Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1989

Chapter 1989: Smashed Your Restaurant

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"Let's go! It's the same to go to other levels!" Although Xuanyue felt that Lord Turtle was scolding happily, but she also knew that although the other party did not dare to deal with them now, she would definitely remember it in the future, and I don't know when it will be behind Stabbed you with a knife.

"Yes! Brother, let's go to the eighth floor! I'll cook for you personally!" Xuan Kong also came over, and his face was not pretty, "just grieved brother!"

Seeing the sincerity of the other party, Zhao Yuande is now in his shop. If he does it, it will inevitably cause trouble to the shop, and he simply nods.

"Let's go!" Zhao Yuande got up first and walked downstairs.

"Huh! If you scold someone, you want to go. Is that easy?" Xuanming was already in front of them, and his face was very bad. He thought that Zhao Yuande must be afraid of the Northern Chinese elders, so he also looked like a fox. Master Turtle on Zhao Yuande's shoulder shouted, "Leave this turtle and stew the elder with a soup, you can go!"

"I your mother! Lord Turtle does not show his power, you treat me like a tortoise!" Lord Turtle almost spit blood and was yelling.

This roaring wave was rolling, with a turtle turtle as the center, and a fan-shaped area seemed to be swept by the void storm. When Xuanming was hit by a terrible sound wave, his body was suddenly shaken into a blood mist, and even a scream was not issued. , This guy just hung up.

The black body, which was a little further away, seemed to be hit by a big hammer, and the body flew out, hitting the Northern Chinese elders.

"Bold!" The Northern Chinese elder was furious and took the black body easily, but at this time the black body was almost shattered, and the whole body was covered with blood, and he passed out.

The Northern Chinese elder looked coldly at Zhao Yuande, "You dare to kill my disciples in Bajing Palace in front of me, so brave! No matter who you are, you can't escape today!"

"This..." Xuanyue and Xuankong froze directly. They never dreamed that Zhao Yuande's tortoise even said it.

Do it yourself! Who knows he even sprayed people to death!

Both of them secretly complained, knowing that Zhao Yuande would be beheaded here by the Northern Chinese elders today.

There is no other way for them. The northern-speaking elder on the opposite side is a mid-level strong man of the Immortal Emperor, who can destroy them easily.

"Old stuff, don't be busy talking big things, my lord is not your little shrimp!" Lord Turtle stood proudly, his head squinting at each other.

Since he started, he has no scruples, but he knows Zhao Yuande's true identity, and it's no big deal. Once the master lifts it out, who dares to investigate.

"I... Xiao Xiami!" The elder Beiyu is going crazy. He has lived for thousands of years. The elder of Bajing Palace was once said to be Xiao Xiami.

"I'll kill you!" The elder of the Northern Language took a backhand shot towards Zhao Yuande.

Although this was just a random hand, and did not exert his full strength, Zhao Yuande could still feel the terror power contained therein.

Zhao Yuande paid for it, and he couldn't take it, but it didn't mean he couldn't crack it.

The starlight was shining brightly in his eyes, and the palm of his fingers tapped into the palm of his opponent with the power of fortification.


After a soft bang, the elders of Beiyu felt that their palm seemed to be photographed on a cotton mountain, and the palm of the palm was effortless, and there was no power at all.

"You..." The Northern Chinese elder was directly shocked, unable to say a word for a long time.

If he saw this thing with his own eyes, he wouldn't believe it if he broke the sky!

A mid-century cultivator broke his attack with a single finger, knowing that he is mid-century immortal, and he is about to break through the latter period soon!

Not to mention just giving it a random hand, even if you accidentally put a fart, you can die, but it is directly broken by the other party.


Xuan Kong Xuan Yue's eyes were wide at this time, they almost suffocated under the pressure of that palm, they were all ready to be smashed by the slap of the entire Xuan Kong Building, but they saw this in a blink of an eye A scene! At this time, Xuan Ye was the most calm. He knew Zhao Yuande's methods. Although he didn't realize that Zhao Yuande could defeat the mid-term strong of Xiandi, the miracle created by Zhao Yuande was more shocking than the victory of Xiandi.

So this scene appeared, he did not feel very surprised, but felt that it should be so.

"Haha! Old man, do you have this skill? Lord Turtle despise you!" Lord Turtle laughed unscrupulously.

"Damn tortoise! I slaughtered you!" Elder Beiyu was repeatedly humiliated by people, a sword in his hand rose into the sky, the terrible sharp air tore the Cangyu, and the nineth floor of the Xuankong Building was instantly sharpened The fragmentation of gas cutting.

Even Zhao Yuande felt that a powerful crisis was coming, and Lord Turtle's complexion changed greatly.

Everyone shivered. If this sword fell into the Xuankong Tower, it would no longer exist. The entire city might also be destroyed. I don't know how many practitioners will die.

"Beiyu! You dare to dare to do it in Donglu City!" A tall figure appeared in the void, and roared at Beiyu.

"No truth! Don't worry about anything else, or today you will fight together!" Beiyu saw the comrade, looking cold, not only did not mean to stop, but the sword would come down more quickly.

"East Lucheng is not your place to spread the wild!" This is a middle-aged big-faced man with a long face. When he saw that Beiyu didn't stop, he suddenly changed color and blasted towards Beiyu in a circle.

Thousands of feet apart, Beiyu felt the horror of this fist, as if a huge meteor hit him.

If this punch does not hide, although it will not die, it will inevitably be hit hard.

To punish a turtle is not worth it!

"No truth! Do you really want to be an enemy of me? You have been demoted to Donglu City soon! Don't think about your way out?" Beiyu looked at the other person, his eyes were angry, but he had to persuade Road.

"Huh! Lao Zixing is sitting upright, sooner or later that thing will fall out of stone!" Wu Zhen heard the other party saying that, there was a trace of anger in his eyes.

"Hey! Then you just wait!" Beiyu saw the other person came forward, knowing that there was no way to start today, hey sneered and swept Zhao Yuande and Master Turtle, no longer ignore them, but turned to look Xiang Xuankong said lightly, "Give me preparation, I will drink here! If I am not satisfied, I will smash your restaurant!"