Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 214

Chapter 214: Can Create Fairy Bodies

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A lotus in the size of a bowl in the center of Lava Lake is ready to bloom!

"Yuhai Fire Lotus, the ninth-order holy medicine, the main medicine for refining the nine-level fire **** pill, and taking it can enhance the understanding of the way of fire, and have a chance to improve the rank of the fire's physical constitution... Advanced ingredients, matching recipe 1' Vulcan Soup', feel the way of the ancient Vulcan, have a certain chance to achieve Vulcan Avenue, match recipe 2'Fire Saint Soup', have a chance to achieve Huode Saint Body, match recipe 3'Sheng Xian Tang', have a chance to fire Attribute Constitution is promoted to'Fairy Fire Body'."


Zhao Yuande swallowed hard, even if he was calm, he was almost crazy!

"What is this holy medicine?" Shui Juekong also saw this lotus flower, but he didn't know it. He asked curiously, "I see your eyes are green. How much spirit jade can this thing be worth?"

"I know Lingyu! Is this something that Lingyu can buy? This is an invaluable treasure, and no amount of Lingyu can be exchanged!" Zhao Yuande's eager face whispered, "This is the legendary holy medicine'The Sea Fire Lotus' 'With it, you can create a fairy body!"

"Fairy Body!" Shui Juekong's eyes widened, his breath tight, almost like rushing directly into the magma lake to pick up the lotus flower and eat it.

She finally understood why Zhao Yuande's eyes and things that could be related to Immortals could make people not crazy.

"Okay! You are a water physique, you can't eat it!" Zhao Yuande gave her a white look.

Zhao Yuande's words were like pouring a bucket of cold water directly on top of her head, making her feel a great sense of loss.

"But this thing can be changed to some other sacred medicine. If the sacred medicine with water property may also promote you to the fairy body!" Zhao Yuande thought, he could not help but ridiculed, "If you give up the current idea, I may Can consider it"

"Don't think about it! I will never give up following you! Even if you make me an immortal, I will not give up!" Shui Juekong said cleanly and neatly, said Zhao Yuande stunned!

"Do you know what is heartbeat? This is a pure emotion that does not contain any interest. You will use these things to humiliate me. Believe it or not, I will die directly in front of you!" Shui Juekong's eyes were filled with tears. With a firm expression, a short knife in his hand pointed at his brow.

"You... I just made a joke, you don't have to do this!" Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a little panicked, this girl wouldn't really look at herself!

But if I just ridiculed myself, the other party changed his face directly, this... what can I do!

"You are insulting me!" The girl's hand was shaking, and the tip of the knife had penetrated the skin of her eyebrow.

Zhao Yuande's unexpected change from the world's first **** to a chaste and fierce daughter.

"Okay! I'm really not malicious!" Zhao Yuande reached out and grabbed the knife in her hand, gently patting her back, and her face also became a lot softer. Zhao Yuande finally felt a little sorry for her.

The girl leaned on his arms lightly and sobbed in a low voice.

Zhao Yuande is most afraid of women crying, and this moment suddenly feels at a loss. This woman's heart is really fickle. The last moment was still a gentle breeze, and the next moment became a gust of wind!

I don't know how many good words were said. Shui Juekong broke into tears, and his uneasy heart calmed down.

Shui Juekong has such a gesture of a little daughter.

The calm water still feels that its own method is just incredible, just like a demon, how can it do that kind of thing?


A tumbling sound broke the good atmosphere just established between the two.

"Hide up!" Zhao Yuande felt a terrifying breath rolling in the magma lake, and there seemed to be something terrible to be rushed out of it.

The two quickly hid behind a huge rock, quietly observing the movement of the Magma Lake.

Sure enough, **** dragon python with thousands of feet on his body, at this time one of its heads slowly protruded out of the lake, and a pair of blood eyes looked around the vigilant eyes.


When Hell Dragon Python looked at a hole, he suddenly roared and opened a black flame.


A cry of pain came from that cave, it turned out that the black ape was hiding in the cave!

It rushed out of a hole, but did not escape, but rushed towards the center of the magma lake.

This huge underground magma lake has a radius of thousands of feet. The flying speed of the Mopi is just a blink of an eye, and it is less than a thousand feet away from the ``Yohai Fire Lotus''.

"His!" Mo Yan made an excited hissing sound, and stretched out his paws to grab toward the Yehuo Fire Lotus.

A huge black shadow suddenly rushed out of the lava lake, turned out to be a long tail of the **** dragon python, and pulled into the mid-air Mo ape fiercely.

Mo Ape was unable to dodge and was drawn by the long tail. The huge force directly smashed Mo Ape's body into the cave wall.

A pair of eyes of Mo Ape suddenly became red and bloody, and the hair on the whole body was upright. An angry roar smashed half of the hole with a punch, and the body was facing the sea fire at a speed several times faster than before. Lotus rushed away.

At this time, the huge body of Hell Dragon Python had floated up from the magma lake, and the huge body almost occupied the small half of the magma lake, and the tail, which did not know how many lengths, was gently rolled, the sea fire firefly Disk up.


Mo Ape's claws were like hooks, and he grabbed fiercely toward the tail of Hell Dragon Python.

Although **** dragon python is powerful, but its body is too big, it is impossible to have strong defense everywhere.

Mo Ape's claws easily tore the tail of Hell's Dragon Python, and a large piece of blood spewed out like a fountain. The whole body of the painful Hell's Dragon trembled violently, and the underground magma lake was suddenly violent.

Hell Dragon Python can no longer care about the guardian of the sea fire lotus, and the tail slams back and forth, forcing the Mopi to retreat again and again, and the three huge heads have also turned around at this time, launching a fierce attack on Mopi.

Despite its huge body, Hell Dragon Python is a real eighth-order beast, but for a time it was unable to help the flexible ape, and the two guys quickly launched a fierce battle in the underground magma lake.

Zhao Yuande and the two took advantage of the energy of the **** dragon python to concentrate on the ape, quietly shuttled around the shore, and soon came to the other side of the underground magma lake.

Although this side was also affected by the two guys, the storm was much smaller.

"You're waiting here, I'll fetch the Youhai Fire Lotus." Zhao Yuande glanced at the distant battle, and he hadn't got a win or lose for the time being, decided to take advantage of it now!

"No! I want to go with you!" Shui Jukong's attitude was firm.

"Obey, I'm afraid I'll be distracted if you go." Zhao Yuande couldn't, but could only discuss carefully.

"Then... be careful." Shui Juekong never insisted on hearing his words, and there was a hint of joy on his face. It was a sweet feeling from the heart.