Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 211

Chapter 211: The Birth Of Fairy Medicine

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These are two top-tier seven beasts with a slightly stronger fighting ability than me, but if it is a real life-and-death battle, they are estimated to die under my hands.

Zhao Yuande estimated their fighting power, and finally got such a conclusion.

And at this moment, a wonderful aroma suddenly came out of the volcano's mountainside, and the aroma passed into the muzzle of the cultivator. It suddenly felt like a whole body, the whole body's pores were opened, and a trace of black impurities overflowed the body. .

Even Zhao Yuande was a little shocked at this moment. He just took a breath and felt the magical change in the blood sea. What the **** is this?

He remembered that there was no such thing happened in the last life. Did his appearance really change history?

"Ha! I finally caught you!" Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a soft body slammed into his back, a pair of slender lotus arms gently wrapped around his shoulders, two groups of elastic things were fierce Hitting his back!

So flexible!

This is Zhao Yuandes first reaction. If he can... he is almost going to think about it at this moment!

"This is the breath of the holy medicine!" The water that was rushing to the air immediately smelled this smell, and was suddenly dumbfounded!

Although she was born in a super-big gate such as the Water Palace, she has only seen the holy medicine planted in the holy place once. The two feelings are so similar. Even at this moment, her heart is moving!

"Let me go!" Zhao Yuande twisted his body unnaturally, and suddenly felt that the two groups of backs were deformed by his back...

"Ah!" Shui Juekong was a big girl with a big yellow flower. Although he said fiercely, it was the first time he encountered such a situation! Ashamed, she let go of her arm in a hurry, and there was a trace of blush on her face.

At this time, all the people around the mountain were attracted by this breath, and their eyes were all concentrated in the belly of the mountain where the fragrance came.

"Is this immortal medicine coming out? As long as I take a few more sips, I'm afraid I will be promoted immediately!"

"Is the fairy medicine born in the volcanic volcano the fire **** fruit?"

"No! It's definitely not the Fire God Fruit. The Fire God Fruit is nothing more than a holy medicine. This is definitely a fairy medicine!"

"I am the body of the fire spirit, this fairy medicine has helped me too much, I must win him!"


At this time the volcano is still in a violent eruption, but there are already many practitioners who are eager to move, they are carefully starting in the direction of the volcano.

"Don't make trouble! Let's cooperate to take down the holy medicine." Although Zhao Yuande felt that the practitioners in front of him could not pose a threat to himself, but the two fierce battles in the sky were not the ones he could stand against independently. Miss has the opportunity.

"Good!" Shui Juekong looked at Zhao Yuande with big eyes, and he agreed without hesitation, his face was even more surprised. "Xiang Gong, you can rest assured! This holy medicine has been given to you!"

"Don't say this first, let's hurry up!" Zhao Yuande flashed in shape and hurriedly followed the cultivator in front.

"What's that?" Suddenly someone exclaimed in front of him.

Everyone looked in the direction of this man's finger, and found a red-red monster snake in the broken mountain belly with the lava flowing out of the magma.

These monsters are huge, and each has a length of several feet, densely packed together, which makes the scene feel a bit creepy.

"The fifth-order double-headed fire snake contains the power of terrifying fire... low-level ingredients, matching the recipe "Shenhuo soup" to enhance the physical properties of fire, a small chance to increase the practitioner's understanding of the rules of fire, the list of ingredients..."

"Oh! This kind of double-headed fire snake even has this effect. Although it is only a small amount of chance, it is a lot. If you use this as the main ingredient in the world's first food..." Zhao Yuande couldn't help but think of this one. idea.

It seems that we have to collect more corpses of this strange snake! Zhao Yuande looked at these strange snakes now, no longer felt creepy but eager.

Shui Juewei looked strangely at Zhao Yuande's expression. She thought that this young man's brain had a problem. When he saw this big beauty, he didn't see such eager eyes. Does he like this kind of snake? Hey! terrible!

"What kind of beast is this?"

"What a powerful breath, even the weakest has a fifth-order beast. Let's... let's run away!"

"Waste! It's just a group of beasts. What's so scary? These are all descendants of Hell's Dragon Python. They have very pure dragon veins. If they can extract enough Hell Dragon Python's blood, they will probably be created. A arrogant figure with the body of a dragon python!" Zhao Yuande came out at this time, shouted loudly, and said something like this.

He is naturally talking nonsense!

"What! There is such a good thing!" Almost everyone's glasses turned red at this moment!

"I lie to you to do anything, you go to kill it! As long as it is the corpse, I will collect it, 300,000 middle-grade spirit jade in the fifth order, and one million in the sixth order!" Zhao Yuande patted his storage ring. Nothing else has more spirit stones!"

"How can we believe you!" Someone continued to ask, not convinced.

"Lao Niang guarantees him! Do you dare not believe it!" Shui Juekong pinched his waist and looked around. The arrogance on his face made everyone feel hateful, but she was deterred by her reputation. Not much to say.

However, although Shui Juekong is arrogant and domineering, he has always spoken with a spit and a nail, and everyone still believed her.

Three hundred thousand middle-grade spirit jade! Almost at this moment everyone was breathing tight, and the money was too good to earn!

It is good to know that the pro-discipline disciples of ordinary martial arts can have one hundred thousand Zhongpin Lingyu a year. This two-headed fire snake can sell for 300,000, and they are crazy!

Without any hesitation, almost everyone at this moment madly killed a large group of two-headed fire snakes.

A double-headed fire snake spitting hot flames, their huge bodies swayed and shattered the rocks, but the cultivators who could enter here all reached the later stage of the blood sea **** fetus, they have been wandering for so long In the middle, basically all have advanced to the Lingtai pregnancy realm, and it is not very difficult to deal with this two-headed fire snake.

The collision of blood and flesh, the cultivators frantically beheaded the two-headed fire snake that was washed down by the head, and every flutter flew in flesh and blood, and the roaring hiss suddenly shook the entire volcano.

Although these two-headed fire snakes look very powerful, they are all newborns and have no combat experience at all, so it is not difficult to kill them.

One head of the two-headed fire snake died in the hands of the cultivators, and Zhao Yuande was already full of teenagers who came to sell the two-headed fire snake.

When someone for the first time exchanged two double-headed fire snakes for 600,000 Zhongpin spirit stones, all talents truly believed this, and their enthusiasm was mobilized, rubbing their hands excitedly. The two-headed fire snake rushed to the head.