Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 207

Chapter 207: Start

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At this time, the water at the bottom of the mountain saw Zhao Yuande returning to the top of the mountain again, and he waved goodbye to himself.

"You go and see what happened above?" Shui Juekong pointedly pointed at the powerful man in the field.

The powerhouse in the field flew high, but it quickly fell.

"Return to Missy, that clear space jumped from the top of the mountain!" The strong man in the field looks strange, "Is he afraid of Miss..."

"You bullshit! Ms. Ben is naturally beautiful and beautiful, how could he be afraid of me!" Shui Juekong looked at each other very unhappy, "You go to see under the cliff, he went there."

"Yes!" The realm of the realm in the field led away, but soon returned.

"Miss, there is a prohibition at the foot of the mountain. It seems that it is facing us, the strong men above the yin and yang. I can't get close!"

"Hi! The old lady did not believe it! The old lady went up to the mountain to find him himself!" Shui Juekong couldn't help it anymore, strode toward the top of the mountain.

But she soon discovered that she could not go up at all, and she did her utmost. She could reach the highest level of 296, worked hard many times, and could no longer move forward, even if she took out all kinds of spiritual treasures, Even the acquired spirit treasure cannot resist this pressure.

Shui Juekong depressed and returned to the downhill, but soon she was excited again.

"Huh! I don't believe you will not come out of the God's Market in my life. I will let Grandpa wait for you outside the God's Market. Let you escape to the end of the world and you can't jump over the palm of Miss Ben! I must get you!" Shui Jue There was excitement and expectation in the empty eyes.

Below the cliff is the grand canyon that Zhao Yuande once walked through. There is an ancient stone hall in the canyon.

Zhao Yuande was standing in a huge stone temple at this time, feeling the silence around him. He slowly sat cross-legged and began to stabilize the impetuous feeling brought about by the rapid development these days.

I didn't know how long it took before Zhao Yuande slowly opened his eyes.

"So, start now!" Zhao Yuande waved his arm and walked out of the stone palace.

The quiet in the stone hall and the madness in the grand canyon are completely two worlds.

Large swarms of black poisonous insects came to him like a tide, and the terrible cold wind made his face hurt for a while, and the ubiquitous black mist, which contained terrible toxins, a strong smelly smell , Making him unable to breathe at all.

He shot and killed many black poisonous insects one after another, and the ferocious poisonous insects were shocked by his powerfulness and retreated continuously.

At this time, a huge black shadow appeared in front of them. Every time the black shadow fell, the whole Grand Canyon trembling was trembling, and countless boulders on the cliffs on both sides fell like rain.

This is a terrible beast with a height of about a hundred feet, three hexapods, and a long tail sweeping across the ground like a whip. The ground is swept out of the big pits as if tofu.

The giant beast exudes a strong rancid smell, and the dripping drops of saliva in the corners of the mouth drip on the ground, making a strange noise and pitting the ground.

This monster has a strong breath, and it's not much different from Zhu He's heyday.


Zhao Yuande had no nonsense, and rushed towards the beast with his fist raised.


Two monsters, one big and one small, collided together. The entire space was violently shaken. The mountain collapsed, the space collapsed, and the earth broke!

The huge body of the giant beast is infinitely powerful. Zhao Yuande is a chaotic holy body, and the flesh is comparable to the top-level spirit treasure. The battle between the two is completely a confrontation between forces!

The gusty winds roared in the canyon, thunder thundered, roared and screamed into a blast!

The battle continued to be hungry for half an hour. Almost all of the two peaks collapsed. A large pit of tens of feet appeared on the ground. Finally, Zhao Yuande relied on the physical body comparable to the top-level Lingbao, and recovered powerfully. Strength, and the courage to move forward, finally defeated this beast.

The behemoth crashed down to the ground, and the whole canyon was dusty!

"The third abyss of the seventh-order abyss, the mutated blood vein of the poison dragon dragon, is of unparalleled strength, extremely toxic to the whole body, and cannot be an ingredient!"

It was only now that Zhao Yuande had the opportunity to use the appraisal technique to identify this big guy, but the result disappointed him.

"Hey! What a waste!" Zhao Yuande looked at the huge corpse and couldn't help but reveal his pity.

However, this battle is a testament to his strength. After this battle, he also realized how powerful he is now!

Now if he is up against Potian, he feels that he has a 60% chance of winning, which means that his strength can already be longer than the top three in the field!

However, this is just a battle on the flesh. If the other party grasps the destiny and reaches the free state, this advantage will suddenly disappear.

"Go on!" Zhao Yuande's face was full of excitement and expectation.

Not far away, Zhao Yuande heard the sound of waves pounding on the shore in the distance.

Soon he saw the water in front of him, and a huge black ocean appeared in front of him. At this time, there was a pungent smell, even Zhao Yuande's powerful physique felt after he smelled it. There was a burst of dizziness.

He hurriedly closed his breath, and then gradually adapted.

its not right! This is not the same as last time. Last time, there was no monster or this ocean, just a big river! Is it because of the improvement of cultivation behavior that this time led to a different course?

He can only comfort himself like this!

As he approached the black Wang Yang, Zhao Yuande saw the silver scales rolling, and a big silver fish like a crocodile floated up and down in the black Wang Yang. The extremely cold eyes glanced back and forth on Zhao Yuande's body. Toothy.

I don't know when a **** ship appeared in Wang Yang. The speed of the big ship was incredible. It appeared in front of Zhao Yuande in a blink of an eye.

A majestic, tall, black man with full armor stood on the bow.

"Tester, please get on board!" The voice of the black man was cold and ruthless, as if he were not a person with life at all.

Zhao Yuande did not hesitate to step on the big ship, this is a road that cannot be turned back, he does not want to turn back, just want to go forward bravely!


Among Wang Yang, the big silver fish screamed low, and they looked at Zhao Yuande on the ship, their bodies slightly arched.

The big ship rushed out like an arrow and set off towards the unknown shore.


A sound of breaking the sky sounded, and the big silver fish in the ocean shot at the ship like an arrow.


Zhao Yuande punched a big silver fish into a blood mist with one punch!

But more silver big fish poured into the big ship like a tide...

"Thunder Boxing!"

Zhao Yuande's palm slowly twirled, and the huge thunder power contained in his eyebrows has been constantly rotating in his palms.


Thunder is like rain, and the whole space is shrouded by countless thunders. Thousands of silver big fish are killed at this moment, and no ashes are left!