Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 208

Chapter 208: Ghost Ghost

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As soon as the whole ship swayed, a huge crack appeared in the void in front of Zhao Yuande, and there was a raging fire in the crack!

There was a faint sound of roaring monsters!

But this big crack healed in the blink of an eye, as if it had never appeared!

Zhao Yuande stayed for a while, but his face suddenly showed ecstasy. His fist actually broke the void barrier and opened the channel of another big world. The opposite world seemed to be a big flame world.

"Did my attack already threaten a powerful person in the world?" Zhao Yuande muttered to himself.

Reaching the realm of the world has a relatively big leap in strength and flesh, and the attack power also has an incredible level, which contains the power of a world, which can break through the space barriers at will and realize the movement of the void.

Zhao Yuande's thunder fist just tore the space barrier, if he could seize the opportunity at that time, he could directly rush into the crack and reach the flame world.

He clenched his fists in excitement, but it didn't make him excited for a long time. A wave of silver big fish in the sea surged into the ship, and Zhao Yuande got back into the endless killing.

"Boom! Boom! Boom..." Continuous explosions of fierce beasts sounded, and the entire ship was full of corpses of silver big fish, almost drowning Zhao Yuande, but the silver big fish still poured in like a tide!

"Ah! You guys are angry!"

"Qinglian Fire! Burn it to me!"

A huge blue lotus rushed out of his head, and the endless power shocked the world. The horrible flame burned all the big silver fish that rushed up to ashes.

Facing the fierce flame of Qinglian fire, those silver big fish appeared fear for the first time, this may be innate restraint, a kind of coercion derived from the spirit of the god!

Countless big fishes gradually receded, their original fierce eyes showed fear, their bodies trembled in the water.

At this time, suddenly a green color appeared in front of them, and a large piece of land appeared in front of them.

The big ship arrived on the land smoothly, and Zhao Yuande jumped from the big ship!

The big ship slowly entered the ocean, and then the giant waves in the ocean slowly disappeared, and the water was calm.

"Huh!" Zhao Yuande exhaled gently, and a sense of exhaustion came to mind.

He didn't know how long the killing lasted. Even his inexhaustible aura of inexhaustible blood felt some succession at this time, and he didn't know how many terrible silver big fish had been killed.

He sat cross-legged on the ground, took out the Elixir and swallowed to recover his strength.

Half a day later, he felt that his body had completely recovered, and the dragon and tiger became fierce again.

"The third test of the previous life was the endless reincarnation. Find the lost self from the reincarnation. I dont know what will happen in this life? My own soul is now as strong as the worlds powerful, and those environments have no self. Any effect."

"And here is what the ancient emperor used to test his disciples under the yin and yang unity. I think the next test can be ignored for me."

Zhao Yuande walked along the road, and a familiar altar appeared in front of him. A tender leaf on the altar awaited him quietly.

"Sure enough, what I expected!"

Zhao Yuande took the tender leaf on the altar in his hand, waiting for the test to begin.


Suddenly there was a thundering thunder.

Zhao Yuande opened his eyes strangely, and found himself on a high mountain.

And not far away in front of him, a figure sat cross-legged, and at this time there was a thick cloud over the head of the figure, and huge lightning dragons shuttled through the clouds, while a huge one could be seen vaguely deeper in the clouds. On the battle platform, there is a ghost ghost on the battle platform that seems to be dancing the thunderbolt!

"This is..." Zhao Yuande was shocked to find that the figure sitting cross-legged was himself, and this powerful breath from him made the air tremble, and the whole world trembles under this powerful breath!

Zhao Yuande's voice seemed to be dreaming: "It's so powerful! This power is close to the pinnacle of the world realm! But Xiuwei is still in the yin and yang united realm. Is this going to start to hit the realm of realm?"

Zhao Yuande Huo Ran raised his head, and the figure of your phantom ghost in Thunder Cloud became clearer and clearer, and the Thunderbolt Euphorbia in his hand tore the pieces of void, as if to cut the whole world apart.

"This is a ghostly catastrophe that only the Divine Emperor has! This is the way God is blocking me!" His face became more and more dignified, and the Divine Emperor and the Realm crossed the two realms of the world and the emperor. No matter how genius you are, the thunder and calamity that crosses two big realms is enough to make you die.


Dozens of thick purple thunders hung down at the same time, drowning Zhao Yuande in the robbery instantly.

These purple thunders are the purple thunder **** thunder. Each thunder can destroy a powerful person in the world, so dozens of direct drops, its power can almost destroy a second-class big door!

However, after the thunder, Zhao Yuande, who was in the robbery, was not hurt at all, and he still sat cross-legged.

Suddenly, a terrible beam of light shot out from the void, blasting toward Zhao Yuande. This disaster was not a thunder, but a terrible beam like an aurora. The void that these beams pass through seemed to be broken. The mirror is normal and pieces are broken.


I saw Du Yuan Zhao Yuande gently waving his hand, and the chaotic sky seal was transformed into a towering Taikoo Shenshan. Those light beams hit the Taikoo God Mountain without leaving a trace!

"It's so perverted!" Zhao Yuande saw that Taikoo Shenshan had turned into a chaotic image again, and he couldn't help but rejoice in his heart that this guy was so strong.

This archaic mountain is almost half the size of a large world. If it breaks down, I am afraid that even a powerful emperor can't bear it.


Suddenly, the sound of thousands of beasts came from the sky. Zhao Yuande looked up and did not know when a black shadow appeared on the sky. Those shadows turned out to be a black giant cow thousands of feet tall. The hurricane swept the entire world in an instant.

Zhao Yuande heard countless clear space screams reverberating around the world, and countless practitioners were trembling and watching the figure of the giant cow rumbling in the sky, they felt that the world would be crushed by this group of giant cows , The world has no hope.


Zhao Yuande, who had been sitting cross-legged, suddenly stood up at this time, shaking his whole body and turning into a giant.

The giant raised his fist and collided with the countless giant bulls.

The blood in the sky is like a downpour, and countless big rivers are all stained with the blood of giant cattle. The whole world seems to have turned into a blood-red **** at the next moment, and countless people are horrified!

I don't know how long this battle has gone. Zhao Yuande only felt that his neck was sore.

At this moment the whole world was silent, countless people looked up in this direction, and their eyes were full of awe!