Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 204

Chapter 204: Joking About Life

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"Don't stop me yet!" Zhao Yuande looked at the strong man in the field who was knocking down near him, and whispered, "Otherwise your Missy's neck will be twisted by me!"

"Just do it, he doesn't dare to treat the old lady!" Shui Juekong's spicy energy came up, still struggling under Zhao Yuande's control, with his hands on his feet, a small mouth was even more fierce toward Zhao Yuande Hand bite away.

Zhao Yuande smiled slightly, and he didn't take these things to heart, but just looked at the strong men who came to him.

"You! Do you know what our young lady is? Do you know who her father is?" The powerful man in the field threatened with a bit of anger.

"Okay, don't be wordy, give me back! Otherwise your little lady's life will be played to death by you!" Zhao Yuande exerted force.


Shui Juekong bit Zhao Yuande's hand, not only did he not hurt him, but felt a huge force reverberate, almost slamming his mouth full of teeth!

"You... wooh!" Shui Juekong couldn't help the tears in his eyes anymore, sobbing.

Many people looked dumbfounded that some people were so capable that they could make this **** cry! What is the identity of the other party?

Dare to confront these strong men, is he not afraid that these people will not let him go for a while?

Several strong men saw Shui Jue short and cried in tears, thinking that Zhao Yuande had given a hard hand and hurried back again and again.

"This friend must not be impulsive, don't hurt my young lady, as long as you let the young lady let us know what conditions we promise!" The head of the realm of the realm was scared pale.

If there is something wrong with Missy, Shui Cangyun must pick them up!

"Go down the stairs, I have a few words to ask her, and I let her go after asking!" Zhao Yuande waved to these people.

A few people had no choice but to agree, and slowly retreated down the stairs!

"You... this **** thing, no matter what you say, I will kill you, put your bones up!" Shui Juekong glared at Zhao Yuande while crying, his eyes showing a fierce light.

"Okay! Give you a face, today I must teach you a lesson!" Zhao Yuande pulled the water to his side and pressed her directly onto her lap. The plump and round buttocks were on him In front of him, Zhao Yuande stretched out his palms and pumped a dozen times in a row.

Zhao Yuande only felt that the resilience was very amazing. He almost bounced his hands away. Under the beat, it was even breaking waves.

Shui Juekong was ignorant!

She grows so big that even her father is not willing to move her finger, and even many people fight with her because she is a girl who is more restrained. Today, someone can dare to press her directly on the lap to pump his own fart* share.

There was silence all around. Everyone stared at this scene blankly. Some of them even thought they were dazzled. Even if they dared someone to do this, it would be like breaking the sky!

Imagine her father who is extremely short-sighted, and her grandfather who is extremely short-sighted. The entire world of the East Emperor dare to provoke their father and son can be described as rare.

The young man in front of him is definitely not one of the rare ones. They think this young man is joking about his life.

Zhu Wanqing couldn't hold his smile at this time. He knew that as Zhao Yuande and Lao Shuishen, even if he was noisier, the other party wouldn't be able to deal with him, maybe he would have to turn his head to thank Zhao Yuande for helping him Lesson granddaughter.

Jiu Tongzi saw Zhu Wanqing's appearance, and then looked at Zhao Yuande's leisurely expression at this time.

Others don't know all this, they have already included Zhao Yuande on the mortal list.

"Ah!" Shui Juekong's throat shouted wildly, she felt like she was going crazy, she was going crazy!

"You're dead! My dad will kill you, he will kill you!" Shui Juekong's hysterical roar, almost full of green silk stood upright, she was almost blasted.

"Your father dare not come to see me!" Zhao Yuande gently said such a word in her ear.

"You are crazy, you must be crazy! My father is not even afraid of grandpa, how dare he come..." Shui Juekong's voice became smaller and smaller, and finally he looked at Zhao Yuande with a trembling body, and seemed to remember something , She looked at the black skinny boy across from her inconceivably, and said something that everyone did not understand, "You... this is not your true face!"

"Hey, you are smart!" Zhao Yuande smiled slightly, "Yes, this is not my true capacity!"

"Are you really that person?" The tears in Sui Juekong's eyes disappeared miraculously at this time, replaced by a strange light!

"It's a fake replacement!" Zhao Yuande nodded gently.

"Okay! You let me see how you look, and I will forgive you!" Shui Juekong's face showed a trace of coyness for no reason.

"What? You forgive me, I haven't forgiven you!" Zhao Yuande raised his hand and went there again.

"I'm wrong! I'm really wrong!" The old lady in Shui Juekong's mouth was replaced by me, and her attitude was very sincere, but her face showed a look of expectation, and her mouth was a little coquettish. In this case, "I admit it wrong, can't you let me see it?"

Is this still crazy water empty? Is this still the tigress that claims to be the worlds first dominatrix? Is this still a terrible woman who loves to squeeze people's eggs?

Everyone was petrifying around, but only Zhu Wanqing and the strong man in the field had a little guess.

"Cough!" Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that the girl in front of her suddenly changed from a spicy tigress into a nice and nice baby. The gap between the front and the back was so great that he hadn't turned the corner for a while, "Well, OK Right! But you can only take a look."

"En!" Shui Juekong's little head looked like a rattle, with two small stars flashing in his eyes.

Zhao Yuande turned his body around, turned his back to everyone, gently wiped his face, and instantly restored his original appearance. After a breath, he reprogrammed the appearance of the black skinny boy.

"Wow! So handsome, so handsome! Grandpa is grandpa, this vision is good, although this guy is a little violent, but I like it! Hehe!" Shui Juekong's face turned red at this time, she felt like she was still at this time. Some of the hot buttocks can't help but smile at the corner of the mouth.

"Huh?" When Zhao Yuande heard the words, he immediately tasted the taste in the words, and suddenly felt a little bad. The old man of the old water **** is to count me!

No way! This will never work!

Zhao Yuande felt a huge conspiracy was approaching himself!