Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 226

Chapter 226: A Heavy Burden

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"This kid is really good, what a pity!" You Hai Wang looked at Liu Chengfeng with regret. If it were not for the limitation of the rules, he would definitely hand over the inheritance of the emperor to this young boy. Now the unknown of the Pantheon can only be cheap. .

"Ah... let's get started! I let you start!" Zhao Yuande yawned, looking casual.


Suddenly Liu Chengfeng's face was correct, and a deafening and audible buddha sound was gently purged in his mouth. This sound was melodious for a long time, and it seemed to be echoed in the entire hall like Hong Zhong Da Lu.

Zhu Wanqing and the teenager only felt that their minds were groggy for a while, and the whole person fell into a muddled world and could not extricate themselves.


A whisper sounded in the field, a thin sword like a willow branch appeared in the hands of Liu Chengfeng, the scabbard slightly opened a gap, and suddenly a bright white god's awn rose into the sky, and the roof of the hall was instantly greeted by the god. After breaking through, the endless starry sky appeared in front of everyone.

"Innate Lingbao!" Lord Yehai was slightly shocked. He didn't expect that the other party could even bring out a sword of innate Lingbao level.

However, he still did not report any hope to Liu Chengfeng, because the innate spirit of this world could not break the defense of the fairy corpse, let alone hurt the other party.

"Now you can concede defeat, I don't want to hurt anyone!" Liu Chengfeng just pulled the scabbard away. He thought that this kind of power was enough to deter the other party. He spoke slowly, but at this time there was no original peace. Casually, but turned into a sharp sword, united with the sword.

"Oh! Innate spirit treasure?" Zhao Yuande looked at the thin sword in the opponent's hand, and could not help but exclaimed, "Yes, the sword is really good, really a good sword! The sword is a good sword, but it shouldn't be in you Its better to help you find a new owner for a while!"

As soon as Zhao Yuande saw the sword, he immediately understood the reason why Liu Chengfeng could only be called a lay priest. Whatever vulgar thing is not a vain thing, he was bound! Bound by this sword!


Liu Chengfeng didn't want to let it go again. The scabbard was slowly pulled away in his hand. A fierce white tiger roared out of the gap. The fierce giant claws, sharp fangs, and the **** pupils were all in the whole hall. Instantly shrouded in a fierce breath, this white tiger is the sword spirit of this sword.

The sword came out of the sheath, the white gods dazzled, the bright sword light came out of a long comet-like tail, one pierced the void, and pierced Zhao Yuande's chest.

Zhao Yuande only felt a powerful sword in his presence, even if he was, he couldnt help but sigh in his heart at that moment, what sword Jiu Xiao was in front of this, not even a fart, he had formed a complete sword intent, fighting power Basically invincible.

Although Jianyi's strong congenital spirit treasure is even more powerful, in Zhao Yuande's view, there is still no slight threat to this flesh.

He gently extended his fingers and squeezed gently towards the thorny sword tip.

"Unrestrained!" Seeing this action of Zhao Yuande, even the cultivation like Liu Chengfeng couldn't help but feel angry.

He gently urged the innate spirit treasure in his hand, intending to teach the other party a lesson.

The other two looked at the battlefield inconceivably at the moment. They were short of breath, nervous, and their eyes flickered, fearing that they would miss something wonderful.

Especially Zhu Wanqing, at this time there was some uneasiness in his heart. He was afraid that the sister of the ancestor could not catch it, would the ancestor go crazy?

Just when everyone was thinking differently, the tip of the sword had been in contact with Zhao Yuande's finger, and the fierce tiger's teeth spreading his claws toward the finger, and at the same time, the bright white gods seemed to touch the finger as if sharply.

"Ding Ding!"

A series of jingle bells erupted in an instant, like the beep of a big bead falling into a jade plate.

Everyone only saw that the tip of the sword was pinched by two gleaming jade fingers, and the sharp explosion on the tip of the sword was unfortunately unable to cause even a little damage to the finger.

