Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 228

Chapter 228: Ji Yuling's Situation

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Finally, about the high-profile appearance of Kongshan Daozong in Zhongyu, a grand ritual ceremony was held to honor the ancestors of the spirits. Many Dazong gates sent strong men to participate.

Zhao Yuande is actually most concerned about what happened to the little Taoist priest, but the information has not been explained. I can only have time to go to Kongshan Taoist Sect to see this guy!

Among the most urgent matters of these few things, the Ji family and the Luoxue Palace. The battle of the Luoxue Palace has now begun, and the Ji family still does not know what the situation is, and he needs to continue to explore.

Fortunately, both Ji Family and Luoxue Palace are on the north side of the Central Region. Although there is no direct transmission between the two places, they can be reached after two or three transfers.

He still had to go to Ji's house first, and there was good news there. After all, did Ji Yuling participate in it, and then make a decision.

At this moment, he felt that if he could split into two people, it would be possible for him to do it at the same time.

However, after a second thought, this is not impossible. As long as the body achieves the yin and yang integration, the soul of the **** will change, and you can try to separate a little real spirit from it to control this fairy corpse, although there is no **** like this. Powerful, but still can do a lot of things.

But all this must wait for Lingshan to start!

The Shenxu is a few million miles away from Jishui City, the holy city of the Ji family. The teleportation array has to go through dozens of turnovers. This is entirely because when the ancestors of the Qian family set up the teleportation array, The material is too precious.

After half a day of tossing and turning, Zhao Yuande finally reached Jishui City before dark.

Jishui City is the holy city of the Ji family, and it is located at the junction of the eastern sea and the middle region. Various specialties of the two places are traded here. Many large chambers of commerce are set up here, and there are major families. The shops here are buying Donghai specialty products, so the trading area here can be said to be the largest in the entire Zhongyu.

Following the conventions of a city, Zhao Yuande would enter the shop here, but when he walked into the shop's treasure, he found that he didn't have much spirit jade. Even if he bought something, he couldn't store it, so he only Helplessly left.

In order to find out the news, he came to the treasure building of the Wantong Chamber of Commerce and purchased the Ji family's information.

The Ji family can be considered busy this time. There are hundreds of people from the Ji family of the top two in each big world. Each of them is a VIP. They alone took out a **** island as a guest house.

Many elite disciples and true legends of the heirs were treated as waiters, shuttled back and forth on the **** island, and it was even more bitter to see each other.

Fortunately, Ji Yuling was favored by the old ancestor because he achieved the yin and yang unity in advance and realized the prototype of the realm of water. Now he does not need to do these troublesome things.

But things that bothered her more came one after another. The Ji family of the Whirling World had a talented disciple named Lu Changsheng. This person was born to the daughter-in-law of the Ji family of the Whirling World and lived in the Ji family since childhood. It awakened the rarest'Emperor Domineering Body' of the Ji family, so it was favored by the family, and this time also followed the family team.

Lu Changsheng is arrogant and overbearing, but his talents are indeed very high, but he is only 18 years old, and he has successfully entered the fourth level of freedom in the six-level realm of the realm. The combat strength is because of the emperors domineering body. Now it is possible to compete with the powerhouses of Chaotian, the triple heaven of the world.

This Lu Changsheng didn't know that Ji Yuling was seen that day, so she was fascinated by her cleverness and wisdom, and harassed many times.

Ji Yuling began to talk to Zhao Yuande and that ancestor, but since the Shenxu Trial of Ten Thousand Realms, Zhao Yuande did not appear in the vision of everyone for a month, and everyone reported that he died in the Shenxu News.

After that, the old ancestor began to lose ground, and let Ji Yuling and Lu Changsheng try to contact.

Ji Yuling was very troubled about this matter, but her brother Ji Yuzhen was defeated by the family of Ji Family from the flame world at this time in the family competition ring. The other party did not know why he had been hit hard. , So that he was severely hit, still lying unconscious in bed.

But at this time, Lu Changsheng sent a sacred medicine, which embarrassed Ji Yuling.

"He's a **** egg, these **** are so cruel!" Heifeng grinned as he looked at Ji Yuzhen lying on the bed.

These Ji families, who came from all over the starry sky, are really tough and unreasonable. With his current yin and yang combination, he is really nothing, and he was almost caught as a pet several times.

If Ji Yuling was not protecting him, he might have become someone else's mount at this moment!

"Why didn't the boy come out? If he comes out, he will definitely be able to kill the Quartet. This group of kings and **** must all bow to the feet of real people!" Heifeng said fiercely, but there was a trace of worry in his eyes.

Although he knows the power of Zhao Yuande, he also believes that the place of Shenxu is basically not dangerous to Zhao Yuande.

But it's been a month, and others have already come out. Why didn't Zhao Yuande have any news?

This has to be reminiscent of many bad things.

"No! I can't watch my brother just lie here, I'm going to beg the ancestor!" Ji Yuling looked at the motionless brother on the bed, the tears in her eyes fell and she turned and left.

"Hey! Granny, don't go anymore, that old thing will definitely threaten you, and let you marry Lu Changsheng's little rabbit!" Heifeng stopped in front of Ji Yuling.

"But...but what else can I do?" Ji Yuling cried in tears. "Hey, Black Wind, what can I do? My brother took care of me since he was a child. Now he is in trouble but I can't help at all, Zhao Yuande... ...Where are you in the end? You are coming out soon... Yu Ling can't stand it anymore!"

"Grandma, don't cry. In this way, I will go to Shenxu City to find out about the kid. Before I come back, you must not be impulsive, otherwise the kid will be sad!" Black Wind shook his head helplessly. As a simple-headed black bear, he was forced into a role of advice.

"Okay! Hurry up and go back!" Ji Yuling seemed to have the backbone of his heart, sitting heavily beside his brother.

The black wind pushed out the door and left in a hurry!

But soon Ji Yuling heard a sound of fighting and screaming outside, and there was also a roar of black wind.

Ji Yuling rushed out of the room and saw a scene that made her angry.