Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Eating The Tradition

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Zhao Yuande ignored those wine and meat friends and took Adong out of the restaurant.

Back home, he settled down, and he could not wait to return to his room.

Sitting cross-legged on the bed, he began to think about the way to go in the future.

In the past life, he practiced very fast, and he stepped into the realm of the God Emperor for hundreds of years.

What he regretted most was that at the beginning there were no excellent exercises, which led to a weak foundation. If it were not for the help of the Eternal Tower, he was only the bottom of the existence among the many emperors.

But this situation does not exist in this life!

After hundreds of years of killing, he has robbed countless cultivation practices and explored the remains of several innate gods and demons. What impressed him most was a "Eternal Life Fairy Scripture"!

The "Eternal Life Immortals" is the supreme mystery passed down from the immortal world. In addition to being able to practice into a terrible immortal immortal body, the lifespan is hundreds of times that of ordinary practitioners!

What is the ultimate goal of a cultivator?


"Eternal Life Immortals" is the method of practicing longevity!

In this life, we must use the "Eternal Life Immortals" as the cornerstone to lay a solid foundation for cultivation, so that every realm is invincible.

As for the method of attack, he thought about it and decided to go to the **** ruins to obtain Kaitian Nine Boxing. He developed the Kaitian Nine Boxing on the basis of Nine Boxing, and he would avoid retreating once the gods and demons emerged from the nine rounds.

But if you want to get Kaitian Nine Boxing, you need to enter the Divine Ruins. If you want to get the entry, you must join Zongmen. The most recent Huoyunzong is his first choice.

"The Divine Market will not open until three years, I will work harder!"

Zhao Yuande closed his eyes, pinched the tactics in his hand, silently chanting the scripture of the "Eternal Life Immortals" in his heart, and planned to start practicing!


No matter how hard he tried, he could not mobilize a trace of power in his body.

After working for a long time without any progress, he was sweating anxiously, and an inexplicable irritability rose in his heart.


"Why am I hungry again, what the **** is going on?" Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a burst of rumbling sounds inside his belly, like a thunderous explosion.

Hunger is like a evil spirit, eroding his will constantly.

Zhao Yuande only felt that all the pain was less than the horror of hunger. His hungry heart was broken and he was miserable.

He rushed into the kitchen with green eyes, sweeping away the edible food in the kitchen.

"Not enough!" Zhao Yuande rushed into his storeroom and ate away the hundreds of pounds of dried bacon hanging on the wall.

He didn't realize that while he was eating the sea and drinking, his body was quietly undergoing unimaginable changes.

A fist-sized black vortex appeared in his body, and the dried bacon he ate was just turned around in his stomach and was absorbed directly.

At the same time, a powerful force did not know where to rush out, quietly moisturizing all parts of his body... "Hiccups... I rely on! What the **** is going on?" Zhao Yuande snorted for a long time, His face was gloomy, calm as he was, and he couldn't help reporting a swearing.

"I am in a state of divine return, and I can't even practice. This is simply a big joke. Is this rebirth turning me into a waste body?" Zhao Yuande didn't give up and carefully checked his body.

"Huh? Is this?" He stared inwardly, and immediately felt that his flesh was clean and flawless, his blood was thick and thick like a wild dragon, and a crystal and round in the Dantian, dripping and wandering the pearl of fine blood, wandering around.

The fist-sized black hole quietly disappeared at this time, as if it had never appeared.

The powerful force filled his flesh, so he couldn't help laughing long!

"Qihai Coagulation Realm! I actually entered the Qihai Coagulation Realm! And my physical body is so incredible that the current strength may reach tens of thousands of pounds!"

Zhao Yuande calmed down, remembering the mysterious voice of the last time, and said: "You can get promoted by eating something. Is this the so-called inheritance of eating Taoism?"

He suddenly remembered that big mouth, all of which must be that big mouth is making trouble, but only need to eat to get promoted, this is too much!

I don't know what the so-called gauze appraisal is? How about I try?

Zhao Yuande subconsciously squeezed a finger, casually towards the air.

"The air of Tianhuo City, the aura contains a very low content... No inflowing ingredients, no matching recipes!"

Really! He got a shock on his face.

He squeezed his fingers towards a piece of raw meat.

"Skyfire wolf meat contains a small amount of spiritual power, mortal food can aphrodisiac filling... low-level ingredients, matching the recipe "Sanyuan braised wolf meat", slightly increased the strength of the practitioner, ingredients list Tianyuan grass, Yuanshen, Yuanzhen grass ..."

"Recipes that increase strength? And the ingredients are so simple?" Zhao Yuande was surprised, but he was not sure about the authenticity of the recipe!

You should know that Zhao Yuande has also studied Dan Dao for a period of time in his past life. He is also a holy grade Dan Master, and he knows very well about the Elixir.

At the lowest level, the potent elixir "Dali Pill" requires the second-order elixir, supplemented by dozens of first-order elixir. After three or four hours of hardening, it can finally become a pill.

Moreover, after Cheng Dan, Dan points up, middle, down, pole, four qualities!

What kind of recipe even has the effect of increasing strength, he really does not believe it!

Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of something, grotesquely pinched his fingers, and pointed towards himself.

