Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 219

Chapter 219: I Just Want To Cry In Pain

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Zhao Yuande felt that after the punch, he seemed to have consumed a huge amount of energy. The spirits felt a turmoil. It seems that this body is too strong. If you want to drive, it will consume a lot of power.

"This is... fairy corpse!" There was a shocked voice in the ice cube, "I was surprised that you were hiding a fairy corpse!"

"Don't talk nonsense, today we will come to an end!" Zhao Yuande suddenly found himself talking softly, as if the spring water was knocking on the pebbles, and it was as if the wind was blowing the leaves and shaking...

He just remembered that his body was the body of a fairy. The two heavy groups on his chest made him extremely uncomfortable, and what made him crazy was that he clearly felt everything a woman had. It is ridiculously ridiculous and has a truly authentic experience.

I rely on! Zhao Yuande almost scolded directly.

"Forget it, I can't break the fairy corpse, let's go!" Bingbing confronted him for a while, but came out a reply that made Zhao Yuande almost crazy.

"I...I..." Zhao Yuande really wanted to scold his mother. The other party forced him to this step. Who knows that when he turned around and left, he only left Zhao Yuande who was helpless and wanted to mourn and mourn.

What is most depressing at this time is that his soul cannot be used, and even the storage space cannot be opened, which is even worse!

"Hey! Let's do this first! Anyway, the fairy corpse is basically invincible in this world. Even if you can only walk, you don't have to worry about being harmed. Trapped inside, I don't know if she will be anxious!

Forget it, Im overwhelmed, so think about what I should do next!

If you want to open up the storage space and the copper furnace world, the best way is to find someone you trust, such as Ji Yuling, Zhu Luan or Heifeng.

Now that I am close to the day when the temple opened, it is better to go to the temple first, wait for the final screening, and then put some water in the screening casually, and forget the **** ruins.

Just go out and search for them, open the copper furnace world, put your body and water out, and then find a quiet place to wait for the birth of the second soul of the body, then it's easy to deal with.

Although he is currently stationed in the fairy corpse, he needs to consume a lot of power of the gods to urge the fairy corpse to fight or fly.

His divine soul power is now like rootless water. There is no way to cultivate it by himself. Now it is completely consumed, so he can only temporarily control the running of the fairy corpse.

However, even ordinary running is much faster than Zhao Yuande's previous full-speed gallop. One step is a distance of thousands of kilometers. The physical body can be so powerful, which makes Zhao Yuande full of longing for future practice.

An hour later, Zhao Yuande had stepped out of the ice field and appeared in front of a vast forest.

This is Luo Xing Forest, only a short distance from the temple.

Zhao Yuande recognized the location of the forest, where traces of practitioners can be seen everywhere, and he gradually slowed down.

Just when Zhao Yuande was bored, a few people suddenly came out of the forest not far away. One of the young men was handsome and unrestrained. When he saw Zhao Yuande's eyes lit up, he came forward, and he smiled and beat Zhao Yuande. Greet,

"Hey! Sister, are you alone?"

Yao Qianshan!

As soon as Zhao Yuande looked at this guy, he was suddenly happy. This guy lost his bet and lost four hearts to himself, and he is still in the world of the copper furnace.

The look in this guy's eyes means something to me, and today I will let him take some lessons.

"Well! The little girl is just a person, don't you know what's wrong with the elder brother?" Zhao Yuande pretended to be naive and looked at Yao Qianshan curiously.

"Ah, mother!" Yao Qianshan was almost hooked by Zhao Yuande. He vowed that he had never seen such a perfect woman in his life. He felt that he had found the ultimate goal of life in an instant!

"I don't know which school's disciple Shimei is?" Yao Qianshan took the most handsome expression he felt, smiled at Zhao Yuande, and almost made Zhao Yuande vomit!

"Little sister Zhao Yixin is a loose repairer, don't you know the senior name of Brother Gao?" Zhao Yuande gave the fairy corpse a name called Yixin.

"Sister-in-law, I am Yao's Yao Qianshan!" Yao Qianshan held his head tall and his handsome face even showed an arrogant expression at the right time. Usually, the little girl was already overturned by the lost soul, but at the moment he was facing Zhao Yuande.

"Yao family? I have never heard of it, maybe I am ignorant!" Facing a man scratching his head, it would be nice for Zhao Yuande to hold back and not vomit, he could not do that kind of ecstasy, or incomparable The expression of worship can only bear the grief and pretend not to know.

"Oh! Our Yao family is one of the four big families. Nobody dares to give me Yao Qianshan's face in the entire world of the East Emperor!" Yao Qianshan couldn't help but feel that he had failed to install X. He continued to add, "If the sister is Without a companion, you can form a team with me. I have four strong yin and yang powerhouses to protect you and ensure that you can safely walk out of the **** market!"

"Thank you, Brother Yao!" Zhao Yuande agreed to the other party's invitation.

Yao Qianshan was trembling with excitement, long lived in his heart.

Zhao Yuande and Yao Qianshan walked all the way to the shrine. In front of the shrine, there was a small gathering point spontaneously organized by the cultivators, where the cultivators traded, and disciples of major chambers of commerce built a temporary one in each. Shops.

"Brother Yao, I think there seems to be a gathering point over there. Let's go over and look at it!" Zhao Yuande suddenly smiled when he saw the gathering point.

"Okay! Let's go in!" Yao Qianshan was overjoyed, and along the way, the dedicated sister had always been detached from him, and he had never had the opportunity to please her. If he was fancy in the gathering point, he would wave his big hand, maybe the other side You will feel good about yourself.

You have to know that he is the heir of the four big families. I dont know how many girls are rushing to post him on weekdays. He really has no experience in pursuing girls. Now, Zhao Yuande is so confused that I dont know how to get each other. Favor.

"Sister-in-a-mind! Let's do it directly if you like, and all the expenses will be paid for by you, brother and sister!" Yao Qianshan took a big bag and showed his pride in his face.

"Really?" Zhao Yuande's eyes were sparkling, like the stars at night, which were full of excitement, and Yao Qianshan watched his chest pat!

"It's more real than real money! Teacher and sister, don't be polite to me!"

"This golden-winged butterfly is so beautiful!"


"This is a phoenix carving, its feathers are really beautiful!"


"This... this is a seventh-order elixir binding spirit fruit!"

"Buy... bought!"

"this is"

"I bought..."

Down the road, Yao Qianshan almost squandered the spirit jade on his body.