Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Fire Cloud Sect's Coming

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When the onlookers learned the identity of this young man, everyone couldn't help but move, they knew that the Zhao family was about to rise.

The name Zhao Yuande spread instantly in Tianhuo City, and countless people passed Zhao Yuande's story to other cities through various methods.

Spirit-level Dan Master, Master of Shuitian City, who only killed a family's butcher, people did not expect these titles to carry a fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy.

For a time, Zhao Yuande's story was talked about, and people began to wonder whether Zhao Yuande had any chance to rise in such a short period of time.

Some powerful existences, so they all turned their attention to Zhao Yuande, and began to move.

"Zhao Yuande is the person I love Huo Yunzong!"

At this time, the seven elders of Huo Yunzong stood up in time and said the above paragraph.

As soon as this remark came out, it immediately shocked everyone.

However, at this time, Zhao Yuande was already on his way back, he did not expect that this time the harvest would be so huge.

Although he wiped out the Zhou family mostly because of hatred, he also wanted to rely on the wealth of the Zhou family to complete the initial primitive accumulation.

However, when entering the Zhou Family Treasury, in addition to a lot of wealth, he also found something that shocked him all, and an acquired spirit treasure that lost his spirit!

This is an euphorbia, which is piled up in ordinary spirit treasures, covered with dust, and seems not to be valued by others. If it were not for Zhao Yuande, others would not see the signs.

Zhao Yuande saw this euphorbia at first glance and felt a little extraordinary. When he held it in his hand, he suddenly felt heavier than Wan Jun. If it were not for his promotion of blood and blood, the physical strength of the sea reached 100,000 kg, he was afraid It's a bit hard to pick up.

Soul dived into the euphorbia and saw a lonely space with no vitality.

Zhao Yuande guessed that the euphorbia must have been a strong presence, and instantly killed the spirits. After the Zhou family got it, they felt very heavy and could not use it. They had to rotten in the treasure house.

With this euphorbia, Zhao Yuande's combat effectiveness increased by three points out of thin air, and it also had a battle against the strong men in the mid-pregnancy realm of Lingtai.

After Zhao Yuande returned to the family, facing the doubtful eyes of his parents, he told himself the lies that had been taken by Dan Ding again.

In fact, he is also helpless. The real situation can not be arbitrarily killed, even if the parents will not be rumored, but the cultivator has thousands of means, the strong can use the soul to search a persons knowledge of the sea, so that the secret is nothing. Escape shape.

He pondered for a long time, and handed over several carefully selected exercises to his parents and A Dong. He did not take out the most powerful exercises, but the ones most suitable for their physique. The world-shattering tradition will allow the three to lay a solid foundation and avoid detours in the future cultivation road.

And with this variety of recipes to help the three people improve their spirit, let their practice speed be described in thousands of miles a day.

His parents were shocked, and Zhao Yuande all pushed the matter to the master who didn't need it.

During this time, Shui Youdao also often came to the Zhao family and asked Zhao Yuande some questions about alchemy.

Zhao Yuande has not been idle during this time. He frequently enters and exits the trading area, and has purchased a large number of necessary elixir to hoard.

And still searching for a very cherished third-order elixir, Long Zhencao!

Because when he identified the four-winged Pegasus, he found a recipe that made him love and hate!

"Four-level beasts with four wings and flying horses. The meat contains a lot of spiritual power. The cultivators can supplement their blood and strengthen their physical health...., low-level ingredients, matching the recipe "Dragon Horse Xuan Zhen Soup", half the chance to improve the cultivator to condense the soul Condensation speed, half the chance to slightly increase the speed of the cultivator, ingredients list, four-winged pegasus meat, dragon real grass, Xuanyuan fruit..."

The uncertainty of this recipe is too high, and each of the two effects has a half chance, and he already has the soul, the first effect is useless for him.

The second effect is indeed what he needs most now. Although he has a powerful and unmatched strength, an indestructible body, but speed is not a strong point.

If you come to a strong man in Lingtai Pregnancy Realm, you can crush him in terms of speed. As long as he increases the speed now, the impact on the battle is undoubtedly huge.

If there is a half-to-half chance and three times to increase the speed, you need to prepare six materials. If his luck is bad, maybe ten copies of material may not be possible!

In the past few days, he wandered around the trading area. He had already collected all the other materials, but he lacked Long Zhencao.

"I heard that the strong men of Huo Yunzong will arrive in this city tomorrow?" Walking in the trading area, he heard someone whispering.

"Yes! I heard that this time many young geniuses from around the city came here one after another. Haven't you noticed that there have been many strange faces in the city recently?"

"Yes, I saw Shuiyun City's Shuidong coming just now, but that is the first master of Shuiyun City's younger generation!"

"I don't know if this Shuidonglai and Miss Rushuang are weaker or stronger?"


"Tomorrow is here? It seems that the day of the admission is not far away. In order to be safe, I should speed up the search for Long Zhencao." Zhao Yuande hurried toward Zhenyang Baolou. He had already told Jiang Tianyue what he needed. , Hope that the other party can help yourself to collect.

Just now the guy from Zhenyang Baolou sent a letter to the Zhao family, saying that he had found Long Zhencao, and he came in a hurry.

"I only hope to find a few more plants, so that I will have more confidence in the next battle."

Things are not perfect, Zhenyang Baolou helped Zhao Yuande to acquire three dragon plants in other cities, but the price was very high.

His income in Zhou's treasure house has already spent seven, seven, eight, eight, and he wanted to acquire these three dragons.

He had to take out a Xuanyuan True Spirit Pill and sell it, which filled the hole.

Back home, he boiled three big pots of soup in succession, but the result of eating made him a little disappointed, only successfully increased the speed of 30%.

East of the city, the General's Mansion.

In a closed stone room, a young man was exposed in blood-red liquid naked all over his body. His face was painful and his teeth were biting his lips tightly, which seemed extremely painful.

An old man with white hair is slowly adding a strange thing to the liquid.

"Heavenly Dynasty, you must hold back! This is my collection of the Chen family for decades. You must not let me down!" The old-haired old man slammed into the **** liquid a kind of mysterious trick The blood-red liquid seemed to be boiling boiling water, and instantly screamed Chen Tianchao's hot wailing.

"Oh! It hurts! It hurts!" Chen Tianchao desperately tried to escape from the blood-red liquid, but the old man firmly held the ground with one big hand.

"Ah! I must succeed, I am the strongest genius in Skyfire City, Zhao Yuande, I will make you unable to lift your head..." Chen Tianchao repeated these words over and over again, his face twisted, terrible and terrible, almost hysterical!

The rising sun rises, and the voices of Skyfire City are booming.

Zhao Yuande stretched a lazy waist toward Chaoyang and spit out a long sigh of air.

In the previous life, he awakened too late, and finally tried his best to barely qualify as a disciple of Huo Yunzong.

When he was born again, he not only got the physique of the sky, but also had the inheritance of Taoism.

However, it should not be too dazzling. It is said that Muxiu will be destroyed by Lin Feng. He only needs to lurk in the Huoyunzong, and he will be qualified for the **** market three years later.