Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1991

Chapter 1991: Invincible

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"See Uncle Master! If Uncle Master is fine, I will go first." Seeing Beiyu's embarrassment left, Wuya Immortal Emperor also left, Wuzhen stepped forward and bowed his head to Zhao Yuande.

He glanced at Xuan Kong three, and then looked at Zhao Yuande to know that in the future, these three would find a backer. He knew that he would only delay things here, and simply left obediently.

"See Shizu!" Xuan Kong, Xuan Yue, and Xuan Ye three also hurried forward.

"Okay! I don't say so many gifts, everyone is free to order!" Zhao Yuande smiled at the three of them.

Xuan Ye and Zhao Yuande had a lot of contact and knew Zhao Yuande's personality, so they quickly became casual, and the remaining two people were in contact with Zhao Yuande for the first time, so they were still a bit cautious.

"Master Zu, Brother Xuan Kong's injury, do you have a way?" Xuan Ye knew Zhao Yuande's supernatural powers, and he couldn't help but look forward to his face.

Hearing Xuan Ye's question, the other two people's obvious faces showed expectation.

"If you want to repair the damage to the sea, you need some high-level fairy medicine. If you can get it, I'm sure!" Zhao Yuande has such a recipe, but the fairy medicine that can repair the soul is very rare. Even he has no inventory.

"Master Zu! What fairy medicine is needed?" Xuan Kong's voice shivered a little. "I have some savings over the years, and I have found a lot of fairy medicine. Look..."

Xuan Kong took a lot of fairy medicine directly from the storage space and looked at Zhao Yuande with expectation.

"Well! These fairy medicines are pretty good, and several of them can be used... The lack of magic heart flowers, jade soul grass..." Zhao Yuande reported the names of seven or eight kinds of fairy medicines in succession. Is a slight change.

The action of these fairy medicines that Zhao Yuande said was tens of millions, hundreds of millions, or even billions!

The three finally estimated that the total value of the fairy medicine that Zhao Yuande said was 7-8 billion, and the assets of the three were barely able to!

"Just looking for these fairy medicines, I can make Xuan Kong re-enter the cultivation path, and maybe I am able to make rapid advances and directly cross one or two small realms!" Zhao Yuande smiled on his face.

Although most of the fairy medicines he mentioned are available, he is not a philanthropist, and he is not very familiar with this mysterious sky. He has only met him once, and it is already a great favor for him to help each other make a gourmet meal. Too.

He would not be so stupid if he let him pay for it.

As for Xuan Ye, this person is quite good and helpful to himself. Although Dong Guofu was also treated in the end because of his negligence, he cant blame him at this time and help him get promoted to a rank. Psychology can be justified!

"Really recover?" Xuan Kong couldn't believe his ears.

"Shizu said that he could do it!" Xuan Ye knew Zhao Yuande very well, and he believed his words.

"Great! Let's find these fairy medicines. When we find them, we must ask Master to shoot! We are grateful!" Xuan Yue's face showed excitement, and Xuan Kong's injury has always been a knot in her heart. Even her practice has been affected. According to her qualifications, she should have entered the late stage of Xianjun, but now still hovering in the middle of Xianjun.

If Xuan Kong can be treated well, her mood may be promoted in an instant.

"This is not a difficult task, you come to me after you have found all these materials!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

The ninth floor of the Xuankong Tower was smashed. They must not be able to eat this meal here, so they had to find a place to make up.

"Master Zu, you said it would help me to raise the level, I don't know when I can start!" Xuan Ye said with a thick face.

"Well! Go back this time, but you must not preach, and the two of you must be tight-lipped, I don't like trouble!" Zhao Yuande told the three.

"Master rest assured!" The three of them agreed in unison.

Only a fool will preach out. Will it let those guys surpass themselves?

After drinking enough food, Zhao Yuande took Xuanye back to the Eight View Palace, but Xuanyue and Xuankong were looking for those fairy medicines everywhere.

"Uncle Shi, this is your identity token. Your current identity is an ordinary true disciple. Dongfu is next to Xuanye." Wuya found him again and gave him a token.

"Well! That's it! Usually I don't want to be disturbed, I just want to practice quietly here." Zhao Yuande nodded.

"You can rest assured!" Wu Yaxian Emperor said, "You don't need to do the sect mission, but just three months later, I hope you can participate in a competition on behalf of the Bajing Palace.

"Oh! What competition?" Zhao Yuande curiously said, "This matter was actually made by you. The Daewoo dynasty didn't take it seriously. The palace owner could not only promise a friendly match, and we could destroy each other if we won. The arrogance of the world has made us famous for the Eight Scenic Palaces, and of course we can win a certain amount of top-grade fairy jade."

"Oh! How much?" Zhao Yuande was moved. Last time he spent a lot of money to buy the juice of the real dragon tree. Now the fine jade on his body has shrunk to more than 17 billion, as his realm improves. More and more high-quality fairy jade, he desperately needs to make money.

"It should be about 10 billion yuan, maybe it is a seven-eighth-grade fairy treasure plus some cultivation materials. These are not sure that the two are still in discussion." Wuyan fairy emperor said, "but this time uncle you It should be noted that the prince of the Daewoo dynasty is very powerful.

"Huang Tianyuan?" Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of the name.

"Yes! It is him. Daewoo Dynasty can become the third largest force in Donglin Xinghai. Among them, there are countless geniuses. This Huang Tianyuan is one of them. I heard that even if he is under the entire Donglin Xinghai fairy emperor, he can shoot in the top five. Bit!" Emperor Wuya said a little bit solemnly.

"Okay! Don't worry!" Zhao Yuande smiled, but he didn't say what he knew and defeated him.

It can't be explained, can it be said that he went to the gluttonous city through the large array of stars and stars?

This is a big secret, I'm afraid the master may not necessarily know it.

"Uncle Shi, don't be careless, this person is not simple!" Emperor Wuya saw that Zhao Yuande didn't seem to care, and was a little worried.

"It's okay! My current combat power is already invincible in the fairy realm." Zhao Yuande nodded and smiled.

"Okay!" Wu Yaxian Emperor nodded helplessly.

After sending away Wuya Immortal Emperor, Zhao Yuande took out the piece of jade die and held it in his hand.

Suddenly that kind of sucking power came again, and the forging power in Zhao Yuande's body continued to flow toward Yudie with his palm.