Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 224

Chapter 224: Simple Test

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Several people looked at each other and walked into the temple.

As soon as he stepped into it, Zhao Yuande felt as if he had entered a promenade of time, bathing the morning glow in the tides of the waves, the stars in the distant stars, and many big worlds appeared in front of him like a horse and a flower...

Thousands of past, all kinds of things, performed in front of him, Zhao Yuande felt he was already intoxicated.

"Is this the first test? The last life really made me sink into it, and I couldn't extricate myself, but now it's useless to me! My heart is like a rock, my will is like iron, seeing through the world's changes, I am immobile! Retreat!"

He tweeted, the scenes in front of him suddenly dissipated, and an extremely magnificent shrine appeared in front of him, with the three words "Emperor Palace" written on it!

"This is the real Emperor's Palace. I just walked into an illusion just now. I stood here for three days and three nights in the last life, and at this moment I only used it for a moment!" Zhao Yuande's face smiled confidently. Stride toward the front door of the Imperial Palace and gently push the door open!

The gate was magnificent, and a stone statue stood in the palace. Some of these statues are human beings, some fierce beasts, and some are monsters and ghosts.

Each of these stone statues comes to life, carefully counted exactly seventy-two statues, corresponding exactly to seventy-two earthshakes.

Suddenly, a loud burst of laughter came from the hall: "Someone can appear in this seventy-two Disha Hall, this is the second time in tens of thousands of years, I hope you can pass the barrier!"


The seventy-two stone statues in the main hall bought footsteps and walked toward Zhao Yuande. A terrifying pressure appeared in the hall. Zhao Yuande only felt as if he had been suppressed by a mountain.

"Huh, just this little trick, don't take it out!"

Although Zhao Yuande was only a fairy corpse, it was not such a small method that could suppress it. His body shook gently, and the entire hall was lifted up dozens of feet at once, and then fell heavily on the ground, the hall Many of the stone columns collapsed, and even large cracks appeared in the walls.

"How is it possible!" The voice exclaimed, and he was unbelievable.

"too weak!"

Zhao Yuande's body was like a butterfly wearing flowers, shuttled in the middle of many stone statues, but in the blink of an eye, all 72 stone statues were shot and flew out. After heavy landing, they were all turned into a pile of gravel.

What a cool! This kind of flesh is simply a treat! Zhao Yuande's heart is filled with boundless eagerness, I don't know when his body can become as powerful as this fairy corpse!

"Clear!" There is a trace of excitement and a bit of bitterness in that voice. I don't know who the voice is?

A void channel appeared in front of him, and the other end of the channel seemed to be an endless starry sky, giving a dark and deep feeling.

"The second hurdle? It seems that I can't fail me!"

Zhao Yuande stepped into the void channel one step, and in the blink of an eye he appeared in a vast starry sky.

In front of him, a huge dark green planet is slowly turning, and numerous irregular meteorites are constantly rotating around it by the gravity of the planet.

"This is the Great World of the East Emperor, a vast world of immense vastness, and I don't know how many ancient secrets are hidden in the end!" Zhao Yuande lamented.

When he became the Divine Emperor in the previous life, he learned that this world is actually called the beginning world! It is the first ancient universe created by the **** and man who opened the earth, and the Eastern World is the first big world born from the ancient universe. Countless innate gods and deities were born in the Eastern World!

"Um! Is it coming?"

Zhao Yuande suddenly looked into the distance. In the depths of the distant starry sky, a huge meteorite flew in his direction, as if attracted by the gravity of the Eastern Emperor Great World, and the direction of the path was his own direction.

Still far away, Zhao Yuande felt the terrible impact of the meteorite, even a powerful world powerhouse would not dare to say that he could receive the terrifying power of this meteorite.

However, this is nothing to Zhao Yuande. The fairy body is synonymous with invincibility in this lower realm, and it is not enough for a meteor to tickle him!

He stood quietly in the void like this, watching the meteorite's speed getting faster and faster, the impact was more and more amazing but still.

A huge meteor was screaming, and the terrifying impact shattered the void, and large blood-red cracks appeared around the meteorite. Through these large cracks, you can see a fiery red world inside, countless fierce fires The beast roared in it.

"It even opened the channel of the world of melting fire! Unfortunately, my body is now being cultivated, otherwise I must enter it and hunt for some time!" Zhao Yuande looked at the big cracks slowly closed with regret.

"Come well!"

Zhao Yuande saw that the meteorite had arrived in front of him, and threw a punch towards its understatement.


After a loud bang, the meteorite with a laugh of dozens of miles was bombarded by him with a punch, and the sky seemed to hold a giant gray umbrella with him as the center.

"Hey!" A faint sigh came from a distance, a voice echoed in the starry sky, "Clear customs!"

Zhao Yuande smiled slightly, these levels are just like children playing for him.

The next moment he appeared in the walking hall. The hall was empty, and he was the only one.

"This should be the last level!" Zhao Yuande sat quietly in the middle of the hall, feeling really boring.

I dont know where, the King of the Sea looked helplessly at Zhao Yuande in the hall. Did this guy come here to make trouble?

But the rules are so, people are strong, and he has no way.

"Forget it, just let him get the final qualification, otherwise those little guys are guilty!"

When Zhao Yuande was bored in the hall, dragging his cheeks in a daze, in a hall not far from him, Zhu Wanqing was chased and killed by thirty-six stone statues. At this time, he was bruised and bruised.

However, at this time, a sword shadow continually shuttled in the void, smashing a statue of the statue from time to time, the number of stone statues continued to decline, and he finally successfully walked out of this hall.

But soon in the void, only one side was rubbed by the meteorite, and the spitting mouth spit blood and almost lost his life.

If it weren't for a branch that came across the void and took him directly back to the temple, he had already vomited blood in the starry sky and died.

You have to know that their current cultivation practices simply cannot breathe in the starry sky, and there is no nourishment of heaven, earth, and aura.