple qi here is one level higher than the spirit of the fairy spirit.

They walked on the street, and Zhao Yuande felt that the atmosphere here was very good, a little less hostile than the fairy world, and a little more quiet and peaceful.

If you think about it, you can understand that the major forces in the fairy world are fighting, and every cultivator will be involved in the war at any time.

The Purple Air Continent is completely enveloped by the forces of the Bajing Palace. No other force can contend with the Bajing Palace, so there are fewer disputes here.

They soon appeared in front of a restaurant, the restaurant's name is Xuan Kong.

There are a lot of people coming and going, which is very lively.

"This was opened by a senior brother of Bajing Palace. This senior brother was protected by a enemy during a battle and was hit hard by the enemy. Cultivation can no longer enter. Finally, he opened a restaurant here!" Xuan Ye looked at the restaurant and couldn't help but have Somewhat with emotion.

"This Senior Brother Xuan Kong is a role model for my generation. Unfortunately, I am not a supreme strongman. Otherwise, I will definitely help him repair the damaged sea of knowledge so that he can continue to practice." Xuan Yue's eyes showed helplessness.

"That younger brother is Sister Xuanyue's brother." Xuan Ye said in a low voice to Zhao Yuande, "Sister Xuanyue has always felt sorry for Brother Xuankong these years, so he often visits him, and the two may..."

"Maybe have feelings?" Zhao Yuande felt normal.

"Well! Brother Xuan Kong is not easy, Master Zu... can you..." Xuan Ye said a little embarrassedly.

"Oh! I want to see him himself, and you don't have too much hope." Zhao Yuande heard this person's affairs, and heard that Xuan Yue had such a heavy feeling, and she couldn't help but have a thought to help them.

However, he still had to see how this Xuan Kong was, and it was not worth his help.

As soon as they walked into the restaurant, a teenager greeted him. The teenager saw Xuan Yue very enthusiastically.

"Uncle Master, you are here! Master has been waiting for you for a long time!"

"Oh, Kobayashi! Let Brother Brother give me a quiet room, and I want to entertain a distinguished guest!" Xuan Yue touched his head with a little affection when he saw this young boy, "Let Brother Wait for Me , I will entertain the distinguished guests before I go to him.

"Sister Sister is not an outsider. Let's ask Brother to come together too! I haven't seen Brother for a long time, and I think of him." Xuan Ye blinked at Sister.

"This..." Xuan Yue looked at Zhao Yuande, the meaning was obvious.

"It's okay! Brother Zhao is not an outsider. Call Brother Brother!" Xuan Ye nodded.

"Okay! Xiaolin, please come with Brother!" Xuan Yue nodded.

"Good!" The teenager bowed to Xuan Ye and Zhao Yuande, and then ran towards the backyard.

Soon, a middle-aged man with a tall body, a square face, and thick eyebrows and big eyes appeared in front of Zhao Yuande.

"This honorable guest, Xuan Kong is polite!" The man with thick eyebrows and big eyes fell on Zhao Yuande's body and arched his hand.