Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Three Strong

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Outside the city of Skyfire, I dont know when a giant platform was erected, and countless practitioners swarmed in, squeezing the entire platform high.

When Zhao Yuande came here, he found that he couldn't squeeze in at all and could only stand and watch from a distance.

Two Changhongs across the sky crossed the sky, and the two figures landed on the high platform. A powerful breath burst out of these people instantly, making the entire space suppressed.

"The two are working!" A person slowly stood on the high platform and nodded slightly towards the two.

This man was the seven elders who had rescued Zhao Yuande. His face was expressionless at the moment, and it seemed that the opposite was not his fellow.

"Luo Jingtian! Brother Luo, I hope you won't let us down." The first bronze-skinned man, with a huge broad sword, seemed unfriendly to the Seven Elders.

"Brother Luo, have you found a lot of good seedlings these days! How about letting one give me sister?" A beautiful woman with a half-breasted face and a smile on her face all the time, throwing a wink at the seven elders. .

The girl seemed to be naturally charming, and her smiles were endless, and the young people who were full of blood and blood on the stage seemed to be taken away by her, and she looked at her with a stunned face.

Only Zhao Yuande was not affected by it, and he looked at your strength with the cold eyes.

Although he entered the Huoyun Sect in the previous life, he did not have the opportunity to see these sect supreme strongmen. He just glanced at the apprentices and did not understand them at all.

Later, although the two men were extremely powerful, they were not as terrible as the Seven Elders under the perception of Zhao Yuande's spirit. He roughly estimated that the two of them might not necessarily be Luo Jingtian's opponents.

At the same time, he also saw that although these people and Luo Jingtian were in the same door, they seemed to have a deep sorrow. From this, it seemed that the Huo Yunzong was not united.

"Since it's all here, let's start!" Luo Jingtian seemed unwilling to waste his tongue with them, and flicked his big sleeves back to his seat.

The big man with a broad sword seems to have been accustomed to Luo Jingtian's style, and he was too lazy to care for each other. He sat on the seat he had already prepared, but a pair of copper bells with big eyes kept aiming among the crowd Come and go.

"It's really boring!" The neglected beauty was not angry, she shook the green ropa in her hand, twisted and sat beside the big man, and smiled at her, "Brother Three, Brother Luo seems to have arrived very much Not satisfied!"

"Leng Cuiyun, don't play your careful thoughts. Brother Three, I'm a big nerve, but I'm not stupid!" Dahan glared at the beautiful woman, and there was an unabashed sneer on her face.

"Okay, three brothers, the little girl just said that casually, you think more!" The beautiful woman Leng Cuiyun was not irritated by the big man, he was not angry, but turned his head to the stage.

At this time, the audience was already boiling. I saw two immortal figures stepping into the air, and all the practitioners were surging blood. This is the legendary strong man of the yin and yang union, known as the real person. presence!

Zhao Yuande also looked at the three people on stage very much, not knowing when he would reach the yin and yang unity again.

After reaching this level, I can really be said to be a bird of prey, and the greatest chance of the previous life, the Aion Tower, can also try to obtain it. As long as you get the Aion Tower, you will have a real self-protection Forceful.

At this time, the conversations of the first few people caught Zhao Yuande's attention.

"Lao Mo! Do you know who these three powerful Huo Yunzong strong people are?" a young man asked pleasingly to a goatee around him.

"Yes! Mo Lao, but you know everything, just tell us!" Someone beside was begging.

"Cough!" The old goatee swallowed and said with a smile: "My old man's mouth is dry, and I'm almost speechless, you see...!"

"Mo Lao, you don't want to sell it! I have a jug of good wine, so please run your throat first!" A young man escaped from his arms and passed it to the old goat goat.

"Hey! You're so welcome, little friend!" The old goatee chopped off the wine stopper, poured a few sips of wine, wiped the liquid from the beard, and looked around with a few humanes, "since the few friends are really If you are thirsty for knowledge, I will tell the old man!"

"The three people on the stage are the backbone of Huoyunzong. Look at the boy with the big sword, but that is the younger brother of the Huoyunzong sect, Yu Chifeng. This son is born with divine power and has finally entered Yin and Yang for 67 years. Unity is one of the ten masters of Huoyunzong!"

"Sixty-seven years before entering the Yin and Yang Union, this talent is not so good!" The young man pouted.

"You know a fart!" Goat Hu took a sip of wine and pointed at the young man's nose. "You are a little rabbit, you are the same as you, and you are practicing the third-rate exercises. Even if you have practiced for a thousand years, you cannot achieve the unity of Yin and Yang!"

"My blood sea can be said to be within ten miles, and it is already the top in our family!" The young man refused to accept.

"Bah! Ten miles from the circle, you are so kind to say it!" The goatee pointed to Wei Chifeng on the stage, "The blood sea of people is thousands of miles, that is really called the sea! You are just a small water. depression!"

"You're an old thing, cheating on eating and drinking all day, drinking Lao Tzu's wine and dare to laugh at Lao Tzu, seeing me not to beat you!" The youth was flushed with goat Hu Hu, his sleeves rolled up angrily Lesson goatee.

Several companions around him hurriedly pulled him away and pulled him away.

"Huh! It's really the interest of sweeping the old man!" Goat Hu filled the rest of the liquid into his mouth carelessly, and turned to leave.

"This senior, I have a jug of wine. I want to know the information of the remaining two strong men!" Zhao Yuande squeezed over at this time, took out a jug of wine and handed it over.

Although the old goatee was a bit mean for others, the information spoken was very useful. He once suspected that the old man was a hidden master, but unfortunately, the identification technique just showed that he was just an ordinary person.

"Well! Good wine, good wine!" The goatee shook his lower wing hard, his face full of intoxication, then grabbed the hip flask and took a small sip, "Tian Luoju's fifty years old wine Its really good wine!"

"Please ask my senior to solve my confusion."

"Well! I'm just talking about the sake of wine! Hey..." Goat Hu sweeped Zhao Yuande, and his face suddenly showed shock. " are Zhao Yuande!"

Looking at the exaggerated expression on the other party's face, Zhao Yuande always felt something was wrong. Although his name was loud, he didn't want to shock the other party! Did the other party see?

"Cough! Hero comes out of the boy, out of the boy!" Goat Hu sighed, and then returned to normal, "That pretty good girl * called Leng Cuiyun, is not a good thing, watery poplar, seduce everywhere Man, dont look at her beautiful and touching, in fact, she is more than 100 years old!"

"The last one is not a simple character, Luo Jingtian! Half of Huo Yunzong's prestige came from him. Don't look at the two people's arrogant appearance. In fact, they are not this Luo Jingtian's opponent together!"

"It turns out so!" Zhao Yuande nodded his head lightly, comparing the memories between him and his previous life, and found that the old man of Goat Hu said well, and he also knew how to choose.

"Boy, I think you have a clean bone and outstanding talents. You might as well go under my door and inherit my ancestry! Hey... where are you going to kid!" Goat Hu seems to have made a certain determination, Zhangkou wants to stop Zhao Yuande , But found that his figure had disappeared in front of him.

"Hey!" Goat Hu sighed, withdrew from the crowd, and disappeared into the field of vision in a blink of an eye.