Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Start

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"Li Rushuang! Chen Tianchao! The two of you come up." Luo Jingtian glanced at the black crowds under the stage, and the power of the sea shook the whole space. His voice suddenly suppressed the countless arguments in the audience.

His voice seemed to have a certain power, so that people could not give birth to disobedience.

Two figures jumped to the high platform at the same time, a white dress is as beautiful as snow, and a heroic and handsome face was handsome and elegant. It was Li Rushuang and Chen Tianchao,

Facing the three powerful yin and yang powerhouses, Li Rushuang was obviously a little nervous. She walked a little timidly to the trio.

"Rushuang has seen three seniors!"

At this time, Chen Tianchao seemed to be as if he had changed a few days ago. The whole person was full of self-confidence, and he was in a hurry to salute.

Zhao Yuande had already come to the audience at this time. He could not help seeing Chen Tianchao's current state. The other party had entered the mid-term of the blood-sea god.

It is not a simple matter to promote two small realms at the same time. There must be some kind of unknown secret in the other family.

"Li Rushuang, come here!" Luo Jingtian waved to Li Rushuang.

He had long found the Li family and secretly told Li Rushuang that this time the apprentice would enter his camp.

"What! Xuanyin's body!" Wei Chifeng saw Li Rushuang's physique clearly. His eyes were bigger than the bull's eyes. He kicked the table in front of him with a kick and stood up. "Luo Jingtian, this My baby girl, my suzerain, is on the pulse, and you can open whatever you want!"

"Xuanyin's body?" Leng Cuiyun was also full of surprise, but after the shock, she also knew that she was not qualified to compete with these two fierce men, and simply sat on the hill to watch the tiger.

"Do you think I would be so stupid?" Luo Jingtian glanced at We Chifeng, and a sneer appeared in the corner of his mouth.

"Hey! If I knew this errand, I would take it away!" Yu Chifeng sat down and returned to his position, and the regretful intestines were all green.

He was originally responsible for the matter of accepting the apprentices in the Heavenly Fire City, but he was too troublesome to refuse it, but he did not expect a mysterious body to appear today!

There was a sigh in his heart, and he couldn't go back without drowning himself.

"Come on!" Luo Jingtian waved to Li Rushuang.

Li Rushuang came to Luo Jingtian, gave a gift and then walked quietly to stand behind him.

Li Rushuang has been selected, leaving Chen Tianchao standing in the middle of the stage.

The remaining three people all cast their eyes on him.

"Eh, the body of the water spirit, and the cultivation base has reached the mid-term of the blood-sea god! How old are you, kid?" Wei Chifeng looked at Chen Tianchao with some joy, and thought this kid looked good.

"Back to the senior, the junior is nineteen years old this year!" Chen Tianchao replied cautiously.

"Well, it's not bad! You..." Yu Chifeng just wanted to say the following, but heard an indifferent voice in his ear.

"Wei Chifeng, don't say I didn't remind you, you should still keep your hands on this kid, otherwise you will regret it in the future!"

Wei Chifeng turned his head and looked at Luo Jingtian in surprise, knowing that although the other party did not deal with him because of his elder brother, but by virtue of the other party's character, he would never do anything that would harm others.

He hesitated a little, and Leng Cuiyun, who was sitting on the side, followed this opportunity and beckoned towards Chen Tianchao: "Little handsome boy, come! Come to my side!"

Chen Tianchao was slightly surprised, but still obediently walked towards Leng Cuiyun.

"Huh, good, good!" Leng Cuiyun looked at Chen Tianchao up and down, nodded with satisfaction, "Chen Tianchao! Come on, stand behind me!"

When Chen Tianchao stood still, Leng Cuiyun lost a charming eye toward Wei Chifeng provocatively.

"Humph!" Wei Chifeng snorted coldly, showing a sneer in the corner of his mouth.

"Since both seeds have their homes, the first screening will begin next! All those over the age of 20, who are cultivated to be less than blood and blood, please retreat consciously!"

As soon as this statement came out, all the people who watched the excitement stepped back very consciously and let out a large open space.

Thousands of young people still remain in front of the high platform. They all look forward to watching the four real people on the high platform, expecting them to see themselves and become real disciples.

"The next screen is the second screening. From this, we travel 300 miles west into the wild ancient mountain. There is a magic cloud mountain in the ancient mountain. Someone will wait for you at the top of the mountain! He will choose one hundred of you to become the fire cloud. Zong's official disciple!"

"What? Quite wild ancient mountains! Moyun Mountain!" The sound just fell, and the sound of a sudden burst below the pot.

"There are fourth-order fierce beasts in the wild ancient mountains! Especially the Devil Cloud Mountain, even the strong man of the Lingtai Pregnancy God dare not dabble easily! Is this not letting us find death?"

"Yeah, I protest!" Someone responded suddenly.

They did not expect a screening, it would be dangerous to this extent.

"Practitioners want to be strong, they must stand up against the sky, and you must not have this guts, don't join me!" Luo Jingtian looked calmly at the many young people who were clamoring below, couldn't help but give birth to the heart Contemptuously, continue, "This time the admission is all voluntary, if you are afraid of death, you can withdraw completely!"

He suddenly remembered the figure of the young man who had entered the Zhou family alone. This time it was enough to just receive him!

Most of the young people on the stage looked ugly. This is the best chance to take a step into the sky. After losing this opportunity, most of them have no chance to participate in the second time.

Probably hundreds of people still left reluctantly, some of them are still young, and some do not want to die here.

"The time limit is three days, there are no rules, let's go now!"

As soon as this remark came out, everyone scrambled towards the destination.

Zhao Yuande is naturally also a member of these people. He followed behind these people at a slow speed, but his heart was full of yearnings for the next road.

There is a secret place in the wild ancient mountains waiting for him to open. It was by this secret place that he gradually rose in the last life, pushing it all the way, invincible to the younger generation.

And there are big secrets in the secret area, because his cultivation practice was too low at the beginning, and finally gave up helplessly.

When he became a master, and when he went again, the secret place disappeared out of thin air, as if it had never existed.

Even if he finally achieved the position of God Emperor, he had never wanted to understand why?

"Brother Wei Chi, this trip will trouble you!" Luo Jingtian glanced at Wei Chifeng lightly, and then turned his eyes to Leng Cuiyun Road, "As for Sister, I will wait here with me for the final news. Right!"

Yu Chifeng was stunned for a while, but he immediately grinned. To know who can go to Moyun Mountain, it means who can contact those outstanding teenagers in advance.

Although Leng Cuiyun didn't want a hundred in her heart, she also knew that the only one among the three was Chifeng, who had no gains, and this trip to America should fall on him.

Although the younger brother of the Seventh Division did not deal with Wei Chifeng, he was always fair, even if he had opinions, he was useless.

They are all cultivators, and the speed is incredible. However, in just a few cups of tea, nearly a thousand people disappeared on the horizon.

When he left the sight of the three powerful men, Zhao Yuande's speed also began to accelerate. The three-day period was very short. He didn't want to delay the plan he had set in advance because of the secret place.