Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 215

Chapter 215: Advance And Retreat

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Zhao Yuande had a green lotus fire, completely ignoring the flames in the magma lake. He quietly dived into the magma lake and approached the sea fire fire below the lake.

The journey was very smooth. He has dived to the front, and now he can hold the Youhai Fire Lotus in his hand just by reaching out.

But he didn't dare to move at this time, because he found that a pair of eyes were slowly opening in the magma lake.

This is a pair of yin and yang eyes. There are red and black colors in the eyes. The red eyes are full of endless killing, and the black eyes are all ancient vicissitudes.

With the opening of these eyes, a wild and fierce breath swept across the entire magma lake, and now the **** dragon python and the black ape fighting on the other side of the magma lake felt this breath, and they scared the whole body for a while. Shivering violently, he dared not fight anymore, but looked at this direction in horror.


Suddenly there was a terrible roar under the magma lake. The masters of the eyes seemed to be unwillingly roared. The whole magma lake boiled instantly. Zhao Yuande watched with horror as the eyes kept approaching and his body jumped out. After entering the magma lake, came into the air.


The sound of water rumbling, a head larger than the Hell Dragon Python slowly lifted from the magma lake, and the sea-fire firefly actually grew on a single horn of this head!

"Who disturbed my deep sleep, who coveted my treasure!" The head opened his mouth and his voice rumbled, shaking the entire underground world.

Zhao Yuande was stunned by the voice shaking for a while, and the water on the shore was so empty at the moment, a big sip of blood spewed out of his mouth, and the whole person suddenly languished.

She packed it out of the entrance of the Elixir of Medicine. At the same time, she also showed an ancient yellow spell in her hand. She looked at Zhao Yuande and then the huge head. After biting her teeth, she was still facing Zhao Yuande. Washed away.

At this time, Hell Dragon Python lay prostrate on the ground, and a whining voice appeared in his mouth, as if to state what happened here.

"Waste, it's really waste! Since you are so incompetent, I want you to use for nothing!" The head looked at the Hell Dragon Python in anger, and suddenly a blood gleamed in the blood.

Hell Dragon Python dare not evade at all, let the blood shine on himself, blood light is like a huge transmission channel, directly connecting the two.


The huge hell-dragon python seemed to be a suffocated balloon, just for a few moments, and the terrifying and terrible existence was sucked away all the essence of qi and blood in the body, leaving only a leather shop In the lava lake.


The ape in the air shook the whole body, and no longer dared to think much, and turned to escape!

But at this time, the huge head didn't seem to pay attention to the Mo Ape. The Mo Ape's figure disappeared in the passage not far away.

"Goodong!" Zhao Yuande swallowed a spit, how strong this guy is!

Anyway, his identification technique was thrown on this guy as a series of question marks.

"Quick! Come here!" Zhao Yuande suddenly heard that the water by the lake was running and waving at himself while running.

He saw that Shui Juekong not only did not escape at this time, but was rushing towards himself, inexplicably feeling a touch of emotion in his heart.


Zhao Yuande suddenly heard a sound of metal friction at this moment. He took a closer look and found that the huge head was actually rising. The body below did not know how big the body was slowly breaking free from the magma lake.

This guy's limbs and neck are locked by thick metal chains, and these metal chains don't know where they are fixed. The guy's body tightens every time the chain rises.

This guy's appearance is actually similar to that of ordinary people, except that there is a huge single horn on his forehead. His body is majestic but slender, and he has a pair of huge **** bones locked by iron chains on his back. wing.

Although the flesh and blood on the bone wings are all rotten, but the white bones are crystal clear, as if they were polished from heaven, and they can temper the bones to such a degree, how strong can this guy be? Zhao Yuande dare not imagine.

The breath from this guy was no weaker than the horn that brought him back from the extreme north, and it was even stronger.

At this time, he did not know how many years he was locked here. Can he compete with the fairy in his heyday?

He did not expect that such a terrible existence was still suppressed in this **** ruin. Why has never heard such news in his previous life?

If this kind of existence is able to move freely, I am afraid that it can kill all the creatures in the **** ruins in an instant.

Although Zhao Yuande had been observing this terrible existence, he did not stop at his feet, and soon merged with Shui Jukong.

"Why are you taking this risk!" Zhao Yuande looked at the girl's red face and couldn't help but ask.

"We said at the outset that we should advance together and retreat. It is impossible for others to leave you and run away." Shui Juekong answered naturally, but this answer is like a key, slowly opening his heart.

A girl who keeps promises, values feelings, and has a limit can be forgiven even if there are so many bad things!

At this time, he thought of Jiang Tianyue. Although the woman had a bright appearance but was inferior in her bones, the two were so different from the rest.

"Roar! Roar!"

Just when Zhao Yuande was in a state of mind, suddenly the big guy began to growl in anger, the metal chain that locked him had been pulled to the head, and his body only came out less than a third.

Regardless of how he is struggling, those metal chains are pulled and there is no way to increase the score by one more point.


The big guy is already a little crazy at this time, constantly tearing the metal chains, and a pair of eyes are constantly spraying various colors of flames, breaking the burning fragmentation of the entire underground world.

The big guy struggled for a dozen breaths, and finally calmed down.

"Thunder Prison Family! You have sealed my infinite years, and one day I will rush out and destroy you!" The voice of the big guy is full of endless cold, hatred and helplessness.

But this passage did make Zhao Yuande hear something.

This big guy is the seal of the Thunder Priest Family, which is known as the first family of the East Emperor Great World. The Thunder Priest Family is known as the guardian of the East Emperor Great World. Only a few days ago he saw a strong Thunder Priest family. The drove away the invaders of the glorious world, the strength of this strong man is almost comparable to the fairy.

The seals of this family are definitely all evil, and it seems that this big guy must have been cholera before.