Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 210

Chapter 210: A Lot Of Dolls For You

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However, a long recovery period is required after rebirth. This is the next strategy.

After getting Kaitian eleven punches, I now have some understanding of thunder and fire fist, and I can show these two punches with external force. However, if you encounter the strongest, this method will not play any role.

Only if one of the five boxing exercises is skillful, try to integrate the open wheel of the sky, perhaps the complete open wheel of the sky can fight the ghost ghost.

However, if you want to master all the eleven boxing techniques, it is unlikely that there is no one hundred and eighty years, especially the two basics of time and space need the support of the law, and you can only realize it after reaching the world.

Next is his eye of thunder. Although this kind of sky eye is powerful, it still has very fatal shortcomings, that is, it is very expensive and cannot be used continuously. Even if it is promoted to the highest level, the eye that reaches the calamity is still just a The card-like killing strategy basically doesn't play a big role in the fight against the ghost ghost.

Although Qinglian Fire can eventually promote Chaos Fire, Make Fire, and burn all tangible things, it is a dream that is beyond reach, and it is basically impossible to realize here.

The thing that makes him look forward to the most, and makes him feel the most promising is to eat the inheritance of the Tao, a variety of recipes, a variety of anti-celestial effects, maybe you can use this to get rid of difficulties and dangers!

After going out of the **** market this time, we must find a place to clean up. While strengthening ourselves, we continue to develop various recipes and devote a heart to the inheritance of eating the Tao. Maybe we can really get out of the sky. Avenue.

Huo Ran got up, his eyes clear, and strode forward!

Not far from the altar, a bright road appeared.

There were clear skies outside, and Zhao Yuande took a deep breath of fresh air, feeling that the world was really beautiful.

"You can be seen!" Zhao Yuande just walked not far, and heard a voice. He turned his head to look, and his body couldn't help but tremble, how is she!

Shui Juekong discounted his little yawn, got up from a jade bed, and showed a charming smile to Zhao Yuande.

She was originally beautiful, and this smile was so beautiful, it can be seen that it is the size of the water **** palace known as the world's first dominatrix.

"Let's all go! I don't need you anymore!" Shui Juekong waved to a few strong men who protected her.

"But..." The strong man in the field, with a hint of hesitation on his face, had to say something.

"Give it to the old lady!" Shui Juekong's face was cold, and there was a fierce light in his eyes.

"Yes!" Several strong men were suddenly scared and turned away.

"Oh! Brother Jingguang, they... they are cheap bones, hey!" Shui Juekong turned his head and smiled embarrassedly at Zhao Yuande.

"Water Girl, what do you...what do you want to do?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other's expressions and always felt an ominous hunch.

"I want to follow you and fly with you!" The elder lady didn't feel any shyness at all. She came up and embraced one of Zhao Yuande's arms. "Come on! Let's break into the world of God's Bazaar. You gave birth to a lot of dolls!"

"What are you talking about!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly pushed Shui Juekong's hand away, turned around and ran away.

"Don't run! You stop for me!" Shui Juekong chased Zhao Yuande with his teeth, "I am a big girl with yellow flowers and looks beautiful, why do you run?"

Shui Juekongs loud voice quickly spread throughout the entire ruins of the gods. Countless people looked at the figure of fleeing and chasing with fright. This scourge is really a variety of tricks, but others have not resorted to this trick. It seems that this The head of the headroom is unlucky!

"Water is empty, don't chase it! I already have two wives, they are both good and virtuous, and I like them very much, you don't want to mix it up anymore!" Zhao Yuande looked at the persevering water behind him. She refused her.

"It doesn't matter, I just kill them!" Shui Juekong answered this question very sturdily, and shocked Zhao Yuande.

"You! I will ask your grandfather to take care of you!"

"I don't believe it. The old man dared to move me with one finger. Grandma will take his life!" Shui Juekong took the old water god's blame unscrupulously in front of everyone, leaving the old master of water **** suddenly in everyone's heart. An impression of being afraid of his wife.

"I am dizzy!" Zhao Yuande almost fell to the ground!

Grandpa's not so pitted! Is this still a granddaughter?

"If you believe it or not, I will take you and beat your ass!" Zhao Yuande had to be threatened by such a fruit.

"Someone's so scared!" Shui Juekong laughed wantonly. "They like to let you fight. You don't know how exciting and exciting you were!"

"This..." The teenagers in the God's Market heard this and almost ran away. This is too...

But in an instant they felt horrified again, the taste of this young lady of the world's first **** is too heavy!

"I..." Zhao Yuande was speechless. If the old woman Shui Juekong knows that her granddaughter is speaking in a large audience, she won't die by vomiting blood!

"You're about to stop!" Shui Juekong only felt that Zhao Yuande in front of him was getting faster and faster, and she could no longer keep up with each other's footsteps!

"Fools stop!" Zhao Yuande speeded up and rushed into a mountain range.

"Why are there so many people here?" Zhao Yuande discovered after entering the mountain range that a large number of practitioners had gathered here, but when he saw the scene in front, he couldn't help but shocked, "This is... this is the Zhenfeng Mountain Range!"

On a large mountain in the middle of the mountain range, hot magma is constantly being sprayed out at this time. A sky of fire pillars exploded over nine days. A large red magma sprayed like fireworks on the surrounding mountains.

The original lush forest suddenly turned into a sea of flames, blood red magma rolled everywhere, endless horror flames burned the sky, and the air was filled with a pungent odor .

And at this moment, the volcano burst from the mountains belly, and the entire mountain was almost razed to the ground. A large and a small figure rose into the sky, but there was a strong presence in the mountain. The whole volcano was broken.

"These two are?" Zhao Yuande opened his eyes and saw the two figures in the sky.

It turned out to be a smart black ape and three strange pythons. They fought in the sky and tore the sky apart.

"Seventh-order Mopi, there is a trace of the blood veins of Taiyuan Ape Emperor......Middle-level ingredients, matching the recipe "Ape Emperor Tianwei", refine the soul of the soul to improve physical fitness, there is a small chance to get the blood of Ape Emperor Tianwei, with the power of Tianwei , List of ingredients..."

"Seventh-order three-song fireblade contains three dragon-blood blood... Intermediate ingredients, matching the recipe Dragon Blood True Body, to enhance the powerful spirit of the flesh, a small chance to get the Dragon Blood True Body, ingredients list..."