Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 212

Chapter 212: Take What You Need

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They werent happy until soon enough, more two-headed fire snakes rushed out of the volcano, and the tide flowed towards them. Among them were three fire snakes with a head. These three fire snakes The fighting power is even stronger, even equivalent to the strong man in the middle of Yin and Yang.

Many cultivators were torn apart by these three fire snakes, and howling spread throughout the mountain range.

"Not good! These three fire snakes are too strong, we are not opponents, let's go!" Someone woke up in time and fled beyond the mountains.

Zhao Yuande had collected hundreds of two-headed fire snakes at this time, and he was smiling with joy. When he saw the situation, he was a little unhappy.

"Don't run, everyone! Give me these big guys!" He turned into a flash of lightning and rushed towards the center of the battlefield, punching at the three fire snakes.

"Bang!" The three fire snakes were instantly struck by a blood mist, and his body leaped forward, and the three fire snakes turned into blood mist under his hands. Everyone couldn't help but look dumbfounded.

"I will help you too!" Shui Juekong chuckled and rushed over, picking up three fire snakes.

Although her practice is not as good as Zhao Yuande, it is still much higher than the three fire snakes. The three fire snakes on the head died in her hands, and her mouth all smiled and crooked.

Everyone looked at this momentum and suddenly did not run away. They rushed back and continued to fight against the two-headed fire snake.

Zhao Yuande's physical body is extremely powerful, and his aura is even more turbulent. The three fire snakes are killed by his hands. After killing a few back and forth in the battlefield, he killed a dozen of the three fire snakes. Re-started the acquisition of the double-headed fire snake.

The cultivators were excited and busy on the way to kill snakes and exchange for spirit jade. Every one of them was full of bowls, but many people accidentally died in the mouths of these fire snakes.


The three dragon pythons fighting with the black apes in the sky saw their children and grandchildren being slaughtered mercilessly.

At the same time, a burst of roaring sounds echoed from the volcano, and the earth began to vibrate continuously. The whole volcano seemed to be shaking. A huge head rushed out of the volcano towards Zhao Yuande and their direction Open mouth growled.

A thick pillar of fire spit out from the giant mouth, and a large piece of magma rushed, almost covering the entire mountain range.


Almost everyone changed color at this moment, put down their opponents and fled towards the Quartet.

Zhao Yuande looked cold, and a flicker appeared in front of the huge head. The thunder in his hand gathered towards the huge head and shot it.


A piece of thunder light exploded on the head, and the blood of Da Peng was sprayed into the Quartet as if it was raining. This huge monster was shot by Zhao Yuande's head before the volcano rushed out of the volcano.

"Roar!" Another angry roar came from the volcano, and two more heads squeezed out of the volcano.

"Humph! It's just three fire knights at the beginning of Tier VII. You die for me!" Zhao Yuande stepped back and grabbed the head that had been smashed by him, pulling it outward.

A huge figure was pulled out of the volcano by Zhao Yuande, and then fell hard against the lava-filled ground.


Three fire jocks were slammed down on the ground, and blood was slammed on the huge body. The other two heads were also thrown by the seven meat and eight elements, and they did not react at all.

"Go to die!"

Zhao Yuande rolled his arms back and forth and flicked on the ground, hitting two big pits with depths of tens of feet before and after him.

The three fire jocks were really ignorant. They were caught in a hand by a weak human, and fell back and forth to play, but when they wanted to break out, they felt a huge pain like a torn body. Many bones were dropped alive. Broken, the body can no longer support, and turned into a soft and sluggish dead snake.

Seeing this scene, the cultivators who fled around all of them suddenly froze. They could no longer run away and just stood blankly.

"Wow! It's amazing!" Shui Juekong clenched her small fists tightly, her eyes gleaming with green light. At this moment, she was deeply impressed by Zhao Yuande's style, and the moment of hesitation in her heart completely disappeared!

"This is my man who has no water, no one wants to take me away!"


Zhao Yuande squeezed his fist, slammed his two fists, and smashed the other two heads, and the three fire jiao finally got free.

"It's another big dish!" Zhao Yuande happily dumped the bodies of the three fire larvae into the world of the copper furnace.

"Roar!" Seeing this scene, the three fire jocks fighting in the sky suddenly burst out of all strength and rushed towards Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande stood motionless, and he believed that the ink ape would seize this best opportunity.

Sure enough, as he thought, the ape flashed in the eyes of the ink ape, and a silver ray was sprayed out of the mouth. The silver ray was extremely fast, and it immediately caught up with the three fire chicks, and hit the three heads of this big guy fiercely. Junction.


The three fire screams roared with pain, and the body instantly lost its balance. The three heads were even more dizzy, as if the soul had been cut off.

Seizing this opportunity, Mo Yuan swooped into the body of the three fire larvae. The sharp claws cut fiercely between its chest and abdomen, and pulled out a huge orb of fire.

Mo Yan's eyes flashed with excitement, and his mouth swallowed the orb into his belly.

The three fire jocks instantly seemed to have been extracted from the soul of the soul, completely lost their brilliance, and their bodies crashed to the ground.

Mo Yuan shook his teeth at Zhao Yuande and seemed to express his gratitude.

"We each take what we need!" Zhao Yuande nodded to it and threw the bodies of the three fireflies on the ground into the world of copper furnaces.

Mo Yuan seemed to understand what he meant, looked at him again, turned and rushed into the mountains not far away, and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

"How did this guy go?" Zhao Yuande looked at the back of the Mopi in a puzzled manner, and suddenly felt like he had forgotten something.

"Not good! There is a big guy underneath!" His face suddenly changed, and his body stepped back.

A breath of horrible beasts burst out from under the volcano.

The earth was violently ups and downs, and the entire volcano burst into a flat ground. The huge crater was exposed to everyone's eyes. In the volcanic crater, three huge heads suddenly emerged, and three heads spewed out at the same time. The flames of different colors distort the burning space.

Each head is covered with a pair of curved dragon horns, a kind of dragon-like beast-specific horror coercion swept the entire world.

This big guy is even bigger than that one. The huge body is thousands of feet long before it is fully exposed.

"This is an adult **** dragon python! This guy turned out to be a **** dragon python!" Zhao Yuande exclaimed at this moment, this kind of thing is already an eighth-order beast that can fight the existence of the world's strongest, he Niujia is not this guy's opponent.

The Hell Dragon Python didn't seem to intend to let him go, his three big mouths made a burst of roar.

The two-headed fire snakes that had originally fled, all turned around at this time, and rushed towards Zhao Yuande without fear of death.