Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 223

Chapter 223: Absolutely Obey The Master's Arrangement

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The scene was quiet for a moment, but it immediately became noisy again.

"That's it! That's the great prince of Prince Zheng's Mansion. I heard that this guy is the body of a cow god, born with divine power. The blood-sea **** fetus has a huge force of hundreds of thousands of kilograms, and it was also eliminated!"

"Even the sword Jiuxiao of the Excalibur family has been eliminated! It is said that she was taken the spirit sword by a woman and defeated by Yao Qianshan. She has lost her sword heart and the whole person is useless!"

"What kind of conditions does this need to be selected?"

"Perhaps it is only possible to reach the extreme in a certain field!"


The crowd fell silent again, and the required conditions were too abnormal. Can anyone achieve it?

After a little silence, people walked to the aperture again, and they could only be selected and walked out of the god's ruins. This was the only way out.

"That's..." Just when everyone was interested, the light suddenly flashed, and a young boy in a silver shirt was transported to the steps in front of the temple.

"Who knows who this person is? He was chosen!"

"It is the heir of the Zen Zen, when did such a genius appear in the Zen Zen?"

Heaven Zen!

When Zhao Yuande heard the name, he suddenly thought of a quit. Their Tianchen Temple is part of a branch of the Tianzen Sect. I heard that I should return to the Tianzen Sect now. I dont know how this guy is mixing up?

"The Buddhist priest of the Heavenly Zen Sect! I heard that he was shining on the Buddha's body as soon as he was born.

"Since he has such a talent, why didn't he shave himself to become a buddha?" someone asked in a puzzled way.

"His parents are still there, his brothers are complete, and there are many common things around him that he can't shave!" The answer was a real monk.

"Six roots are not clean, how to cultivate the Dharma?" the man asked again.

"If you have a Buddha in your heart, you can practice..."

"Hey! That person has also been chosen, he is the genius of Wan Shengzong!"

"Yao Qianshan of the Yao family can also be selected. This guy is very insidious and very cunning. He even designed a genius who murdered my sword family!"

In succession, three more people were sent to the steps before the shrine, all of which were famous geniuses of the Eastern Emperor.

Zhao Yuande waited until everyone was screened, and then slowly walked into the aperture.

He felt a little uneasy in his heart, and he didn't know if his identity could be seen by the sea king.

When Zhao Yuande walked into the aperture, he was swept by the colorful light. The colorful light neither swept him out of the **** market nor sent her to the temple, but disappeared after a flash of light, as if the energy was exhausted.

"Huh! How could this happen?" You Haiwang looked at Zhao Yuande from top to bottom, the more strange it looked, the more shocked she looked.

The beauty of the girl in front of him is the only thing he has seen in his life, even better than the emperor, and she has two very different breaths, rich fairy and dead air!

Xianqi's words may explain that the other party is probably a kind of fairy body. Although the fairy body is very rare in the world, it can still be seen.

But the dead energy is puzzling. Only the dead people or the dead spirits coming out of the nether world have the dead energy, which is completely inconsistent with the common sense. How can the dead spirit have such a strong physical body and fairy spirit, is she a Fairy corpse?

You Haiwang had a lot of knowledge in the end, and soon guessed the real state of Zhao Yuande!

The King of the Sea is extremely dignified and can use a fairy corpse as an incarnation. He has absolutely terrible power behind him. Even the powerful forces of the top three in the world may not be able to kill a fairy and get it. A fairy corpse.

"Isn't it the Pantheon..." You Hai Wang was more and more shocked when she wanted to think, and the more she thought, the more outrageous, and finally scared herself.

"Forget it! Let her go! If they really are the Pantheon, I can't stop them even if there is any conspiracy. Besides, we have all died for countless years. People in this world have basically forgotten us, love Ye drizzle!" You Hai Wang gave up the courage to continue thinking, beckoned to the several youths of You Hai Zong, took them away.

Zhao Yuande was a little surprised. He really wanted to be ejected. The inheritance of Shenxu was not necessary for him, let alone this body is a fairy corpse. Everything in Shenxu was too inferior for her. .

However, if you are here, you will be at ease. Now that you have been selected, this inheritance is mine!

He walked up the steps and looked at the selected people.

Yiduju, Zhu Wanqing, Yao Qianshan, and three unknown, two girls and a teenager.

A total of seven people, four men and three women.

Oh no, there are four men and two women, and one is not a man or a woman!

"Sister-in-Chief!" Yao Qianshan came to Zhao Yuande with a signature smile on his face.

"Why didn't the ancestor come out? It stands to reason that he should be standing here?" Zhu Wanqing over there looked at the distant place with some stubbornness, and murmured in his mouth, "Is there anyone still not coming out?"

Zhao Yuande ignored Yao Qianshan, but walked to Zhu Wanqing and looked him up and down.

"You are that nerd Zhu Wanqing!"

"Your mother, you little girl... It's so watery!" Zhu Wanqing was still confused, but when he saw Zhao Yuande's present appearance, a pair of thieves' eyes suddenly gave out light.

"Shut up for me! For seniority, you must call me Master Shi!" Zhao Yuande pinched his waist, "Jingguang is my brother, my name is Zhao Yixin!"

"You!" When Zhu Wanqing heard this, his face was very ugly, and one ancestor was enough. Now, another ancestor is born! But soon he heard the key point and asked involuntarily, "Where is the old man, Shizu?"

"He didn't like it, he went out long ago!" Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of something, he couldn't help but smiled slightly at him, "He asked me to give you a word, let you go to the world's first food to help him support the facade!" "

Since I left, someone in the world has always been watching around, letting this guy help the town first!

"Yes! Absolutely follow the ancestors' arrangements!" Zhu Wanqing's excited mouth was crooked, and he went to the world's first food, can there be less delicious food?

"Yi Xin Shi Mei turned out to be the sister of the world's first gourmet owner! No wonder so excellent and so powerful!" Yao Qianshan heard the conversation between the two people, and his glasses suddenly became brighter. Wouldnt it be your own family? Eat whatever you want in the future. Can he not give me the face of my brother-in-law?

The remaining four people were envious of hearing the world's best food, but they were all arrogant people and could not do the kind of thing that came to pull the relationship.

At this time, the gate of the temple was opened, and there was no hard work hidden in the temple of the black hole.