Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 229

Chapter 229: Turn Him Upside Down

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The black wind was pressed on the ground by the strong men in several realms, and an unwilling roar of anger was issued. At this time, a young man with a somewhat shady appearance was looking at the black wind coldly, holding a small dagger in front of him. Dangling.

"Beast, you dare to be unreasonable to my son, today I will take your gall out and drink wine!"

"Little Bunny! You will kill Grandpa Bear if you have the ability, otherwise Grandpa Bear will one day find you to humiliate today's humiliation!" The violent temper of Heifeng will never yield, and the youth will be the only one who is facing the evil Suddenly spray.

"Honestly!" A strong man in the field kicked the black wind's buttocks, almost kicking him directly into the solid bluestone ground.

"You **** king bastard! You have the ability to single out with Grandpa Xiong, Grandpa Xiong can beat even your mom can't recognize you!" Heifeng spit blood and turned his head to the person who kicked him. Biya, almost all the anger in his eyes spewed out.

"It's really a tough bone! Give me a hard time to clean him up!" The young Yinzhu made a look at several people.

Suddenly a few people were violently beating towards the black wind.

"Stop it! Lu Changsheng, you stop me!" Ji Yuling rushed up angrily, pushing those people away, pulling the black wind up.

Lu Changsheng did not stop her, but waved a few men to make them retreat.

"Yu Ling's cousin must not be angry, this beast's mouth is too stinky, I just punished him slightly!" Lu Changsheng laughed very falsely, which made Ji Yuling more disgusted.

"You... woo!" Heifeng had to say something, but Ji Yuling covered her mouth, and only gave Lu Changsheng a fierce glance.

"Lu Changsheng, my brother's life and death are unpredictable. I really don't have the energy to do anything else!" Although Ji Yuling hated the other party, he could only explain to the other party with painstaking efforts. Who is calling the other party stronger and not an opponent?

"Cousin Yu Ling, there is a "Dream Han Liuli Flower" here, Senior Brother. As long as you give it to Brother Ling Zhen, I guarantee that he will not only wake up, but also take the next step!" Lu Changsheng took one from his arms. Jade box, gently open.

I saw a glazed flower inside which exudes coldness, and an indescribable sweet fragrance is introduced into the mouth and nose of a person. It suddenly makes people feel that the whole body is comfortable, and even the pores are opened.

Ji Yuling looked at the flower longingly, she really wanted to agree, although she knew where the flower was, she could not help herself, but her brother's injury...

"I..." Ji Yuling looked at his brother. He looked at the flowers in Lu Changsheng's hands and almost agreed.

"Little girl! Don't forget..." Heifeng didn't want to see this girl abducted by a potion.

"Lu Changsheng, please allow me to think about it!" Ji Yuling still gritted his teeth and shook his head. Although his brother was important, he should not exchange his life's happiness. Maybe grandpa would find a way to treat it. I still go to grandpa first. Come back there and talk about it!

"Haha! This matter can't be hurry, can't hurry!" Lu Changsheng closed the jade box, glanced viciously at the black wind, and continued, "Then I will wait for the good news of Yu Ling's cousin! Let's go!"

Seeing the landing, Changsheng left with a big swing, and then the black wind grinned over his butt.

"Hey! It hurts me, this group of **** is really shameless! It's actually beating the real people..."

"Black Wind, I'm sorry I'm sorry Brother Zhao!" Ji Yuling looked sad, and there was some godlessness in his speech. "I can't just watch my brother do this!"

"Don't make a decision yet!" Heifeng also had a gloomy face, rushing out of the huge pain in his body, his voice continued to ring in Ji Yuling's ear, "I will wait until I come back from Shenxu City!"

Ji Yuling nodded gently, his face showing sadness.

Heifeng strode out of Ji's house.

He rushed in the direction of the teleportation array, and suddenly heard a surprise sound from his ear.

"Black Wind!"

Why is this tone so familiar? The black wind stopped and turned to look in the direction of the sound.

He found a figure covered in a cloak all over beckoning to himself, but this figure was obviously a woman, each of which was very short as if he were a minor!

"Who are you?" Heifeng looked up and down at the cloak man in front of him. The closer he felt, the more familiar he felt.

"Black Wind! Take me to see Yuling!" The voice was very rapid, but there was a kind of majesty that could not be resisted.

"You are...Zhao Yuande! How did you become like this?" When Heifeng heard this, he knew that Zhao Yuande was suddenly full of surprise.

"Hurry to take me, we will say as we walk!" Zhao Yuande urged.

After he got the news, he came straight to the Ji's house, wandered outside for a while but walked in without a door. Just waiting to dive in at night, he saw the dark wind and fire rushing out.

"Good!" Without saying a word, Heifeng entered Zhao's house with Zhao Yuande.

He stayed with Ji Yuling for more than half a year. He was very familiar with the stubble guard at the door. He greeted him with Zhao Yuande and entered the Ji family.

"To what extent is the matter urgent?" Zhao Yuande asked behind Heifeng.

"Today Lu Changsheng came to the door, and Ji Xiaoniu almost immediately agreed!" Heifeng looked very uncomfortable and complained, "If it wasn't for me, I wouldn't know what would happen, hey! I nearly lost my old life!"

"What! It has already reached this level! Why does Yuling not stop?" Zhao Yuande's anger surged and his face suddenly sank.

Although her voice is a woman, but it exudes a bitter chill.

The black wind trembles, but he has never seen Zhao Yuande so angry, but his heart is immediately warm, this is angry for himself!

"She has been able to save my life. It's not bad. Now many Ji families in the big world have come here. His grandfather is overwhelmed. Even the ancestors of my Ji family are shaken at this time!" Heifeng is also helpless, this In this case, the power of the individual can no longer play a role.

"Humph! This group of people is really looking for death. They dare to beat me Zhao Yuande's people and rob me of Zhao Yuande's woman. When I am squeezed by mud?" Zhao Yuande's finger creaked, it seemed that he would use the present fairy The body turned upside down at the Ji family.

When Heifeng heard the three words of Zhao Yuande, he suddenly let go of his heart as if he had found the main heart.

"Ji Xiaoniu, Ji Xiaoniu, who do you think is coming!" The black wind rushed into the room and started yelling, he was so excited!

Ji Yuling was sad alone in the house. Hearing the black wind, he seemed to feel something suddenly and jumped up.