Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 231

Chapter 231: Zhao Yixin

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A day later, there was a knock on the door again outside the small courtyard where Ji Yuling was located.

Zhao Yuande smiled slightly: "Okay, the other party is here, remember what I told you, don't make a mistake!"

(Hereafter Zhao Yuande is unifiedly called Zhao Yixin until he returns to the body!)

He sorted out his shirt and smiled on his face, then walked outside and opened the door.

Outside the door is Lu Changsheng and his four men, all of whom are strong in the realm of the realm, one after the other, all with their heads raised and their heads very angry.

But when they saw Zhao Yixin who was opening the door, they all stayed for a while. They did not expect to see a woman with such a peerless appearance here. At this moment, they forgot the purpose of coming today, and all stood outside the door. Stupidly dazed.

"How many sons are you?" Zhao Yixin pretended to be puzzled, his big eyes blinked and sultry, and the hearts of a few big men were itchy and unbearable.

"Oh! My son Lu Changsheng doesn't know who the girl is?" Lu Changsheng's shadowy face suddenly showed an extremely bright smile.

"It turned out to be Lu Gongzi, younger sister Zhao Yixin. I don't know if the son came to see Yu Ling's sister?" Zhao Yixin's appearance is only 15 years old, so he is called Ji Yuling as his sister.

"Yes! My son is here to find Yu Ling Sister! I don't know why I haven't seen the girl here before?" Lu Changsheng looked at the unparalleled woman in front of her, suddenly forgot the purpose of coming today, and began to think about the Fa. Inquire about the news.

"The little girl arrived today, and sister Yu Ling is very unhappy these days, so let me accompany her!" "I don't know where the elder sister is practicing now?" Lu Changsheng asked again.

"My little sister is mysterious, and it is inconvenient to reveal it to outsiders. Please also forgive Lu Gongzi!"

They walked all the way and talked all the way. Under the temptation of Lu Changsheng's intentional or unintentional, they quickly obtained the reliable news they thought. Zhao Yixin was born in a mysterious sect, and went out for the first time. His personality was blank. It's easy to trust others!

Zhao Yixin was very devoted to the performance, and soon won the unanimous approval of the people in front of them. They all believed in Zhao Yuande's performance.

"Sister Yu Ling, son Lu is here to find you!" Zhao Yixin happily pushed open the door, ushered Lu Changsheng into the house, and lifted an emerald green hairpin in his hand. , "Sister Yu Ling, look, this is a gift given by Lu Gongzi, or a top-level spirit treasure!"

"One heart! You... how did you bring them in!" Ji Yuling saw several people in Lu Changsheng's face, and suddenly changed his face, pulling Zhao Yixin behind him, "One heart, they are bad people, don't believe it Their rhetoric."

"Xiao Nizi, they are really not good!" Heifeng also stared at the longevity couple fiercely, with anger and a trace of fear in his eyes.

"Black Wind... You don't have to spit on others, or we will be rude to you!" One of the guards heard that Black Wind vilified several people in front of the little beauty, and immediately wanted to rush up and take down the Black Wind.

"Fuck!" Lu Changsheng shook his hand and gave the guard a slap in the face. "You dare to be unreasonable here, who gave you the courage!"

"Son...I..." The guard was slapped by Lu Changsheng and looked at the other party with his face covered, only to find that the other party was staring at him fiercely.

"Get out!" Lu Changfeng gave him a wink, and the guard hurried out of the house in a hurry and fear.

"Lu Gongzi is so majestic!" Zhao Yixin clapped his hands, "This dog minion, dare to growl at my brother Black Wind, it's time to fight!"

Lu Changsheng was exasperated by Zhao Yixin's boastful heart, and his attention had completely shifted from Ji Yuling's body to her.

"What's the matter with Lu Gongzi looking for my sister today?" Zhao Yixin tilted his head to look at the landing longevity, with a hint of curiosity in his eyes.

"Oh! It's nothing, nothing! I heard that Brother Yu Zhen was injured, and I came to deliver some healing medicine." Lu Changsheng took out a bottle of immortality from the storage space and handed it over.

"Ah! Master Lu is so kind to us!" Zhao Yixin took the Elixir and looked at the cork. He couldn't help frowning. "Mr. Lu, have you taken the wrong one? This is just a normal bottle. True elixir, not a panacea for healing! Look at..."

"Oh! I got it wrong, I really got it wrong!" Lu Changsheng took back the jade bottle awkwardly, and took out another extraordinarily gorgeous jade bottle from the storage space and handed it over.

"Well! This time is good. Xuan-level top-ranking Dutian is still a panacea. It does have a magical effect on the treatment of injuries! I will accept it for my sister first!" Zhao Yixin placed the jade bottle on the table, "Lu Gongzi, you still Is there a problem?"

"Nothing! Nothing! I will retire now!" Lu Changsheng felt as if he was enchanted. When he saw this stunning young girl in front of him, he was a little overwhelmed and even involuntarily wanted to be close to each other.

"Sister Yu Ling, let me send you Lu Gongzi first!"

Zhao Yixin followed behind Lu Changsheng, but behind him came the black wind's bitter mother-in-law's instructions.

"The surnamed Lu is not a good thing, you must be careful!

Lu Changsheng rushed back to kill Heifeng with all his thoughts, but when she saw the lovely smile on Zhao Yixin's face, all her hearts suddenly softened and subsided.

"Which girl is this better than the fairy in the sky? I must get her!" Lu Changsheng roared inwardly.

Zhao Yixin was relieved all the way. She was very lively and saw the Ji family greet everyone. Many young people saw envy and jealousy in the eyes of Chang Sheng.

In particular, some young heroes who came to other big worlds were even more resentful. This Lu Changsheng is simply a beast. It is not a fancy to see the little princess Ji family. Now he is walking with another beautiful girl, and It seems that the relationship between the two is very close.

In just a short time, Lu Changsheng felt that the eyes of seven or eight pairs of hatred were sweeping on his body, but he didn't care. There was such a fairy-like beauty beside him, and he was too late.

Before being sent to Shendao, Zhao Yixin returned home reluctantly, instead of turning to look at Shendao, his eyes showed curiosity and longing.

"Should you concentrate on the sister island to go around on God Island?" Lu Changsheng's eyes lit up, thinking this was an opportunity.

"But... this will not cause any trouble to the elder brother!" Zhao Yixin's timid eyes showed, but there was a longing look at the God Island in the sky, and there were all kinds of floating in the clouds. Magical and huge building.

Zhao Yixin feels more and more that he is a acting genius. At this small scale, he grasps that he is dead.