Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 230

Chapter 230: Bad Hunch

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When the black wind came in and saw a girl wearing a cloak, she couldn't help showing a disappointed color on her face.

"Yu Ling, this is Zhao Yuande. Now this look is just for my eyes and ears!" Zhao Yuande came up to show his identity.

The girl in front of me was obviously a lot thinner, and his face was still carrying tears, giving a helpless and distressed feeling.

"You are Brother Zhao!" Ji Yuling rushed up, hugged him, and began to whine, "Brother Zhao, how did you come back! Yu Ling thought you..."

"Okay, I don't want to. In short, a lot of things happened that made me unpredictable. When the matter in front of me is resolved, I will explain it to you!" Zhao Yuande patted the **** the back gently. He gently asked in his ear, "Remember, I am now Zhao Yuande's sister. I am practicing outside, and the power behind me is mysterious and powerful..."

Zhao Yuande told him to pull the cloak above his head, revealing his unique look.

"You... so beautiful!" Even Ji Yuling was dumbfounded at this moment. Compared with Zhao Yuande's appearance, she felt a bit ashamed!

"Don't say this, let's go and see your brother first!" Zhao Yuande interrupted Ji Yuling's expression.

"Oh! Yes, my brother is still in a coma!" Ji Yuling was sober from joy and took Zhao Yuande to his brother's room.

Dismissed the maid of care, they came to Ji Yuzhen.

"Ji Yuzhen, the grandson of the Ji family, the sixth heaven in the field, the third destiny realm "Xuanyin Sealing Soul", the body of the rain spirit... intermediate ingredients... matching recipes... list of ingredients..."

"The spirit was blocked by Xuanyin's Qi, no wonder he would be unconscious forever!" Zhao Yuande pinched his chin and thought carefully, "Knowing the sea is vast, Xuanyin's Qi does not know where to hide, I can't help it Unlock!"

"What should I do?" Ji Yuling's unconditional trust and reliance on Zhao Yuande. When he heard that he couldn't help it, the tears in his eyes were anxious.

"Slightly please don't be impatient!" Zhao Yuande patted her on the shoulder lightly and smiled, "I can't untie it, but others can, find a strong man above the world, I promise to return you after an hour A lively brother!"

"Really? I'm going to find Grandpa!" Ji Yuling jumped out with joy, but was caught by Zhao Yuande.

"Well! We are waiting here! Remember not to show anything, otherwise let others know about this matter, and do not know what way to continue to harm your family!" Zhao Yuande warned her, "This The thing you absolutely do is Lu Changsheng, just annoying to force you!"

"Brother is implicated by me!" Ji Yuling's face suddenly disappeared, and the guilty thing replaced it.

"Go and find your grandpa!" Zhao Yuande urged her.

Ji Yuling went out with a worried face.

Soon a majestic old man appeared in the room.

"You are the kid's sister?" The old man is Ji Hongtian, the head of the Ji family. He looked at Zhao Yuande and looked up and down, his face showing a dignified color.

"It's true that I am Zhao Yuande's sister, Zhao Yixin! If there is anything the senior wants to ask, I'll ask later, save your grandson first!" Zhao Yuande looked at Ji Yuzhen on the bed, "The longer the time delay, Xuan Yin The more damage Qi will do to the soul!"

Ji Hongtian glanced at his grandson and nodded involuntarily. He was also a suspect of his grandson's injury. He didn't expect that he was blocked by the spirit of Xuanyin's spirit, and the other party did whatever he could.

He walked to Ji Yuzhen's side and pressed his palm gently to his eyebrow...

"Let's stay behind for a while, don't delay your predecessors!" Zhao Yuande pulled Ji Yuling, who was still worried, to the side and began to whisper to her.

After a while, I heard Ji Yu from the bed suddenly shouting, and the whole person sat up at once, then curled up, and the whole body was trembling.

"It's so cold!"

"Zhen'er, are you okay!" Ji Hongtian saw the grandson woke up, but the whole body shivered, and immediately understood what was going on, hurriedly turning the body's spirit into a steady stream of heat to wrap the grandson.

Ji Yuzhen gradually returned to normal, and a pair of eyes gradually recovered.

"I, am I not injured? Grandpa! Why are you here, I... I'm ashamed of you!" Ji Yuzhen woke up and saw Grandpa looking at himself anxiously, at this time he was still defeated in his mind Something was ashamed on his face.

"Okay! Really, everything is fine!" Ji Hongtian gently patted the grandson's back and comforted him softly.

This pair of children has lost their parents since he was a child. He was raised by one hand. He is the most obedient and sensible. He also likes it the most. Looking at the guilt on the face of the grandson, he knows that his expectations for him are too high!

"Brother! You just wake up!" Ji Yuling rushed over happily, hugged her brother, and there were tears on her face.

"Cough!" Zhao Yuande coughed lightly, interrupting the three grandchildren.

"I hope Brother Yuzhen will not show his head first. We haven't found the culprit in this matter. If you show up, you will be scared."

"Is this girl Yuling?" Ji Yuzhen froze as soon as he saw Zhao Yuande's appearance. He had never seen such a beautiful girl. At this moment, he almost stopped breathing.

"He is Zhao Yixin, Zhao Yuande's sister!" Ji Yuling looked at his brother strangely, and he couldn't help but have a ridiculous idea in his heart, his brother wouldn't have taken the look of Brother Zhao's appearance!

"That kid went there? Why didn't you come to see Ling'er?" Ji Hongtian's face was a little ugly. These days, he saw that there was no smile on his granddaughter's face. He knew that it was Zhao Yuande's reason.

"Brother is temporarily trapped in the **** ruins! I can't come out, so I specially sent a letter to me to help him come and meet Yu Ling!" Zhao Yuande was helpless and could only talk nonsense.

"You mustn't be fooling. Lu Changsheng has the emperor's domineering body and is loved by the strongest of the Ji family in the whirling world. Even when I heard the ancestors say, even the fairy world has heard news, very concerned about Lu Longevity's growth!" Ji Hongtian's face is very dignified. This time, the ancestor will really marry Yu Ling!

"No! I will never marry that bastard!" Ji Yuling suddenly showed anger on his face.

"It's useless. No one dared to go against the words of the ancestor!" Ji Hongtian sighed softly with a helpless look on his face.

"Relax! I have a way, I will let this Lu Changsheng stay here with no face, and be good to get out!" Zhao Yuande suddenly grinned, a beautiful expression on her beautiful face.

"You..." Ji Hongtian looked at this beautiful and unmatched girl, not knowing what happened, and suddenly felt a chill hit his heart, and his heart was unreasonably tight.

He wanted to say something, but he didnt know where to start. He just sighed softly: "Okay, lets go toss with you! Anyway, things have reached their worst result, and no matter how much toss, the final result will not change. !"

Ji Hongtian sighed and left with a big stride. Although he did not believe that Zhao Yuande would have any way, but there was a bad hunch in his heart, he felt that something big would happen to the Ji family!

"Okay, the old man is gone. Let's discuss now what to do in the future!" Zhao Yuande's voice became smaller and smaller, and the heads of the four people gathered together.