Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 227

Chapter 227: A Few Big Things

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Zhao Yuande's appearance is too conspicuous, and all three treasures he captured are relatively conspicuous. He had to find a huge cloak to cover himself.

He first went to the world's first food and looked at it, and he found that Zhu Wanqing was sitting at the gate with thorns, fearing that others didn't know his identity, there was a banner in his hand with the words "Wan Shengzong" three Big characters, and two strong men in the field stood beside him, with respect on his face.

He smiled slightly, although his heart was not very satisfied with his method, but it was rare for people to have heart.

He did not know what happened during this time in the God Market, and he could only come to Wantong Baolou.

Although his soul can't communicate with the storage space, but a little bit of spirit jade still can't help him. When wandering in the **** market, he used the guy Yao Qianshan to get a lot of good things at the gathering point, one of them It is a cloth bag with the function of storing items. Although the space inside is only a few square meters, this is very convenient to use. It only needs to be reached into the hand to dig out. Although there is not much to put in it, it is some spirit jade. The material is still more than enough.

What Zhao Yuande feels most regrettable is that the gluttonous true spirit tripod is not taken out, otherwise it is convenient to put it inside.

The last treasurer of Baolou was promoted by borrowing money from borrowing Dongfeng auctioned by Zhao Yuande.

The shopkeeper of this term is also a personal elite. Seeing Zhao Yuande's dress and temperament, he knows that the great big man is coming, and naturally he is responsive.

Wantong Chamber of Commerce is the top three superpowers in the whole world. They are not only a chamber of commerce, but also a very large intelligence organization. Their annual sales of intelligence jade far exceeds the sales of all treasure houses. sum.

Zhao Yuande spent hundreds of pieces of top-grade Lingyu here to get all the information of the Eastern Emperor Great World in the last six months.

Only then did he know that he came out nearly a month later than the others, no wonder that the market of God's Market was calm again.

There are several pieces of information related to him.

The first is what he cares most about. Lingshan reappears in the world, and after three months, he starts accepting worship!

He heard a sentence from Liu Chengfeng's last departure in Shenxu, and asked him to go to Lingshan, because it would allow him to return to the real spirit! He was still a bit skeptical, but now it seems that he can really succeed!

Because Lingshan once appeared in his previous life. After he achieved the yin and yang unity, he happened to see a **** mountain flying from the sky and landed on the earth. A deity Buddha sang in it.

At that time, he cultivated to a low level. There was no way to approach this **** mountain. He could only raise his eyes to watch and listen to the sound of the gods.

After that, many of the strongmen who entered into it have made breakthroughs, and a **** emperor who was promoted to God Emperor.

Lingshan stayed in the Eastern Emperor Great World for half a year, creating more than a dozen Divine Emperor Powerhouses, one Divine Emperor Powerhouse, and countless other promoted Powerhouses!

At that time, it was really a great event for the Eastern Emperor Great World. Lingshan Zhi said that it was myth by many people, and many versions of the legend appeared.

It seems that this life should really not miss this opportunity!

But this is three months later!

The second thing is that Luoxue Palace is about to hold the Holy Shrine and communicate with the fairy world.

Although the Snow Palace is not huge, it is not a super power, but their long history makes people have to be careful.

According to legend, Luoxue Palace was established by a fairy in the fairy world. They have always had a mysterious connection with a strong person in the fairy world. Therefore, Luoxue Palace's position in the Eastern Emperor's Great World is very stable. Even super powers should give Their face.

The main purpose of this feudal hall is to use the well-being of the Immortal Realm to wash the essence of the real elites of several sects and let them transform!

Of course, those who can participate in this time have to pass very difficult examinations, and the big one is very cruel.

Li Rushuang, who is concerned about Zhao Yuande, may also have to undergo this test this time, and it is best for him to rush over to help her during this period, to minimize her danger.

Although Li Rushuang did get this quota in the last life, who knows whether his appearance will change history and let Li Rushuang fall into a crisis?

So this time he will definitely go!

The third thing is also related to him. The Dali dynasty king is coming, the king's court is turbulent, and many princes have gathered the ministers to prepare for the succession.

And Li Tian is also among them. Zhao Yuande once promised to help Li Tian succeed in taking the throne. Since he promised what he promised, he would not go back on his words, but there is still a long time for the old king to die, but this matter is not urgent now. He just had to send someone to repair the book and give it to Li Tian so that he wouldnt act rashly.

At that time, he achieved the unity of yin and yang, and took the black wind and one ring to wait for help. It was really impossible to get involved with the names of Ji Family, Ten Thousand Saints, and even the Water Palace. He did not believe that the major forces of the Dali Dynasty dared to dare. Carrying him to death, when most of them are within easy reach, he can successfully retreat.

The fourth thing is actually the thing he cares about most, and is the key to whether it can soar in this life.

That is, the millennium battle in the Sword Territory of the South China Sea is about to begin, and many forces of the Eastern World will send disciples to join in this competition.

In his previous life, he accidentally joined a team, and they were taken to the South China Sea Sword Field by deception. As a result, these people were completely destroyed in the South China Sea Sword Field, and he got the biggest opportunity of the previous life by chance. 'Aion Tower!

This chaotic treasure is simply outrageously powerful, allowing him to be invincible from the starry sky in the early stage of the Emperor, even the most powerful in the fairy realm can not take him down.

Naturally, he will not miss the greatest chance this time, but it takes half a year to open the sword in the South China Sea. There is still a long time to prepare for this matter. He must be promoted to the union of yin and yang before going. In order to be more secure in it and have self-protection.

The fifth thing is the Ji family. Their thousands of years of silence, the Pantheon, suddenly looked magnificent. Among them, hundreds of birds appeared in the Phoenix, Jiulong, Aotian, Baihu, and Dawn, and other wonders appeared. It is reported that this is among the Ji Family Holy Land The most mysterious Pantheon is about to open, and even the Ji family of many other big worlds have sent their descendants to come.

He doesn't know what role Ji Yuling can play in this opening. If she wants to go in for an adventure, she says she has to follow her, and her own woman can't put her in danger.