"Impossible!" Liu Chengfeng screamed loudly, piercing the eardrums of his ears. He was still like a monk about to escape into the empty gate, clearly a hysterical lunatic.

Others were also stunned by the scene before them, but that innate spirit treasure was actually pinched by two fingers, it was too fake!

Only You Haiwang sighed secretly, with some sympathy for Liu Chengfeng, wondering if he could stand up again after this blow.

"Okay, why should a monk use such a weapon, let me keep it for you!" Zhao Yuande took a little force and took the innate Lingbao directly.


Innate Lingbao's spirit of the White Tiger opened his mouth and rushed towards Zhao Yuande.


Zhao Yuande flicked his fingers and flew the white tiger directly.

Bai Hu uttered a painful whimper, with fear in his eyes, and no longer dared to grin at Zhao Yuande, but just gave her a terrified look, and drilled back into the sword body again.

Zhao Yuande grabbed the sword, put the sword in the sheath, and then inserted it diagonally behind his back.

At this time, there were already three treasures behind him, the three-color streamer fan from Hu Wanqing, the spirit sword from the sword Jiuxiao, and the white tiger sword snatched from Liu Chengfeng, each of the three treasures Extraordinary value, especially the White Tiger Sword is only the lowest level innate spirit treasure, but even some superpowers can't have it, as long as this sword comes out, it will inevitably stir up a storm in the world of the East Emperor.

"You..." Liu Chengfeng's complexion changed, and finally a slight smile appeared on his face.

"Thanks to the donor for taking the sword! If it weren't for the donor to ride the wind and I don't know when it could be put down." Liu Chengfeng's face showed a big and enlightened smile. He folded his hands at Zhao Yuande and gently bowed, "The sword is left by the donor." Take control! After the wind, you will escape into the empty gate today, and you will no longer use excuses as an excuse, Amitabha!"

At this moment, the Buddha's light was full on him. A golden Buddha's light pierced the sky, tearing the void, and breaking the chaos. A golden road appeared at the foot of Liu Chengfeng, leading directly to a sacred sacred place. Ground.

Liu Chengfeng stepped out in one step, and the whole person disappeared in an instant.

"If the donor wants to return the true spirit, you can go to Lingshan to try!" Just when Zhao Yuande shrugged helplessly, thinking about how to return this innate spirit treasure, a mosquito-like voice rang in his ears. .

This sound is Liu Chengfeng, but it has a bit more majesty and sacredness than the previous Liu Chengfeng.


In the eyes of Zhao Yuande, he had heard of this place in the last life. It is said to be a Taoist monk's dojo. Many strong men returned to Lingshan to learn the mysteries of the Dharma before they were promoted.

The other party had just taken the innate spirit treasure by himself, and the previous Buddha who had been suppressed by the innate spirit treasure finally began to recover.

"Hey! Another boy has fallen into the bitter sea forever! Poor my emperor inheritance has one less successor!" You Haiwang Youyou sighed.

"Okay! Our time is precious. Hurry up and take the inheritance!" Zhao Yuande looked at You Hai King, and he was a little bit interested. Although he stepped here in the previous life, he didn't get the emperor's inheritance in the end, but his chance in this life Too much.

Although the ancient emperor is strong, it is not necessarily stronger than his predecessor, the emperor. Although the pre-existing things are not brought to this life, but many of the experience of the practice of history on the development of history are left in the soul, this is the biggest in this life. Fortune!

Not only that, but there is nowhere to eat the inheritance of Taoism. This inheritance just broke the limit of his imagination. He didnt even know what is the power to support this inheritance? I do not know where the information identified by the appraisal technique comes from?

If anyone can do all this? The first thing Zhao Yuande thought of was God! That is Heavenly Path, only under the circulation of Heavenly Path can we understand everything and perceive everything!

"Okay, little girl, don't worry, now send the three of you to enter the land of inheritance!" You Haiwang glanced at Zhao Yuande, and he couldn't help but feel a little helpless in his heart. He had to obey the rules.

Suddenly, Zhao Yuande felt a flower in front of him, a green light suddenly wrapped him, and shuttled around in the void.

