Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 232

Chapter 232: Will Die A Lot Of People

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"It's okay! What trouble can I have! Come on, I will show you the next God Island!" Lu Changsheng boldly grabbed her little hand and dragged her into the teleportation into the God Island.

Zhao Yixin felt a bit of chills, but this guy could be unlucky. This little sacrifice is still acceptable!

There are more people on God Island, but for a while the whole God Island knew that Lu Changsheng had brought a beautiful girl like a fairy.

Countless young people watched from a distance, seeing Zhao Yixin's appearance one by one, and suddenly many evil thoughts came into his mind.

Some people even began to inquire about the origin of Zhao Yixin, and soon they learned about the situation of Zhao Yixin from the mouth of Ji's family and knew what kind of person she was.

When I knew that Lu Changsheng had just met, the thoughts in my heart suddenly increased, and many people were eager to move.

Zhao Yixin returned to Ji Yuling's residence, and then he took a breath. Half of the Ji family was now moved by her, and even calm as if he felt a little nervous.

"Come on! Let's discuss. Now that the situation has been disturbed by me, how should we deal with these wolves like tigers!"

"Boy, I think you just put them all in the harem and teach them one by one!" Heifeng twitched his teeth and laughed happily. Since Zhao Yixin returned, his heart has been put down, let him be flooded. , The kid stared in front of him, unable to touch himself.

"Heifeng believe it or not, I tear you and stew it!" Zhao Yixin pinched Heifeng's big ears and kicked his **** fiercely.

"Ouch! Bang!"

The black wind was kicked out directly, I don't know how far, and I don't know how many Ji's houses were collapsed.

The next day, the Ji family went up and down, and the Ji family of the big world came, and all young Junjie came to the door of Ji Yuling with their own gifts. The purpose of their coming sounded very reasonable. They wanted to visit Ji Yuzhen.

But in the background, they all know what purpose they are playing, that is, they want to get close to the beautiful girl.

Zhao Yixin very patiently received these people one by one instead of Ji Yuling, and accepted the gifts and kindness from them.

And he also chose some young people who are more powerful and harder in the background to express their concerns, and those who are happy are even worthwhile.

When Lu Changsheng came here again, he found that the long line was out of the distance, and he felt a little unhappy.

He walked to the front of the team and wanted to say hello to Zhao Yixin, but was stopped by a tall man with red hair.

"Hey, Lu Changsheng, don't think you got the attention of Immortal Realm, you are my Ji family, you are just an surname!" The red-haired youth sneered, and gave Lu Changsheng a dismissive glance.

"Ji Biyu! Don't deceive people too much. Here are the heroes who say irresponsible things, and have the ability to fight with me in the ring!" Lu Changsheng is so proud, his surname has always been a pain for him, No one has ever dared that surname to make fun of himself.

"Humph! This is what I mean!" Ji Biyu sneered again and again, "I am the first genius of Fengshen World, are you still afraid of you Lu Changsheng? Let's talk about life and death in this battle, you dare to fight!"

"Don't talk about life or death!" everyone exclaimed.

"The two sons must not be impulsive, this is not a joke!" Someone hurriedly stopped, and vigorously separated the two.

This is a middle-aged man, but an elder of Ji's family named Ji Hongfeng, and his head Ji Hongtian are brothers. Xiu Wei is already the strongest person in the triple true spirit realm of the world. How can he look at these two? In the Ji family killing each other, any one of them will be in great trouble.

"Huh! Now I have a senior to spare you, but we will see you in the center of Shendao tonight!" Ji Biyu was murderous all over, turning his head to never look at Lu Changsheng, but smiled toward Zhao Yixin heartily, " Miss Zhao, you can rest assured that this **** will never dare to provoke you again, I will kill him tonight!"

"Brother Jasper, please don't, brother Changsheng is not a bad guy!" Zhao Yixin's face showed anxious color, and he continued to help explain, and his face also showed a painful color at the right time, "You don't want to In this way, if you are injured, what should I do?"

"Hey! Anyway, Miss Zhao, I won't let him hurt!" Ji Biyu gave Lu Changsheng a cold glance, thinking in his heart, I would let him disappear directly!

Lu Changsheng glanced at Ji Biyu, and then turned his gaze to Zhao Yixin, and found that she was looking at herself with concern, her heart warmed involuntarily, daring, he did not talk much, and turned away from here.

One day later, Zhao Yixin received a hand cramp at the gift, and a lot of treasures piled up in Ji Yuling's house, causing the black wind and Ji Yuling to almost shake their chins.

"These guys are too crazy!" Heifeng looked up and down Zhao Yixin up and down, "Boy, you see that your thin body looks like bean sprouts, there are not a few meats in the whole body, and the waist is so thin, the **** is so Big, this is totally out of the ordinary, they all like you?"

"Heifeng, are you looking for a pump?" Zhao Yixin pulled Heifeng's ear fiercely and glanced at his forehead. He put all these things away for me and we went to the show tonight.

"Hey! Come on!" Heifeng couldn't hold his mouth shut, and these good things quickly entered his pockets.

"Brother Zhao, don't you do this well! This may cause disturbances in several big worlds!" Ji Yuling looked at Zhao Yixin in front of him with some fear, thinking they were playing too much.

"If you don't divert their attention like this, you Ji family will be even worse! Do you know how big the chance is that the Pantheon opened this time?" Zhao Yuande continued without waiting for her to shake her head. "You certainly don't know, your grandfather Im afraid I dont necessarily know that this Pantheon is actually the ancestor of the Ji family. The innate **** and demon known as the emperor stood there. It has huge treasures and methods to cultivate and achieve the innate **** and demon. If you can get it, In the future, it will inevitably rise in the Ji family. Many countless Ji families in the world will respect you, and no one will dare to stand in front of you!"

"But... a lot of people will die!" Ji Yuling was hesitant. "Those are all our fellow race!"

"Hey! Xiaoling, he is right. This is my Ji family's chance. It's just that your cousins can't compete for the last chance!" Suddenly a voice sounded in the room, and Ji Hongtian's voice appeared in the room. Among the rooms.

"Grandpa! Why are you here?" Ji Yuling plunged into Grandpa's arms, with a sad look on his face, "Is Grandpa really doing this?"

"I blame Grandpa, you have been around for too long, you don't understand these tricks!" Ji Hongtian touched the crystal tears in Ji Yuling's eyes, "These people are here to **** my Ji family chance! If I can, I will I really want to kill them all! Since these days, many of your cousins and cousins have been challenged by others, and some of them have even been abolished for cultivation! It is a pity that the ancestors were too indecisive and have always been tolerant of this matter. ! Ive had enough!"

"I helped the senior, how can the senior thank me?" Zhao Yixin asked Ji Hongtian with a smile instead of a smile.

"I can keep you alive from leaving Ji's house!" Ji Hongtian looked very solemn, and making this decision was also his limit.