Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1995

Chapter 1995: Overwhelming

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Everyone immediately felt the strong sense of oppression emanating from the little seal.

The elders of several fairy emperor realms tremble, and almost couldn't help but kneel down to the ground.

Zhao Yuande naturally felt unbearable. If Zhang Ling was not deliberately standing in front of him, he would be even more miserable than the elders.

"This... this is Master's belongings for his old man!" Brother Si said with a trace of horror in his eyes, and then kneeled directly to the small seal, respectfully praying three times and nine knocks.

Brother Six also showed horror in his eyes, and quickly knelt down.

Song Taishang and a large group of elders behind him also knelt down, all hula.

After three worships and nine knocks, everyone slowly got up.

"Song Yuanlin, you don't respect the teacher, don't respect the palace master, and should be punished! You are now fined 100,000 years!" When the six brothers probed, Song Yuanlin felt a powerful force that could not be resisted imprisoning himself.

"No...I don't want Six Masters! I'm wrong...I'm wrong!" Song Yuanlin looked pale and begged Zhang Ling for mercy.

"Humph! What did you do!" Zhao Yuande's shoulder turtle squeezed his teeth and lowered his voice.

"Shut up!" Zhao Yuande stared at Lord Turtle fiercely and preached, "Be careful in front of these powerful beings!"

Lord Turtle shut his mouth vigorously, afraid he would say something he shouldn't say.

Song Yuanlin's screaming did not make the six elders soft-hearted, nor did Zhang Ling look good-looking.

Soon Song Yuanlin's body ricketed down as if he had grown old all at once.

Although this guy has reached the supreme state of cultivation, he doesnt know how many tens of thousands of years he has lived. There is no way to improve his cultivation in this life, and Shouyuan has naturally reached an inability to improve. The child was one hundred thousand years old, and even Xiuwei almost regressed.

"Huh Huh!" Song Yuanlin panted hard, but his eyes looked at Zhao Yuande fiercely.

He didn't dare to provoke Zhang Ling anymore. He didn't expect that Zhang Ling would take out the seal of the old palace owner today, otherwise he would not come so easily today.

He did not dare to resent the two teachers, and the palace master even made him afraid. He could only put the resentment on Zhao Yuande.

"The two disciples, disciples have already received punishment! Should the disciples of the palace master also..." Song Yuanlin looked at Zhao Yuande.

"Brother Zhang! Master Zhang! You should be satisfied now! Should your disciples also be!" Brother Six looked at Zhang Ling, his eyes showing dissatisfaction.

"Yes! Brother Zhang, you, the palace owner of Bajing Palace, should also destroy your parents! Otherwise, wouldn't Bajing Palace be messed up!" The middle-aged man, who was somewhat similar to Situ Ya, looked at Zhao Yuande and said lightly .

"Good! If you make a mistake, you will be punished. Is Bajing Palace so unbearable?" The King Kong monk urn said in a loud voice. "Otherwise, it will make me look down upon the Buddha Sect!"

"Do you want to punish me?" Zhao Yuande simply walked out at this time and stood in front of everyone, with a wry smile in his mouth.

"" Zhang Ling wanted to stop Zhao Yuande, but he saw that the other party smiled lightly at himself, his face full of confidence, he couldn't help but closed his mouth again.

He knew that this disciple was very autonomous, even more clever, and had great chances. Let him solve it first. If he couldn't, he would shoot again.

"Yes! As a disciple of Bajing Palace, you disrupted the harmonious relationship between the Bajing Palace and the Daewoo dynasty. You really have to be punished!" Brother Six said coldly.

"If you don't respect your elders, you will be punished when you see your elders not being rude," Brother Si Si also looked very bad.

"The two should first figure out whether I am a disciple of Bajing Palace!" Zhao Yuande looked at the two teachers with a smile.

"You! Do you want to bully the master and destroy the ancestor?" Brother Si's complexion changed suddenly, pointing at Zhang Ling and shouted, "Brother, is this the good disciple you collected? You handle it yourself!"

"Don't be angry with the two, I haven't finished speaking. It's not a good habit to interrupt people!" Zhao Yuande waved to Zhang Ling. "Master, don't worry about your old people! Listen to me!"

"Huh! I don't believe what else you can say! Even the Zongmen didn't recognize it. Is there any credibility for your words?" Brother Six said coldly.

"I was in the lower realm when I was apprentice, and the old master only accepted me as an apprentice at that time, and did not say that I should enter the Bajing Palace!" Zhao Yuande was not in a hurry, so he said, "And even now, even now I havent been formally introduced into the door! Master, do the old people say it? And dont you need a ritual or entry ceremony to enter the Bajing Palace? Especially the only pro-disciple of my palace master, it is possible in the future The disciples who succeeded the palace do not need a grand ceremony to get started? But these are not there, so now I am only temporarily living in the Bajing Palace, and have not really become a person in the Bajing Palace!"

The two old men looked sullen. Although Zhao Yuande said a bit of rhetoric, they couldn't refute. The other party had reason and evidence, and it was really the case.

The identity of the Palace Masters disciples is not something that can be recognized casually. It needs multiple investigations and tests!

"You turned out to be Brother Zhang's disciple, and that's the disciples of Bajing Palace. Is there any doubt?" The brother Stuart said lightly at this time.

Song Yuanlin immediately echoed his words when he heard his words: "Brother Situ is right!"

"Bold! Senior Situ called my master Brother Zhang, but you called Senior Situ brother, are you going to call my brother brother? You are a big injustice!" Zhao Yuande snorted, facing Song Yuanlin as a scold.

"No... no! I don't mean it, really don't mean it, the two teachers ask for your insight!" Song Yuanlin had just been taken away from Shou Yuan for 100,000 years, and he was already a startled bird.

"Humph! Who knows if you mean that. If you make a mistake, you will be punished!" Zhao Yuande looked at the two old men. "The two won't cover him!"


Six brothers slapped him on the chest of Song Yuanlin and slapped him directly, a force of terror raged in his body.

"Ah!" Song Yuanlin screamed, a blood arrow spurted from his mouth, and a purple gas rose from the top of his head.

"Bang!" Song Yuanlin lay directly on the ground as if a dead dog, his breath dropped again and again.

"Six my Eastward Purple Air!" Song Yuanlin howled desperately!