The next moment he suddenly felt his body steady, and there was light in front of him.

He appeared in an ordinary world.

An ordinary small courtyard, an old branch in the courtyard withered leaves, the tree body is broken, so stood quietly in the center of the courtyard.

Next to the old tree is a handful of tombstones of loess, standing alone.

The trunk of the old tree was scorched black, as if it had been chopped by the thunder, a tender branch was drilled out of the broken tree body, and it was gently coiled on the tombstone. The majestic wind swayed gently through the tender branch, as if gently stroking the tombstone. Blurred handwriting.

Next to the tombstone, a stone table, a few stone benches, and a broken teapot sit quietly on the table.

He sat gently in front of the stone table, and seemed to see a pot of tea on the stone table. The tea mist was faint. A young Taoist was sitting opposite him, looking at the volume of Taoist books in his hand.

The **** tree beside the stone table was still a seedling at this time, and every swing of it fluttering with the wind naughtily touched the young Taoist.

The young Taoist smiled in the corner of his mouth, gently stroking the small tree with his hand, and gently said something in his mouth.

As time rushed, the Taoist people gradually became older, and the small trees had already grown up. The people and trees still communicated intimately, enjoying the time quietly in this small courtyard.

The scene suddenly changed, and there was blood red in the sky. The Taoist was holding a sword and was fighting a giant giant with thousands of arms. A towering tree guarded him around him.

In the end, the Taoist body was stained with blood, killing the giant with a thousand arms, but there was a hole in his forehead, black blood rolled down, but his eyes were full of endless attachment.

When the big tree brought it back to the small courtyard, the Taoist finally closed his eyes quietly. The big tree turned the ground and buried the seriously injured Taoist in the small courtyard.

The scene changed again, and the big tree turned into a magnificent woman. She fought in all directions, and fought with many terrible existences, and finally unified the entire Zhongyu and established the Imperial Palace.

The portraits of the Taoist people in the Imperial Palace are high, and along with the rise and fall of hundreds of thousands of years, they protect the land of all humans in Zhongyu!

Defend the invasion of the sea clan, defeat the starry alien, and in a battle, the woman and her loyal seventy-two kings were all killed.

Since then, the Emperor Palace has been included in the inner world of the emperor, hidden in a hidden space and time, waiting for the entry of a loved one!

This is the life of the emperor, in order to reward the master to protect all sentient beings, and finally return to his hometown!

I don't know when, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a drop of crystal tears dripping from the corners of his eyes and crashed to the ground!

He woke up from the illusion and found himself still sitting in front of the stone table. The twig that was swaying in the wind didn't know when he had climbed up to him. The twig seemed to be remembering the endless past.

"Hey! The emperor's life, loyal to the liver and courageous, although a woman but not weak with us men, it seems that I have a heavy burden on my shoulders!" Zhao Yuande gently stroked the branches, like the young Taoist in the image In the same way, gently telling it, "I know you are the continuation of the emperor, you can rest assured that I will take you back to the battlefield of the expedition, guard the middle domain and guard the world of the Eastern Emperor!"

The branches nodded gently, as if they had understood Zhao Yuande's words, and the body rooted in the old tree suddenly fell off and drilled into Zhao Yuande's sleeve.

"Relax! As long as I regain control of my body, I will plant you in my sea of blood and let you join me in the Quartet!"

The branch gently wrapped around his arm in his sleeve, and Zhao Yuande could feel a joy and satisfaction from it!

There are no secrets of exercises, no mountain treasures, no large amount of materials, only a branch representing the rebirth of the emperor! Represents the continuation of the emperor's will! This is probably the true inheritance of the emperor!

Zhao Yuande sighed softly. This is not only an inheritance, but also an unshirkable responsibility. He knows that his road will be more rugged from now on, but he does not regret it!

I don't know when a door appeared in front of him. He saw the magnificent picture of the magnificent Eastern World in the door.

Is this the world that the Emperor has spent his whole life protecting? Is this the path I chose in the future?

He stepped into it one step at a time, and had already appeared in the Shenxu Square next moment.