Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1993

Chapter 1993: I Have Decided

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"Thank you Master Zu for your renewal!" Xuan Kong knelt in front of Zhao Yuande, extremely respectful, "If Master Zu does not dislike, Xuan Kong will stay beside Master Zu and wait for Master Zu!"

"Okay! I dont have to. I just see you have a good personality, so I will save you. If you change to someone else, even if you kneel on the ground and beg me, I wont agree! By the way, you just need to practice well, even if it is worthy of me!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

"Master, rest assured, I must practice well!" Xuan Kong clenched his fists.

"Oh! You three are still doing well, and you dont know how to fight. Do you want to participate in the battle between the Bajing Palace and the Daewoo Dynasty a few months later?" Zhao Yuande thought of the competition and thought, anyway If you have your own, you will win, and others will just follow the mixed rewards, and you will simply be fertile.

"Comparison with the Daewoo Dynasty?" All three were puzzled, and they had never heard of it at all.

"You don't know and it's normal now. This is actually caused by a few of us. The Daewoo dynasty thought that I was bullying their disciples, so I had to take a test with my Bajing Palace to save some face." Zhao Yuande explained.

"Can we participate?" Xuan Ye has just broken through now. He really wants to find a few strong players to fight. He is eager to try.

"This is natural, I have the final say!" Zhao Yuan Deang's head was raised. If he could not arrange for several people to come in, he would simply pick the pick and stop.

"That's great!" Xuan Ye clenched his fists in excitement.

"The three of you will participate! Go back to practice well. This time the rewards are generous. If you can beat a logarithm, maybe the fairy jade you spent this time can still be earned." Zhao Yuande laughed.

"Thank you, Uncle Master!" The three Xuan Ye's eyes were bright, and they are now all poor.

"Go!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

He still has to hurry up and upgrade the cultivation base.

"Uncle Shi!" Just when Zhao Yuande was going to take out the fairy medicine and was about to open the sixth star, Wuya Immortal Emperor came to the door.

"What happened?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help asking when the other party's expression was somewhat serious.

"Master Zu told you to see him, the east window happened!" Wu Yaxian Emperor's face was not very good-looking, "That old thing contacted several ancestors, to send trouble to Shi Zu, and ask Shi Zu to hand over his uncle to accept the palace rules Punishment."

"Why accept the palace punishment?" Zhao Yuande said coldly, "Who is that old thing?"

"It is said that Uncle Shi has destroyed the relationship between our Bajing Palace and the Daewoo dynasty. That old thing is the master of the Northern Chinese elders, that is, the old elder who wanted to accept Dong Guofu as his disciple! Last time he paid 10 billion in compensation. , This time it seems to come from hatred!" Wu Yaxian Emperor said.

"Oh! It turned out to be this old thing!" Zhao Yuande's face showed an ugly look, "What does the master say?"

"Shi Zu told you to meet him quickly, so that we can discuss a countermeasure!" Wu Ya Xian Di said.

"Okay! Take me to see Master!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"it is good"

"Meet the master!" Zhao Yuande was frowning and pacing when he saw Zhang Ling.

"Well!" Zhang Ling nodded. "This time it may be a little trouble. Song Taishang this time is determined to be your destruction and our relationship with the Daewoo dynasty. Therefore, it is difficult to take this. I don't think he will easily give up. So make you mentally prepared in advance."

"He might threaten the master so much?" Zhao Yuande puzzled. "Who did he find?"

"If it was just him, I wouldn't even bother!" Zhang Ling frowned. "He didn't know how to move Sister Bai Feng, Brother Zhenwu, and an elder who brought the Void Chamber of Commerce, Zhiyang Buddha. A King Kong of Zong! These forces are united together, we must also be afraid of the Eight View Palace!"

"Void Chamber of Commerce? Zhiyang Buddha Sect?" Zhao Yuande stunned slightly. "Aren't these two forces not participating in the battle of forces?"

According to what Zhao Yuande knows, the Void Chamber of Commerce is just a big chamber of commerce, and they will never be involved in the battle of forces. They only recognize the benefits!

The Zhiyang Buddhism is quiet and inactive, without desire and without asking. How can they unite with the Buddha to unite this Song Taishang to intimidate the master.

"They don't participate in the battle, but there is a connection between this Tai Sung and these two forces! One of his nieces is the deacon of the Chamber of Void Realms, and one of his sons did join the Zhiyang Buddha Sect and became This King Kong disciple!" The silent Emperor Emperor on the side explained with a wry smile.

"Does this guy want to kill his son?" Zhao Yuande could not help cursing.

"Master, what do you mean?" Zhao Yuande looked at Zhang Ling, waiting for his answer.

Others he didn't care about this, Mr. Song. He didn't have any fear of those relationships. He was also a deacon of the Chamber of Void Realm, and Situ Qing was his own woman!

Situ Qing has a special status in the Void Chamber of Commerce, and it is definitely not comparable to ordinary deacons. Speaking of his position in the Void Chamber of Commerce, he feels that he must be much higher than his niece.

As for Zhiyang Buddhism, he became friends with Wei Tuo. Wei Tuo's status in Zhiyang Buddhism should not be too low! It should also play a role.

"I am contacting several brothers!" Zhang Ling shook his head. "But several brothers are now in retreat, and I have been practicing outside these years. I am not very familiar with the major forces and havetily accepted the palace master. The location also caused dissatisfaction with many people in Xixi, so... the situation is not optimistic now! But you can rest assured that my disciples in Zhang Ling are not so vulnerable to bullying. If they dare to force the palace, I will ask the teacher to respect his old man Justice!"

"No! The lesser Master Patriarch's left is, the less exposed it is, the better, otherwise I worry..." Wu Yaxian Emperor said seriously.

"It's okay! It's a big deal. I'm not the right person for this palace! Who loves to do who does!" Zhang Ling waved his hand, his face in utter despair.

"The Palace Master..." Wu Yaxian Emperor also wanted to persuade.

"Okay... I've decided!" Zhang Ling could not doubt.

Zhao Yuande was very moved when he saw that the master cared about himself so much, but he didn't say much. He just wrote it down silently in his heart. Since the master treats me like this, I will try my best to help him.

"Palace! Song Yuanlin is here!" At this moment, a loud voice came from outside.

An old man with a trembling eagle nose walked in, striding in, followed by seven or eight people behind him.

"Two uncles please!" The man with a hooked nose bowed to the two white-haired old men behind him with a very respectful attitude.