Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 220

Chapter 220: Fox Family Fox Evergreen

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That was... Zhao Yuande suddenly saw a woman in white, not far away. This woman was graceful and beautiful in appearance. The most attractive thing was that his cultivation became strong, and he had reached the late stage of Lingtai's pregnancy. Zhao Yuande saw the first person who ascended after entering the **** market.

"Fu Wanqing, one of the three saints of the demon clan, the late stage of Lingtai's pregnancy, the six-tailed demon fox... intermediate-level ingredients, matching the recipe of "soul", which can sublimate the consciousness of the cultivator and instantly form the soul, ingredients List..."

It turned out to be her? She also came here, but this is one of the three geniuses of the demon clan, and it is likely to be recognized by the temple spirit of the demon clan. If today, if she does not use Yao Qianshan to get rid of her, she will grow into a human cultivator Confidant.

In fact, if it is other demon clan, Zhao Yuande does not have the determination to shoot, because this fox clan is the backbone of the demon clan, their wisdom is not under humanity at all, this time the underground demon clan rushed out of the underground world with the death of the golden pupil demon prince It is from this demon clan to make suggestions.

If there is no such thing, Zhao Yuande's master will not die unclearly under the power of the demon clan.

So even if Zhao Yuande didn't hate all the demon clan, he would hate the fox clan.

He saw Hu Wanqing, one of the three saints of the demon clan, holding a peculiar jade fan in his chest, and the light flashed in his eyes.

"Sancai streamer fan, acquired spirit treasure, can fan three-color flames, cast three kinds of bans, and cannot become ingredients!"

It turned out to be this baby, which was obtained by Hu Wanqing.

He took two quick steps, and his speed suddenly increased to an incredible level.

Hu Wanqing can only see a shadow flickering, and a beautiful girl who appears as a fairy mortal appears in front of her.

Suddenly, she found that the jade fan in her arms was gone, and looked over and over with excitement held by the girl in her hand.

"Girl, this is my thing, can you give it back to me after you have seen it?" Hu Wanqing was shocked at this time. With her current cultivation as her strength, even a strong field cannot So easy to take things away from their own hands.

She couldn't see what kind of cultivation practice this girl who was even more beautiful than herself.

"I like this thing, how much money to ask him to ask for!" Zhao Yuande turned and pointed to Yao Qianshan behind him.

"You..." Hu Wanqing stunned, turned his head to look at Yao Qianshan, his face was not very good, "Your friend grabbed my things for no reason, and said you will pay."

"Sorry, this lady you wait." Yao Qianshan embarrassedly smiled at Hu Wanqing, and hurriedly ran to Zhao Yuande with some complaints. "Sister Yixin, this is someone else's thing, please return it to someone else!"

"Senior brother, did you say you paid for anything I liked?" Zhao Yuande pretended to be surprised. "Don't the elder brother talk about it?"

"You...this...sister, you are not for sale!" Yao Qianshan's face was blue and white, and he wanted to shake his head away, but he couldn't bear the beauty that made him so emotional.

"Brother, actually I know, but this woman is only a demon fox. It is one of the three sages of the demon clan, Hu Wanqing!" Zhao Yuande approached Yao Qianshan and spoke the news gently in his ear.

Yao Qianshan only felt that Wen Xiangneu was blowing gently in his ear. He was just a little bit like a horse, but when he heard the name of Wanqing, the three great female foxes of the demon clan, his glasses suddenly glared!

"Sister Yixin, you may confirm this?" Yao Qianshan thought of countless possibilities in an instant, and his eyes suddenly became cold. Now he only needs to confirm that this is really one of the three sage girls of the demon race, and he will certainly not hesitate. Hands on.

"It's true that she used to pass by our Skyfire City. I saw the demon clan trembling in front of her. I heard the demon clan calling her a sacred girl!" Zhao Yuande was very sure because the appraisal technique had never appeared before. error.

Hu Wanqing just got this treasure and was full of joy, but he couldn't put it in the storage space.

At this time, they received a voice from the undead Ninth Prince, saying that they found a secret place to invite her to explore together. She came here to wait for the undead Ninth Prince.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she entered the gathering place, the treasure in her hand was taken away, and the reason was extremely strange. She wanted to **** it back from the opponent, but she felt that she had no chance of winning.

However, he saw that the man he was looking for was actually Yao Qianshan of the Yao family. He suddenly had a little more hope in his heart. Humans are very face-saving, especially the super power of the Yao family, and still in this In a large audience, if you are forced by morals, you can't do wonders.

"Like fellows, this is the place where my monks traded together. Someone here robbed other people's property for no reason, and the reason is so grand, do you really condone this kind of thing?" Hu Wanqing himself The demon clan has a very good talent for performing, especially with her gorgeous appearance, many people responded immediately.

"Hand over this lady's things, the gathering place must not be so unscrupulous!"

"Who stole your stuff, you say this lady, our brother will make the decision for you!"

"Yes, let the other party apologize and show sincerity!"

"This kind of person simply kills directly, and saves others to harm others!"

"Who stood up for me!"

"stand out"

Everyone said more and more excited, and finally attracted a lot of emotions.

At this moment everyone looked at Hu Wanqing and wanted her to point out this lawless character.

Zhao Yuande danced the fan in his hand a few times, and felt comfortable. Although he couldn't excite three kinds of magical fire and three kinds of forbidden laws, he could use it as a good weapon just because of the firmness of the fan.

"Sister Fox, do you really want this fan?" Zhao Yuande looked at Hu Wanqing with a smile.

" do you know me..." Hu Wanqing just wanted to nod, but she froze in an instant, and the other party clearly knew her identity.

In the outside world, at this time, the human race and the demon race are jointly resisting the attack of the exotic strongman. Her name says that it is one of the three virgins of the demon race. Even if a human race world powerful person should sell her some face ,

But here, in the Divine Ruins, if her true identity is really exposed, I am afraid that it is the siege of countless practitioners on himself. Even if he is strong, he can't resist the so many geniuses of the Eastern World. !

"You said that?" Zhao Yuande looked at her with a slight smile, and even Xian's smile couldn't help but even a fox girl like Hu Wanqing. The beauty was beyond her imagination, giving her a sense of self-sufficiency.

Not only Hu Wanqing, but all the practitioners who saw this laugh fell into stagnation at this moment. They were instantly lost in this smile and could not wake up.

"Do not do it yet!" Zhao Yuande gently waved at Yao Qianshan behind him.

"Give me up, cut this demon girl!" Yao Qianshan shouted loudly, and the four strong men of yin and yang all rushed up immediately behind him, encircling the Hu Wanqing regiment, decisively, and ruthlessly. .

"Everyone listens well, this is Hu Wanqing, one of the three great saints of the demon clan. If anyone can help me win her, my Yao family will have a reward!" Yao Qianshan waved his arms and shook his voice, and the whole gathered Everyone in the world heard this voice.

"What! There is a demon clan, or one of the three virgins!" Everyone at this moment, all fought against the enemy, and all came in this direction.

"Yao family's reward! You work hard! If we can join the Yao family, we will be developed!"

"Catch this demon girl!"

"Join together to form a big net, don't let this demon run away!"