Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 218

Chapter 218: Jedi

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"If you want the sea fire lotus, just come true! Today I will let you know what it means to be an undead body!" Zhao Yuande thundered with both fists and rushed towards the shadows. His eyes were angry, and today he will be See if you can blow up the ink ape in front of you with your undead body.

"His!" Mo Yan is also staring at Han Mang, rushing towards Zhao Yuande like lightning.

This is where a great war begins.

Although Zhao Yuande is at a lower level, his speed is one point lower than that of Mo Ape, and his body is almost the same as his opponent, but he has an undead body. As long as Mo Ape does not scatter him and divide his body, he can recover instantly. All injuries.

The Mo Ape is fast and the attack is powerful. The only thing that is not as good as Zhao Yuande is the resilience and endurance. If it can kill Zhao Yuande when it is unexpected, it will be bad for it if it is dragged into a protracted war.

It turned out to be the same as expected. One person and one beast were fighting desperately in the ice cave. Their attack was simple and powerful, and each time left a scar on the other person's body.

However, Zhao Yuandes undead body played a huge role. Not only did blink recovery put himself in the peak state, but also caused huge psychological pressure on the Mopi. Seeing that his attack could not play any role, Momo had an undesirable effect. feel.

Mo Ape is a very clever beast, its wisdom is no less than that of ordinary people, and soon it is seen that there is no hope to recapture the Youhai Fire Lotus, and he stares at Zhao Yuande bitterly, no longer entangles with him, and jumps into the air. He flew towards the big hole where the sunlight fell.

Just when Mo Pi flew to the entrance of the cave and wanted to rush out of the ice cave from here, he suddenly blocked the sun that had fallen down.

"court death!"

An angry roar sounded from the huge ice cube, and an illusory big hand protruded from the ice cube, grasping it firmly in the hand with a grasp at the Mopi.


Mo Ape screamed to the extreme in the hands of the unreal.

But this big hand just squeezed so hard, the Mopi was directly squeezed into a piece of blood mud, dripping down the fingers of the unreal big hand, and dripping in front of Zhao Yuande.

"I rely on! What the **** is this?" Zhao Yuande stepped back and forth in horror, which really shocked him. This big hand even squeezed the Mopi directly, what would his fate be like?

"You dare to disturb my deep sleep, your ending will be the same as that of the ape!" The illusory big hand could not help but slowly point to Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande felt like he was now an ant under the feet of an elephant. No matter how he resisted, he could not resist the power of this illusory big hand, which was far beyond his previous life.

He was a little puzzled, obviously in the secret realm of an emperor, why are there so many terrible existences hidden, is it really like the existence said, he has formed a causality with him when he got the sea fire lotus? The causal cycle is so fast!

"What should I do? Do I have to die here?" Zhao Yuande is full of big men. He is unwilling. He has just cultivated to this level and found the girl he likes. The prospect is infinitely beautiful. How can he die in this place!

He was thinking of ways to fight, but after thinking about it, he couldn't find a way to fight this powerful force.

Immortal? Just kidding, I'm afraid I can't get enough of my two dross to continue with this finger. Open the sky? My own strength has just been able to break through the void, and the contrast with this finger is simply that the ants want to shake the dragon.

What kind of defensive spirit treasure do you have? The Copper Furnace is a broken real spirit world. Under this finger, I am afraid that it will be wiped out.

The chaotic sky seal? Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of the chaotic Tianyin. At this time, he wanted to communicate this innate spirit treasure, but found that he could not communicate at all. The other party seemed to cut off the contact with himself directly!

This is a fairy corpse!

Suddenly, Zhao Yuande saw the fairy corpse in the space of the copper furnace, but no surprise appeared on his face.

But in an instant, he felt his lips bitter again. To urge the fairy corpse, he needs to use his own soul to stay in the sea of fairy corpses. Although he has the spirit of a world powerful, but if he invests in the sea of fairy corpses, I lost the soul of my own body and only a little real spirit remains. If the fairy corpse can't resist himself, it will really be over!

But this is the only way, he has no choice, but fortunately, the speed of the other party's finger is extremely slow, and has given him enough time.

His cultivation at this time has entered the Lingtai pregnancy divine realm, and is nurturing the second divine soul in the sea of consciousness. If the second divine soul is successfully nurtured, he will have two divine souls. Reached the extreme state of Lingtai's pregnancy.

And now it is a test for him. He sends the first spirit into the fairy corpse, leaving a little real spirit to control and nurture the second spirit within the body, and then he resists the attack of that finger with the body of the fairy corpse.

The power of the fairy corpse, there is no way to destroy in this world, so he will not die anyway.

However, the soul entered the fairy corpse, it has never been experimented before, and no one can guarantee that there is no danger or abnormal state.

"put all one's eggs in one basket!"

Zhao Yuande no longer hesitated, injecting the soul into the fairy corpse directly.

Things were smoother than he had imagined. His soul instantly occupied the sea of knowledge of the fairy corpse, and he gently moved his hands and feet. Zhao Yuande suddenly felt an unspeakable power pouring into his heart. He felt that as long as he himself Willing, even a punch can blow the entire world of the East Emperor.

"No..." Zhao Yuande was suddenly shocked to find that the soul that occupied the immortal corpse seemed to be lost in this vast expanse of sea-seeking species, and he couldn't find a way to leave at all, which made him almost mad!

Fairy corpse's knowledge of the sea is too broad, and it is many times wider than Zhao Yuande's previous life. His spirit is like a little worm entering a vast ocean and lost in it!

What can this be done!

Zhao Yuande feels that he is going crazy. If the soul can only stay in this fairy body, then he can play big hair. Not only will his own practice be hindered, but also if his own soul cannot control the knowledge of the fairy corpse. I am afraid that the sea will be assimilated and become part of the sea.

Perhaps only after the cultivation of the Second Soul Soul, using the subtle connection between the Second Soul Soul and the Soul Soul in the fairy corpse, can his Soul Soul find a way back!

But now that this is the case, he has temporarily broken the ship.

The fairy corpse rushed out of the copper furnace world, throwing Zhao Yuande's flesh into it. All the babies on Zhao Yuande's body were captured by the fairy corpse. Now the fairy corpse is Zhao Yuande, and Zhao Yuande has fallen into endless cultivation at this moment, unable to cultivate. He will never wake up after the second soul!

Zhao Yuande stretched his lower body and punched his fist towards the pointy finger.


The fist and fingers hit together, and there was a tremendous loud noise. The entire ice cave collapsed in an instant. I dont know that the majestic giant mountain of thousands of feet directly split into two halves. Zhao Yuande and the huge ice block skyrocketed at the same time. .