Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 209

Chapter 209: Ultimate Fate

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At this time, the distant sky suddenly remembered a dull loud noise, a huge black shadow fell from the nine days, the black shadow speed seemed to be slow and fast, but in the blink of an eye appeared in the clouds in.

Everyone could see clearly that the black shadow turned out to be a meteor that was thousands of miles in size. The meteor was like a world-destroying demon, with a huge black tail flame, crashing towards the mountain.

This huge mountain seemed to be a humble bean sprout in front of the meteorite, but its terror impact caused the whole mountain to shake violently.

Seeing this scene, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but see a big change in his sight, but in an instant he seemed to have made an important decision, and his lips seemed to be communicating with something.

Zhao Yuande immediately understood that the other party was the spirit of Wanshan.

The earth trembles, and a huge gap is suddenly cracked in the vast mountains in the distance. A big hand comes out of the earth and punches hard at the meteorite in the sky!


The sky collapsed, the stars collapsed, the whole world was shaking, a powerful shock broke in the air and radiated to the four sides, and the majestic giant mountains were cut flat under the shock wave, as if the entire world was torn by this shock wave, the sky The dark clouds of the torn and broken, even the ghost shadow in the clouds are shocked!

The world fell into darkness in a flash, and countless people screamed in horror. They thought the world would be destroyed at this moment!

After more than a dozen breaths, a thunder crossed the sky, and there was a glimmer of light on the horizon, and the distant sky slowly rose in a red sun. It was already early morning.

The meteorite and the big hand all disappeared, leaving only a large crater that was smashed by rubble for hundreds of miles.

"Humans, your power has exceeded the imagination of the deity. It seems that only the deity has shot you to kill you today!" The ghost shadow body in the clouds slowly fell, before the giant mountain, a pair of golden eyes Rao Looking at Zhao Yuande crossing the river with interest.

"Your bloodline has been cursed, you should not exist in this world, but if you can defeat the deity, maybe you can also change your life!" The voice of the god's ghost shadow thundered like thunder, and even the void was shocked. There appeared ripples and ripples.

"Can I really overcome this terrible existence in the future?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but stare blankly at this scene, but the other party was a ghost image of a god!

The gods are also the inborn gods and demons in the general population. Each innate **** and demon has the ability to destroy a large world. Even their phantom is not the only thing that Zhao Yuande, the pinnacle of the Yin and Yang unity, can confront. The only thing left is death.

Zhao Yuande suddenly understood one thing, why the previous Chaos Holy Body could not be promoted to the realm of the realm. It turned out that such a powerful presence was sitting in town. It was really not leaving a little life for the Chaos Holy Body!

Crossing the robbery Zhao Yuande's expression was very dignified. He stood up and stretched slowly, slowly speaking to the ghost shadow: "If you want to fight, fight, I will take Zhao Yuande!"

A chaotic tower appeared in his hand, and the tower was gently shaken into a **** spear, and the spear pointed directly at the ghost shadow.

"Eternal Tower!" Zhao Yuande's eyes lit up, and he forgot the baby.

This can be a chaotic treasure, and he may have some turning points in things.

"This treasure treasure even recognizes you as the master!" The voice of the ghost ghost was obviously shocked. "But even if you hold this treasure, you still can't beat me. The gap between you and me is not a treasure at all. You will be able to get closer, today you will definitely die!"

"Then wait and see!" Zhao Yuande, who was crossing the robbery, shook his **** spear, and took the initiative to attack the ghost shadow.

The battle between the two started instantly, and the powerful fighting power of the ghost ghost quickly suppressed Zhao Yuande, regardless of how he resisted, and how powerful the spear in his hand was, but in the end, it was slowly in a disadvantage.

"Today you will surely die, and your treasure will also become my spoils!" The phantom of the phantom of the phantom, Zhao Yuande, was split into two halves, and blood spewed in the air.

Although the two body parts merged together in an instant, the breath of Zhao Yuande's body was obviously weaker by one point. He has no way to continue to drag on now, maybe a miracle will happen.

"No need to wait, no one will save you today, everyone who can save you will be dragged, you can only wait to die!" The ghost ghost dismembered him once, and a cruel light appeared on his face.

"Since that is the case, I will fight with you!" It seems that the decision made by Zhao Yuande to cross the robbery, the **** spear in his hand has been transformed into the eternal tower, and the tower body exudes infinite glory in an instant, and a bright galaxy flows from it. Out.

And a chaotic **** in Zhao Yuande's body rose into the sky and gradually merged with that galaxy...

"You are crazy! Absolutely crazy! You have burned the eternal tower's magical energy, and you are willing to merge your own divine source with it. You will destroy the entire world of the Eastern Emperor, and you will stop me!" The shadow color changed greatly.

This seemed to be a pain he couldn't bear, and he would never tolerate what happened.

But no matter how unwilling he is, the final result is already doomed!


A terrible explosion that shook Tianyu came and flooded the entire world, as if someone put a huge firework in the starry sky, and the entire world of the Eastern Emperor instantly turned into a dust in the starry sky.


With a faint sigh, Zhao Yuande opened his eyes and found himself still sitting cross-legged on the altar, still holding the young leaf in his hand.

"Is this my final destiny? Can't I with the Aion Tower resist the sky-tribulation in the realm of promotion? Really not reconciled!"

He was stunned by the tender leaves. Why was he working so hard? Is it to stay in the realm of Yin and Yang forever?

"No! I won't be reconciled! Since I already know the result today, I want to change all this, and I only need one thing to change it, that is, I want to be stronger! I want to break The shackles of fate, I want to let the so-called gods see, Zhao Yuande can break through this curse!"

His body was full of blood, and there seemed to be a fiery fire burning in his chest.

I want to do everything possible to improve my cultivation practice and all means to the extreme!

He opened his mind to recall all the means he now has.

He has no major practice skills, and every promotion is based on the feeling of hunger in his abdomen. This is an extremely unstable factor, but with his current inability to change.

The immortal body has now practiced to the point of regenerating a broken limb. If he can cultivate to the realm of blood rebirth before impacting the realm of the realm, he can hide a drop of blood in the starry sky, even if he is the same as the god, and even the east The emperor's world disappeared, he can also use this drop of blood to be reborn.