Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 203

Chapter 203: You Will Be Embarrassed

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Zhao Yuande has naturally reached this state, but he has been hiding very well in a relatively low-key manner.

"Shui Juekong! Why is she here!" Zhu Wanqing around her saw the girl and exclaimed directly, her eyes showing fear.

"She is very strong!" Jiu Tongzi showed a very dignified look in her eyes, "She is the strongest person I have met in the same class, I can't beat her with any certainty!"

Zhao Yuande clearly felt that Zhu Wanqing's body was trembling, and it seemed that he was terrified.

"Bamboo Wanqing! You dare to bully my younger brother, and see the old lady will not crush your eggs for a while!" Shui Juekong heard Zhu Wanqing's voice, pointing at him and cursing, using words. Tough is not like a teenage girl at all.

Zhu Wanqing's face was white, and he subconsciously tightened his legs.

"No, I have to run quickly, and I will be miserable after being caught by her!" Zhu Wanqing's face was pale, and no matter what, he took a big step toward the top of the mountain and rushed wildly.

This guy has a good training background, and his flesh is strong enough, and this one runs up to the front three.

"Hey! Let's speed it up!" Zhao Yuande didn't hold this guy, and he and the wine boy could speed up a bit, and quietly followed behind Zhu Wanqing.

"Bamboo Wanqing, your old lady standing!" Shui Juekong stared at him, stepped up the steps, as if he didn't feel any pressure, and the second step was directly over a dozen steps, the third step... the fourth step!

In the fourth step, he came to Zhao Yuande and reached out to Zhu Wanqing.

"Give it to the old lady honestly!" Shui Juekong has a beautiful appearance and a bumpy body, especially a pair of peach blossom eyes, as if it contains a pool of clear water, and she can almost see the thoughts in her heart.

However, it is such a beautiful girl who looks beautiful and edible, and the old lady is constantly crying in the mouth, which makes people feel a little weird.

"Master, save your life!" Zhu Wanqing felt like there was a ferocious tigress behind her, she was extending her paws to herself, scaring him to cry and howling.

"Hey! You really lost the old sword god's face!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but sigh gently, reaching out to block Shui Juekong's palm. "Shui Maiden, you must be forgiving and forgiving, don't do too much! "

The palm of Zhao Yuande's protruding crystal was like jade, and he suddenly bounced off the water.

"You... who are you?" Shui Juekong could obviously feel the power contained in the other person's palm, even though he was not under himself, and suddenly a kind of alertness came into his mind.

"Water Girl, who I am, you better not know, otherwise you will be embarrassed!" Zhao Yuande smiled softly. If he said his relationship with the old water god, I wonder if the girl would turn around and leave. ?

"Pretend to be a ghost, the old lady will hit you with black eyes today, see if you dare to pretend to be the old lady again!" Shui Juekong was irritated by Zhao Yuande's words, and the fangs and claws rushed towards him.

Although she didn't have any moves to look at, she made every effort towards Zhao Yuande's point.

"Water Girl, I don't care about someone's face. If you are so arrogant, I'm going to fight back!" Zhao Yuande resisted at random, every time the other party's attack was rendered invisible, but he was not good-tempered. People, if the other party doesn't know what's wrong, he doesn't mind teaching the granddaughter for the old water god!

All the people watching this time are a little dumbfounded at this moment!

"Who is that black kid? Can he be tied with Shui Jukong?"

"You are wrong! What a draw, others are letting her!"

"It's no wonder that Zhu Wanqing's **** shouted to him for help, and what was he shouting just now?"

"It seems to be'Master Patriarch'?"

"It's unlikely! Zhu Wanqing's ancestors will be here? Could it be that this person's name is a pawn?"


There was a lot of discussion around the crowd, and finally began to pay attention to the black boy Zhao Yuande.

"Humph! What kind of garlic to give the old lady, the old lady and you today!" Shui Juekong was more and more frightened, but at the same time also aroused her wildness, no more scrutiny.


The two collided again and again, finally let Zhao Yuande not keep his hand!

Shui Juekong came again with a boxing, Zhao Yuande snorted coldly, gently twisted the palm of his hand, a thunder light held in his hand.

"Kacha!" The two men's palms were staggered, the thunder burst, and the terrible shock broke around a dozen steps around. The ones above were better. The people below turned into rolling gourds and rolled directly to the foot of the mountain.

Shui Juekong was struck by this terrible blow, and his body was trembling violently in the air.

"Water is empty, this time is just a lesson, you don't know how to advance or retreat, but don't blame me for overwhelming people!" Zhao Yuande sneered. This move has left him a third force, and it also counts to save the other party's face Otherwise, she will be directly hit by a punch down the stairs, almost the same as those hoist.

There was a sound of breathing air around me, and Miss Shui, the world's first dominatrix, was defeated, and everyone could not imagine how terrible the outbreak would be.

"You... who the **** are you?" Shui Juekong felt the opponent's unfathomable strength, and she was a little frightened. Although she was arrogant and not stupid, she would not meet such a strong person and rush to suffer beat.

"Can't say!" Zhao Yuande blinked at this beautiful girl. "If I said that, you would be embarrassed, so stop asking!"

"Your hide-and-seek rat generation, all come up to the old lady and take this guy down!" Shui Juekong was obviously mistaken, thinking that Zhao Yuande was really fooling himself and suddenly got up hysterically, facing several people under the stage. Growled loudly.

Several people off the stage immediately shook their bodies together, making a pop sound, as if a certain gate in the body had been opened, and the monstrous force suddenly erupted.

These people actually concealed Xiu Wei's bodyguards who followed her to protect her.

One of them is very powerful, and there is a gust of wind around his body, which is actually a domain realm who has realized the realm of the wind!

However, it is obvious that this powerful person in the field has just entered this state. The wind power around the body is too arrogant and irritable, and he has not yet completely controlled it.

Several people flew into the air suddenly, and drove towards Zhao Yuande.

"Hum! The old lady let you wave again, you have the ability to cross this level to show the old lady!" Shui Juekong sneered again and again, standing on the opposite face with a gloating expression.

"Hey! Shui Jukong, Shui Jukong! Are you brainless! Standing so close to me!" Zhao Yuande's body suddenly turned into an electric light, and appeared in front of Shui Jukong in a thousandth of an instant. "Take you down, should I still be afraid of these people?"

Zhao Yuande's palm was drawn towards Shui Juekong.

"Do you want to catch me? Really dreaming, you are a old lady, as long as the old lady can insist... Ah!" Shui Juekong's face sneered, and he punched Zhao Yuande's palm with all his strength, and the other party in her heart was also better than herself. But it is stronger.

But when her fist touched Zhao Yuande's palm, she suddenly felt an unmatched terrorist force pressing towards herself, she was easily resolved by a single blow, and the other party easily grabbed her own. Fist, and then gently pull, she suddenly lost her center of gravity.

The next thing is that a big hand directly pinched her neck. She knew that it was only then that she had fallen into the other hand.