"Zhao Yuande, the inheritor of Taoism, Chaos Eucharist, the early stage of Qihai Condensation Realm, ... super ingredients, matching the recipe "Lianhuang Chengdao Congee", there is a certain chance to get Chaos Eucharist, ingredients list, Chaolian Jinlian, Chaos Spring, Zhao Yuande..."

"What! Chaos Eucharist!" Seeing the name Zhao Yuande's eyes almost glared out, even if he had lived for hundreds of years in the last life, practiced the tenacity of steel and the calmness of the mountain, he could not help but a little at this moment Trance!

"It turned out to be the Chaos Eucharist! Should I be happy or cry..."

According to legend, in the ancient times, a strong man was born, and he was invincible all the way to the same generation in the world. In just two or three years, he practiced in a unified state of yin and yang, and became a real person.

This powerful man is incredible, even in the yin and yang unity, but he has no progress in the next few hundred years, and he did not break through the next level until he died.

This man screamed in the sky before he died, "Sky won't let me!"

All future generations are unpredictable!

In the blink of an eye, thousands of years later, another chaotic body came to this world. This person was just as shocked as he was gorgeous. He pushed the six in eight wilders invincibly, but unfortunately, after the cultivation of Yin and Yang, he fell silent again.

Soon after, the Chaos Eucharist publicly announced that he had found a way to practice. That great force could provide resources for his cultivation, and he was willing to join it.

A super big family agreed to his request, but the result was sad to find that the financial resources of his family could not support the resources of the cultivation of Chaos Eucharist!

Finally, the Chaos Eucharist left the family lost, and announced the secret that the Chaos Eucharist cannot continue to practice, and there will be no trace since then!

After the Chaos Eucharist from the Qihai Condensation Realm, the resources required for each level of upgrade will be increased by tens of hundreds of times. At first, it feels nothing, but when the cultivation reaches the union of Yin and Yang, the resources required are hundreds of millions of ordinary people. As many times.

In other words, a large force can use the resources to train 100 million people to make Chaos Eucharist break to the next level!

This is simply not worth the loss, and no big force would be stupid enough to do that!

"Does this kind of tragedy fall on me? Could it only be a surprise to everyone in the end?" Zhao Yuande murmured, looking dazed.

He is not reconciled! Really unwilling, how could he become a chaotic holy body?

His will was a bit depressed, the surprise of rebirth, the joy of just getting promoted, and nothing was left. He felt that his rebirth was just a joke, and his original ambitions gradually disappeared.

He just sat quietly in the house, motionless, the whole person seemed to become a piece of wood!

I don't know how long it took, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a gurgle from his stomach, and an unbearable hunger came to my mind again!

He suddenly recovered from depression, and a kind of enlightenment burst out from the depths of his heart!

"Even if you cultivate to the point where yin and yang are united, you can have a wonderful life, and you can make up for the many regrets of the previous life. It is enough to be able to feed your parents every year and grow old with your loved ones!"

With all the connections, Zhao Yuande's thoughts were immediately accessible, and the whole person seemed to have experienced a baptism, and the spiritual realm was elevated to a level that ordinary people cannot imagine.

"Damn the inheritance of the Taoism, I was killed by you! But raw food is nothing to your appetite, it is better to test the recipe..." Zhao Yuande looked at the raw meat left in the warehouse, but his eyes brightened!

"If the recipe is true, maybe the future cultivation avenue will fall on this!" His mind suddenly became active.

The three kinds of medicinal materials in the recipe are common medicinal materials, which are prepared in their own warehouse.

The preparation steps, mastering the heat, the time for medicinal materials to be put in, and the recipes are clearly written. Zhao Yuande is not a fool. After half an hour, a pot of wolf meat stew will come out.

"I'm starving!" Zhao Yuande was already hungry and dizzy, and couldn't wait to send a large piece of hot wolf meat into his mouth. "Well! The taste is not bad, just a little bit light!"

When the food is swallowed into the abdomen, it transforms into a burst of strange heat. The heat circulates in his abdomen for a week and then merges into the limbs and veins. Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that his physical strength was constantly increasing!

He was overjoyed and immediately ate a pot of wolf meat stew...

After an hour, Zhao Yuande smashed his mouth with satisfaction, and came out of the kitchen.

"Well, after eating three servings in a row, the strength increased by three hundred pounds, but after three times, there is no effect, but a few common materials can have such a wonderful effect, it seems that my idea is correct!"

"The value of these materials is about one hundred and two silvers, while one of Dali Dan needs fifteen inferior spirit jade. According to the exchange ratio of one hundred and two silver one or two gold and one thousand two gold one inferior spirit jade, that is Fifteen thousand to one!"

"The price difference among them... I don't know, does the recipe have any effect on others?" Zhao Yuande's eyes became brighter and he strode out.

After half an hour, A Dong touched his stomach with surprise, watching his young master's eyes full of admiration.

"Master, I think my body is full of strength!"

"Go, try it!" Zhao Yuandela came to his martial arts field with A Dong.

After an hour, Zhao Yuande's excited eyes turned red!

The results of the test made him very satisfied. A Dong ate three servings of'Three Yuan Braised Wolf Meat', which increased his strength by 150 kg.

Although it is only half of himself, the profits still make him confident in his future!

Its just three yuan stewed wolf meat, which has thousands of times of profit when it is made.