Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 206

Chapter 206: Three Treasures

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And the two people behind him, Jiang Tianzhao was slow like a snail at this time. He already felt that he had reached the limit when he was at the 272nd level, and his means was exhausted, but he still could not recover this. Depression.

Jiu Tongzi looked breathlessly at Zhao Yuande in the distance, and his eyes showed admiration. At this point, he stopped at the 274th level, and he was as if carrying this mountain.

The guys behind were even more unbearable. Most of them couldn't make any progress below the 200th level. There were also some unlucky guys who accidentally wrote the breath in their chests and lay down on the stone under the pressure of huge pressure. Every move on the stage can't be moved, it's simply that Tian Tian shouldn't call the ground to be ineffective.

Hong Ying'er and Song Zhentian were almost the same. They gave up when they were in the 240th order. They looked helplessly at the three people above and kept shaking their heads and sighed.

"This Jingguang Dao is really too strong! In my opinion, the whole Shenxu can only match it with one or two people!" Song Zhentian looked at Zhao Yuande's huge figure enviously, and repeatedly admired.

"Yeah! Such a strong man, it would be nice if he could become his woman!" Hong Ying'er looked at Zhao Yuande with a bit of an idiot, with a hint of hope in her eyes.

"Okay, don't dream! Look at Shui Juekong's eyes!" Song Zhentian quietly pointed to the water Juekong below.

"She won't..." Hong Ying'er looked at Shui Juekong's expression incredulously.

"Nonsense, didn't you see it just now?" Song Zhentian said in a low voice, "Did she dare to rob someone with her abnormal performance just now?"

"No!" Hong Ying'er's head shook like a rattle, and there was fear in his eyes.

Rob men with this guy, I don't know how I die!

"Let's fight for another opportunity!" Hong Yinger glanced at the god-like figure reluctantly, and turned and walked down.

At this time, Zhao Yuande's artistic conception reached the 298th floor. It seemed that he was suppressing an ancient mountain of God. Every time he lifted his feet, it was very difficult. Even his bones were crackling, he was about to reach the limit!

Zhao Yuande's body kept getting smaller and smaller, and finally became normal. He suddenly felt the pressure on his body lightened.

step! Two steps!

After two steps, his feet stepped directly on the top of the mountain!

In an instant, he felt as if he were a feather, and he could fly up to the sky as long as he lifted his feet. This and the steps are simply the difference between heaven and hell. The original gravity in the earth seems to be gone.

At this time, countless people underneath couldn't help but be shocked by Zhao Yuande's power. Zhao Yuande's image in their hearts became more and more tall. Many people have already thought about their words after going out. Zhao Yuande's strength is enough for them to blow a lifetime. Yes!

Under the full force, all the clothes on his body shattered, his whole body slipped up and down, and the wind blew over the top of the mountain. It really felt a bit cold.

He wasn't an exhibitionist. He quickly found a suit and put it on, and began to look around the environment.

On all three sides of the mountain top are cliffs, he walked to the edge of the cliff and looked down.

Suddenly, I saw a misty fog. In the thick fog, there seemed to be a rotten smell coming up. A burst of black gas was rolling and rolling underneath. It seemed that there was a terrifying **** world hidden underneath.

"Is this the place below?" Zhao Yuande's smile appeared on his face, and it was really no effort to break through the iron shoes and find nowhere.

In the last life, he stumbled into a black cave. Out of the cave is a dark misty canyon. In the canyon is a brutal trial field, and he has obtained huge benefits in it.

The top of the mountain is not large, there is only one stone table, and two things are randomly placed on the table.

One is a small gourd, and the other is a light gold atlas with a peculiar material, like gold, not gold, or jade.

Zhao Yuande lifted the gourd and gently shook it, and suddenly felt a drop of wine rolling in it.

"Sunset gourd, built-in space, storage type Lingbao, cannot be used as ingredients!"

He knows that the gourd must be the syrup of syrup, which is what he intends to give to the wine boy, and cannot be moved.

He turned his gaze to the album again, picked it up and looked through it, and suddenly his face showed surprise.

"Dan Jing, a classic handed down from the fairy world, cannot be an ingredient!"

"Just what I want!" Zhao Yuande happily put the Danjing into the storage space.

He was originally a pill master and was very interested in the refining of pill medicine. Although he got all the true stories of the real people of Ding Ding, he was only the highest to be able to refine the emperor-level pill medicine. Refining method of two immortals of immortal grade.

He made the panacea not just for eating, but for making gourmet food. Not only can he completely absorb the power of the potion, but also greatly improve its efficacy.

When Zhao Yuande walked down the stone steps with a smile on his face, he came to the wine boy.

Jiu Tongzi looked at Zhao Yuande expectantly, his expression was obviously a little nervous and excited.

"This is a gourd found from above, where there is a drop of liquor. How about the wine giving you the gourd to me?" Zhao Yuande took out the gourd and shook it at the wine boy.

"Thank you, Brother Jingguang, who is so unforgettable!" The wine boy can feel the importance of the drop of liquor in the gourd to himself, as if it is the goal he is pursuing in this life. Zhao Yuande can It is a great grace to give yourself this kind of thing that is vital to him. He felt that he couldn't give back this grace in his life.

"It's all agreed in advance, you don't have to say more! Remember to return the wine gourd to me!" He actually didn't care about the wine gourd, but he was afraid of guilt in the other person's heart.

Jiu Tongzi is obviously not a fool. He can see Zhao Yuande's good intentions, and his gratitude is even stronger!

After waiting for the wine boy to put that drop of wine into a jade bottle, he took the wine gourd and put it into the storage space. This gourd was also useful for placing the Sansheng wine. A good choice.

He glanced at Zhu Wanqing, who was panting on the steps not far away. He glanced at the water that looked up and down, and couldn't help but smile slightly.

"I took a step in advance! We are destined to see you again!" Zhao Yuande waved to them and turned to the top of the mountain.

Taking this opportunity, he happened to be able to get rid of Zhu Wanqing's tail.

There is still water, he always feels that this girl looks strange in looking at him, he thinks it is best to stay away from her!

"Hey!" Zhu Wanqing saw Zhao Yuande rushing to the top of the mountain again, and couldn't help but sigh in his heart, knowing that this ancestor was an extraordinary person, he was just a burden to follow behind others!

It was at this time that he really understood that the tenth day of Saint Shengzong he was doing was just a joke. In front of this ancestor, he didnt even equip him with shoes!

Looking at the mountaineering alone, there are still several people above me. I do sit on the well and watch the sky. Indeed, as the ancestor said, I need to hone and hone!

Next time, the next time you meet the ancestor, you must make him proud of your progress!

Under the influence of Zhao Yuande, Zhu Wanqing began to embark on a road to success.

If Wan Shengzong knew that, he would be grateful to Zhao Yuande.