Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 200

Chapter 200: Screams On The Ancient Road

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The treasure land is not too far from them. After a few hours, they appeared before a dense forest of birds and flowers.

The dense forest is very quiet, and occasionally the sound of birds coming from the forest.

"It's here?" Zhu Wanqing looked at the dense forest in front of him, "This is just a forest!"

Zhao Yuande scattered the soul and almost covered the entire jungle, but only felt that the forest was a little too quiet. There was no fierce beast in it, only some ordinary beasts were active.

"It's really a bit weird here!" Zhao Yuande nodded slowly. "But there are no flaws in the layout! The person who decorates here must be a leader!"

"I actually discovered this by accident, and explored it back and forth more than ten times before discovering the mystery!" Jiu Tongzi smiled slightly and led the two into the jungle.

"You see these trees, they are very real. Even if you touch them, you won't feel any problems, even if you break them, there is no flaw!" The wine boy randomly found a small tree and broke it, as expected. No abnormalities occurred.

"Is this an illusion?" Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of something, and his face suddenly became extremely wonderful. If this is an illusion, who can crack it?

Even the gods and souls who are comparable to the world's strongest people have been fooled. Is this really prepared for the monks of the blood sea god's birthplace?

"Yes! This is a phantasm. I discovered it after drinking. I couldn't enter it in half after exploring with my cultivation. I just found a chance to advance to Lingtai Pregnancy Realm, so I want to try again. Try!" The wine boy pulled out a hip flask and gulped.

After drinking the wine boy, his eyes suddenly became extremely bright, and there seemed to be some mysterious breath in his body.

"You follow me!"

The wine boy turned left and right among the jungle, and finally appeared on a small open space in the middle of the jungle.

"Here is the center of this environment, we just..." Jiu Tongzi just wanted to lean his hand on a white rock on the ground.


Suddenly, the ground shook violently, as if the sky was falling apart. The sceneries around them were constantly changing like a horse watching flowers, and finally all shattered.

Suddenly they lighted up in front of their eyes, and they appeared in front of a giant peak in the sky. There was a wide ancient road in front of the giant peak, winding up to the peak!

The peak of the mountain is full of ray of light, thousands of colors, and the aura hangs from above like a waterfall. It seems that there are amazing treasures hiding on it.

Not far away, dozens of practitioners are looking at their direction with excitement.

"Haha! I finally broke this illusion and wasted my day and night!" A star-eyed boy stood proudly in front of everyone, pointing and pointing.

"Huh, there are people who found this place before us?" A young girl in a red dress with a red string in her head looked at Zhao Yuande and the three of them curiously.

"Get rid of them, we are going to break through, and they want to pick peaches too!" Someone looked at them with dissatisfaction, a little tempted.

"Yes, we have many people, kill them!" Someone's eyes showed fierce light, hoping for chaos in the world.


More than a dozen people hold different opinions, but they are very inconsistent, but they are all arrogant people who will not listen to anyone.

A dozen of them came over with different looks.

"Who I was at the time was originally a defeated one!" Zhu Wanqing looked at these guys and was immediately happy. "Song Zhentian, Hong Ying'er and what is your name, Chang Yudong..."

The guy came forward with a grinning smile and said hello, but the hello was a bit offended.

"Bamboo Wanqing, you foolish man!" The red-dressed girl named Hong Yinger almost got her nose swayed, and she would go up and fight desperately with Zhu Wanqing. "The girl was only negligent at the time. You have successfully attacked, do you dare to fight me again!"

"No no! Good men don't fight women, you can cry too much, I can't afford it!" Zhu Wanqing thought of the crying cry of this girl at that time, and the master thought he bullied her and beat herself up hard. After a meal, I felt a chill in my heart.

"Bamboo Wanqing, you counseling! You win by sneak attack, and claim to be the first genius of Wan Shengzong, shameful!" A young boy sneered at him.

"Down with the scourge of Zhu Wanqing..."

When everyone saw Zhu Wanqing, all the murderousness on his face was gone. Although this guy was hated, he was a thorn, and there was a giant beast like Wan Shengzong behind him. They could only hate their teeth. But can't do it.

"Since everyone is old acquaintances, then we have to rely on our own means!" The only peaceful young star named Song Zhentian, at this time, looking at the summit could not help but reveal a strong fighting intent.

Zhao Yuande glanced at the dozen people in front of them. They were not weak. Most of them were promoted to the Lingtai Pregnancy Realm in the God Ruins. However, compared with him, he was a big witch and a little witch. There was no pressure to compete with these people.

But the wine boy next to him was a little nervous at this time. He took a sip of wine again and a burgundy appeared on his face.

"Don't be nervous, although these guys are good, they may not be able to get the last chance." Zhao Yuande comforted him softly in the ear of Jiu Tongzi.

"Well!" Jiu Tongzi shook his fists, his eyes showing the light of expectation.

"Everyone has their own skills and left!" A young boy couldn't help but rushed down the ancient road first.

The leading ones, followed by three or four teenagers.

These people walked the ancient road in the morning, and within a few miles, there appeared a peach forest shrouded in thick fog. Among the peach forests, peach blossoms were blooming. Among them, there was a burst of fairy sounds and the soft singing of women.

Without hesitation, several people entered the Taolin directly!

But in just a few breathing times, there was a cry of screaming in Tao Lin.

"What's the situation?" Someone looked at the piece of Taolin in shock, with a hint of tension in his eyes.

"When did a mountain appear here!" At this moment, there was a burst of noise not far away, and someone found this place.

"Go quickly, and be robbed by someone late!"

It is only a few days before the opening of the **** market. The flow of people has not been completely dispersed to all corners of the **** market. Many people are still exploring not far away.

So in just a few short breaths, hundreds of people got the news and swarmed in this direction.

A large group of about thirty or forty people rushed past Zhao Yuande beside them, rushed onto the ancient road, and entered the peach forest.

But soon the screams rang through the ancient road, and everyone couldn't help but look pale.

So many people have not successfully crossed this Taolin, what kind of danger is hidden in it?