Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 221

Chapter 221: Deliberately

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Only for a moment, the word Demon Clan temporarily united everyone.

This time, the demon raced out of the underground world, burned and looted, and robbed the territory. All major families and all major factions were sent to the front to fight the demon. I dont know how many people died in the hands of the demon, so when people know It is disappointing and sad that the human and the demon alliance fight against the alien invasion, but no matter how the human and the demon fight, it is also a battle within the Eastern World. As long as there are aliens, the union of the two tribes is also an inevitable trend.

Although human beings are united with the demon clan, they know that they will still fight life and death sooner or later. Although they will not tolerate it in the outside world, but in the **** ruins, if there is a demon clan, the only result is to attack together.

Although Hu Wanqing is powerful and unparalleled in genius, it is one of the three great geniuses of the demon clan. However, in the face of so many human clan cultivators, she only surrendered her weapon and surrendered.

Because she heard that the other party wanted to catch herself alive, and that is the super family of the Yao family, she felt that she could be alive instead of being caught.

Things are really as she imagined, the Yao family took her in the hands and made a big deal with the demon clan, and got many initiatives during the alien confrontation, but after returning to the demon clan, she became alive, but became The demon clan joins the chess pieces of Nanhai Jianyu and marries an old antique in Nanhai Jianyu.

These are all afterwords, so I won't say much!

"Thank you, my sister, just now!" Yao Qianshan came to Zhao Yuande to express his gratitude.

"Don't thank me, I'm also a human race, as long as my brother takes me for a while!" Zhao Yuande smiled very mysteriously, and turned Yao Qianshan's soul upside down again.

All the practitioners at the meeting point knew Yao Qianshan and Zhao Yuande at this time, and they were kind to them. Zhao Yuande went around and found nothing worth shooting, and couldn't help but feel a bit boring.

But at this moment, suddenly a melodious bell came from the direction of the temple.

Suddenly everyone packed their things at this moment and swarmed towards the temple.

"It's time for the temple to open, and it seems that we will be out soon!"

"Although I didn't get any big chances in this market, but I earned a lot of elixir and spirit materials, going back to the family will definitely let me enter the Budo Pavilion to choose the strongest magical power!"

"I got a baby this time. I estimate that it is worth at least tens of millions of middle-grade Lingyu!"

"Miss Simon is waiting for me, and I will pick you up with colorful clouds!"


Zhao Yuande was surrounded by Yao Qianshan and several strong men in a combination of yin and yang, and soon came to the temple.

At this time, there were already many people in front of the temple, and countless geniuses of the Eastern Emperor and Great World gathered here, waiting for the final treasure of the **** ruins to open.

"That guy is also here!" Yao Qianshan saw a shock in the face of a crowd not far away.

The man was dressed in white, and his body was as straight as a gun. A long sword flew up and down like a naughty child.

"Jian Jiuxiao, the heir to the family of the **** sword, the body of the sword spirit... intermediate ingredients, matching the recipe "sword bone", let a cultivator have the sword bone... list of ingredients..."

"Jian Jiuxiao? You already have the first-level sword intention, which is a good genius!" Zhao Yuande's voice was very soft, but it spread far away.

"Sister-in-law, this one is not so annoying. If he is outside, he still fears the strength of my Yao family, but here I can't deter him!" Yao Qianshan looked at Zhao Yuande with a bitter face. He found the woman's beauty and trouble. Ability is proportional.

"Senior brother, you are a disciple of the Yao family, are you still afraid of an area of sword Jiuxiao? I'm wrong about you!" Zhao Yuande apparently deliberately provoked.

Yao Qianshan's face was blue and white, but the last one gritted his teeth: "Sister Sister said well, although the sword Jiuxiao is strong, but it may not be able to beat me. My Yao's disciple is never weaker than others. If he doesn't come, it's true. Dare to come to find the trouble of the sister, brother I will take your place!"

"Okay! This is Brother Yao in my heart!" Zhao Yuande applauded, but sneered in his heart.

Yao Qianshan, if you want to be a master, you have to pay some price.

Zhao Yuande was deliberate. Although this sword Jiuxiao was very talented, he was arrogant. He was almost killed by this guy in the **** ruins in the last life. He didn't meet him in this life, otherwise he would not be so lenient.

But it's not too late to see it now. With the arrogant temper of the other party, I'm afraid I will find myself directly.

He was right, Jian Jiuxiao heard Zhao Yuande's words, and suddenly Jian Mei raised her eyebrows and strode in this direction.

"Did you evaluate me just now? What qualifications do you have to say this!" Jian Jiuxiao is arrogant and a sword madman. The sword is everything to him, and he disdains women!

"Jian Jiuxiao, she is my friend of Yao Qianshan, you can find me for anything!" Yao Qianshan stood upright, striding in front of Zhao Yuande, and frowned at Jian Jiuxiao.

"Oh! Looking for you? Can you pick it up?" The spirit sword around Jian Jiuxiao continued to shuttle around, cutting sharply in the void, and Sen Han's murderous intention enveloped hundreds of square feet. range.

The cultivators backed away around in a blink of an eye.

Everyone looked at the situation in the field without blinking, and there was some faint expectation in their hearts.

"Huh! Didn't you realize a hint of sword? It's amazing. The son also realized the mysterious meaning of Xuanwu Real Emperor. Your sword may not be able to break my defense!" Yao Qianshan shook his body. A huge Xuanwu phantom appeared above his head.

Jian Jiuxiao's face suddenly became dignified when he saw the phantom shadow behind Yao Qianshan!

The defense of Xuanwu Real Body is the first of all physiques. If the other party really understands the Xuanwu Real Royal Body, he cant really break his defense, and the other party is the Yao familys heir to the disciples, there must be hidden It has a strong hole card, and there are four yin and yang powerhouses in the side of the opponent who are watching.

This is greatly detrimental to yourself!

It was just a casual girl's casual remarks, how hard was she compared with her!

When Jian Jiuxiao had some dilemmas, he heard another voice.

"Cut, return the descendants of the Shenjian family, I think it's just a villain who looks ahead and looks down upon me!"

Looking at the situation, Zhao Yuande seemed to be unable to fight, and suddenly began to pour fuel on the fire!

Yao Qianshan's heart is bitter!

Grandma, can't you say a little less? I dont have a certainty to be able to beat the other party, and the opportunity to open the temple needs to be contested. If I am injured at this time, I can beat it.