Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 222

Chapter 222: This Sword Is Good

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Jian Jiuxiao's face was blue and white. Although he was an arrogant character, he could not allow others to judge himself, but that was the right person!

Those who are weaker than themselves can be crushed strongly, and those who are stronger than themselves can be treated with humility, and this kind of equalization is the most difficult to grasp. As Yao Qianshan thought, if the temple is opened, it is not what he wants to see if he is injured.

"Brother Yao, there is no hatred between us. This woman provokes the separation and wants us to lose both sides. She benefits from it and has bad intentions!" Jian Jiuxiao looked at Zhao Yuande's smiling smile.

"Really? If I want to benefit from it, do I still need to provoke separation?" Zhao Yuande walked slowly to Jian Jiuxiao in a graceful manner, reaching for the flying spirit sword and holding it in his hands.

The Spirit Sword really possessed spirituality. It was pinched in the hands by Zhao Yuande and suddenly began to struggle violently. A spur of awns flew randomly on the blade. Those terrible slashes that could kill the strong in Yin and Yang are in Jing Yuande. Jade's hands seemed to be mud bulls entering the sea, leaving no trace.

"This sword is good, I want it. Brother remember to help me pay the spirit stone!" Zhao Yuande happily left playing with the spirit sword, leaving only the silly sword Jiuxiao.

The eyes of all the people watching around this time will be staring out. Who is this man? Listening to her calling Yao Qianshan a brother, is it the genius demon who has been hidden by the Yao family?

At this time, not only did everyone froze, but even Yao Qianshan froze for a long time before slowing down. He looked at Zhao Yuande's figure inconceivably, and he felt that the girl was mysterious and unpredictable.

"My sword!" Jian Jiuxiao yelled and chased towards Zhao Yuande. He was panting like a cow and his face was as red as blood, as if he was being pulled away by someone at once, shame, red, angry and rushed to his head. .

"Brother, can't you still take him now?" Zhao Yuande turned his head and smiled at Yao Qianshan, "Don't let me be disappointed, sister!"

"Huhhhhhh!" Yao Qianshan was suddenly turned upset by Zhao Yuande's smile, panting like a cow, and almost screamed and rushed towards Jian Jiuxiao.

This is definitely a good opportunity. The opponent lost five points of the spirit sword combat power. If I defeated him at this time, although some of them took advantage, but it was still out that he defeated the opponent and made a big face for himself.

The two collided and started a terrifying battle. Jian Jiuxiao lost his spirit sword, and his attack power was greatly reduced. Yao Qianshan's Xuanwu true emperor's defense was amazing. Every attack was easily offset. Within a dozen breathing times, Jian Jiuxiao was attacked. Yao Qianshan flew with a punch, lying on the ground and spitting blood.

"Brother Jian, how is your injury?" Yao Qianshan walked forward happily, lifting Jian Jiuxiao up, and smirked.

"Yao Qianshan... I remember you!" Jian Jiuxiao almost vomited blood in a rage, looked at Zhao Yuande bitterly and turned to stagger away.

"Brother Jian walks slowly!" Yao Qianshan waved his hand.

"Brother how to thank me?" Zhao Yuande turned his head to look at Yao Qianshan. He couldn't help but sigh the boy's good luck, would he still charge him some interest in the future.

"As long as it is what the sister and sister wish, there is nothing wrong with it!" Yao Qianshan's chest snapped and his face was full of emotion.

"This is what Senior Brother said!" Zhao Yuande glanced at the other person, with a hint of ridicule in his words.

With a bang in Yao Qianshan's heart, he suddenly felt as if he had made a wrong decision.

"This sword Jiuxiao is abolished, the spirit sword was taken, and it was defeated, and it was humiliated and did not dare to speak out. His sword heart will be broken in the future. It will be ruined in the future! It's just cheap Qian Yaoshan." Qiu, this life report can be regarded as a breath.


The door of the temple opened, and a blue light emerged from it, turning into a slender old man.

The old man's hair is like a weed, and his face is full of wrinkles like a walnut skin. It looks like an immortal old man.

"Cough! You, the inheritance of His Majesty the Emperor has been opened, no matter who, as long as he can be recognized by the Emperor Palace, he is eligible to fight for the inheritance of the Emperor!" His void trembled, and almost the entire ruins of the gods shook his voice.

Numerous cultivators heard this voice, and suddenly their spirits were revived. There was a crowd of people in front of the temple, and the voice of discussion kept coming.

"This predecessor, countless generations of strong men in the past have entered the **** ruins, haven't they been inherited by the God Emperor? Or have many people been inherited?" Someone asked the old man curiously.

"This old man did not know that every time the opening of the Imperial Palace will wake up a king who served the emperor. I am the king of the seventy-two king, this is the seventy-second opening of the **** market, and it may be the last opening. Now!" There was a trace of loneliness in the old man's words, his face filled with endless memories.

"Yu Hai Wang!" There was horror on everyone's face.

The name You Hai Wang is very famous in the world of the East Emperor. He is strong and not under the emperor. Like many strong men, they are under the ambition of the emperor. They sincerely assist the emperor until the end. A moment.

This Youhai King still has descendants in the Eastern Emperor World. It is one of the three famous gates of the South Region, Youhaizong.

It was at this time that several teenagers fell to the ground and slammed a few heads toward the old man.

"Yu Haizong disciples have seen the ancestors!"

The faces of several teenagers were all excited, and they did not expect to see the ancestral ancestors who had disappeared for countless years in this Shenxu trial.

"Good!" You Haiwang showed infinite recollection on his face, and looked at the teenagers with relief, "You will follow me in a while, I have something to explain!"

"Yes! Ancestor!" The faces of several teenagers all showed ecstasy, and they climbed up from the ground and waited respectfully.

"The old man's time is limited. Now that the selection of the shrine has begun, as long as you enter the aperture, you will be sure to be sent into the shrine. Otherwise, you will be sent directly out of the **** ruins space, which means that the trial of the **** ruins is over!"

The old man pointed his finger, a huge beam of light fell from the sky, and the colorful light almost enveloped the whole space.

Zhao Yuande had the experience of the previous life, he was not in a hurry, but just waited quietly, but Yao Qianshan beside him was a little anxious, constantly looking around at the probe.

The aperture was large, and hundreds of teenagers squeezed in, but the colorful streamers swept over them. Hundreds of teenagers exclaimed in unison and were vigorously ejected, and a dark light door appeared In mid-air, these teenagers just disappeared into the world of God's Ruins through the light gate.