Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1990

Chapter 1990: I Am A Pig

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"Go! You old stuff, what big-tail wolf is here!" Master Turtle was still a little afraid, but when he saw the strong man coming, he suddenly came to his spirits and scolded, "If you don't get out, Master Turtle will let you Are you here to repent or believe it?"

"This..." A series of scoldings from Lord Turtle made everyone speechless.

Do you want to be so cheap? I was scared and pale, but now I want to provoke others to find death?

"This tortoise..." Weiqiang Dahan Wuzhen's face showed a strange look. He finally knew why the other party was angry and why he would do it here. It turned out that was the reason.

"Look what! Haven't you seen such a handsome Master Tortoise?" Master Tortoise faced the strange eyes around him, didn't feel cheap at all, but raised her head in complacency.

"No truth, have you seen it, this time you stop me again, we will never die!" Beiyu suddenly stood up, his face showing anger, walking towards the Lord Turtle step by step.

"Beijing, I think he said it well. You are a magnificent middle-aged emperor, what to pretend to be here!" Wu Zhen sneered, "Here is a disciple who made credit for Bajing Palace. The hard-run restaurant, the elders like you and me should be caring, not pretending to be uncle, you will only make the disciples chill!

"Humph! I don't know what you're talking about, only that he must die today!" Beiyu looked at Zhao Yuande with a sneer.

"Otherwise let's make a bet." Zhao Yuande suddenly smiled slightly, "I am standing here, if you dare to kill me, I will never fight back. If you dare, just give me three knocks here , Shout three times, I am a pig, and then get out!

"You... you are fine! That's it!" Beiyu looked at Zhao Yuande with a sneer.

"This..." Wuzhen on the side looked at Zhao Yuande's speechlessness for a while.

What are you doing here! This guy is lawless, leaning against the elder who is too high behind him, even if it really kills you here, I can only report it, no right to him!

Xuan Kong Xuan Yue also looked at Zhao Yuande inconceivably. Is this guy crazy?

Only Xuan Ye's face showed a mocking smile.

"Let's make an oath of heaven! I'm afraid you won't admit it for a while." Zhao Yuande sneered at Beiyu regardless of the strange eyes of others.

"Yes! Your old thing is not a person who can obey the agreement at first glance!" Lord Turtle cried.

The rules in the East Lu City are not allowed to be arbitrarily. This rule is not stipulated by the city owner, but the Eight View Palace!

If he kills Zhao Yuande without scruples here, he will inevitably have trouble with his upper body. Although he has a special status, he must do some ups and downs.

Now the opposite boy offered this gambling offer, which opened him a door of convenience, isn't it a heavenly vow? No effort, just open your mouth, anyway, you will not lose, no matter who you are, I just slaughter it!

Beiyu took the Heavenly Dao oath very happily and turned to Wuzhen with a sneer: "No truth, if you dare to intervene in this matter, I and you will never die!"

"You..." Helpless.

"Hey! Let's die! Even if you are the emperor, I will kill you alive today!" Beiyu sneered at Zhao Yuande with a sneer.


A big foot stepped in the void, stepped **** the head of Beiyu, and knocked him directly to the ground.

The power of this big foot is extremely clever, and can directly overthrow a mid-level strong immortal emperor, but it does not hurt the fragile Xuankonglou.

"Who... who dares to attack my Bajing Palace! Are you provoking the dignity of my Bajing Palace?" Beiyu was trampled on one foot and felt the power of terror. His face changed suddenly, and he instantly knew The other party's gambling contract was just a set for himself, he was going to lose.

"Beiyu! Can you represent Bajing Palace?" A handsome and elegant young man walked slowly out of the void. He looked at Beiyu's mouth with a disdainful smile.

"Brother Wuya!" The bearded Wuzhen saw the young man with a happy face and bowed to him. "I don't know if Brother is here. If you are far away, please ask Brother to forgive me!"

"Forget it!" Emperor Wuya nodded to Wuzhen, and looked at Beibai, who looked pale, "Beijing, you are so majestic, you dare to commit a crime, do you know the consequences? Even if Your master cant keep you!"

"Wuya! Don't think I'm afraid of you. We are all elders and disciples of the same generation. Why did you commit the following crimes?" Beiyu gritted his teeth hard.

Although he is right, he is the elder who is the most powerful elder among the elders, and he is just an ordinary elder. All of them are elders, but their status is very different.

"Huh! I didn't say me, but uncle Xiaoshi!" Wu Yaxian Emperor smiled slightly and bowed slightly to the Zhao Yuan beside him.

"Little Master Uncle!" Beiyu heard this title, suddenly suddenly changed color, he finally knew why he was familiar with Zhao Yuande.

He once saw the other person's image in the master. At that time, the master gritted his teeth, but there was no way to do it.

This person is the legendary disciple of the palace lord. No wonder he is so determined... he dug a pit for him to jump in. This is pitting himself!

He was stiff, and he soon thought of the consequences, he lost!

At this time, even if Wuya Immortal Emperor did not appear, he would not dare to shoot, because if he really dared to kill the other party, no matter who his master was, there was only one way to die!

Relatively speaking, just knocking a few heads and saying that you are a pig is insignificant!

Although this is shameful, but for the sake of life, it is nothing.

On the side of Xuan Kong, Xuan Yue stayed like a wooden chicken, and they turned to Xuan Ye at the same time, and found that this guy was not a little surprised, and knew that he had known this for a long time.

No wonder this guy has been a little weird before. It turned out that he knew this man's identity long ago, and he was really confident.

"I lost!" Beiyu gritted his teeth, threw himself on his knees and fell to the ground. He shouted three times at Zhao Yuande, a series of Coke, and shouted three times. "I am a pig! I am a pig! I am a pig!"

"Hey! I told you to leave now, you don't listen, now you know it!" Lord Turtle laughed while gloating.

Beiyu lowered his head, his teeth clattered, but he didn't dare to say a word.

After doing all this, he got up and walked away, never daring to look back.

"Uncle Master, I'm gone!" Wu Yaxian Emperor greeted Zhao Yuande, his body disappeared into the void and disappeared.