Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 233

Chapter 233: Ji Biyu Dies

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"Okay! We'll make up our minds!" Zhao Yixin got up and walked out the door. "Heifeng, let's go to see the excitement and see who will live and die tonight!"

"Hole!" Heifeng Fengdian followed behind him and walked out.

"Good boy, you have to prepare. One month later is the day when the Pantheon opens. I hope you can go to a higher level and reach the realm!" Ji Hongtian handed a jade box to Ji Yulingdao, "This is old The Divine Pill given by the ancestors, as well as the experience of the old ancestors!"

"But Zhao..." Ji Yuling hesitated and looked at the open door with these things. The figure had disappeared into her sight.

"Okay, I will tell her! The most important thing now is to increase the power as soon as possible!" Ji Hongtian patted the granddaughter's back.

"I have forgotten one more thing!" Zhao Yixin didn't know when to return to the house again, and pumped in the back, pulling out the innate spirit treasure white tiger sword.

"This is from my brother! I hope you can use it to protect yourself, don't wait for him to return but can't see you!" Zhao Yixin handed the sword to Ji Yuling's hand, smiled at her gently, and turned away .

"This..." Even Ji Hongtian, as the head of the Ji family, had not seen the innate spirit treasure a few times. This put the innate spirit treasure in front of him. He almost had the urge to control it.

But after all, he was a strong man in the world, and his heart was very tenacious. Finally, he took a long breath and smiled comfortably on his face.

"This kid can send out this thing, which shows that he is sincere to you, Grandpa Ling will definitely be on your side! You can do it with confidence!"

"Thank you grandpa!" Ji Yuling held the white tiger sword in her hand, and the tears in her eyes could not stop falling, and she felt that this sword was a kind of recognition of Zhao Yuande to herself!

"Boy, you have given Xiao Nizi such a good sword, don't you need it yourself?" Heifeng asked curiously when he saw Zhao Yixin catching up with himself.

"I can't use it at all. My body is the most powerful weapon. Don't look. I just seemed very grateful to the old man. In fact, I don't need his guarantee at all. I just want Yu Ling to rest assured! In the world, no one can threaten me now, even the Divine Emperor!" Zhao Yuande was confident in his face, and what he said made his heart beat.

"You wouldn't be bragging!" Heifeng didn't believe it.

"Hurry and leave here, go back to the world's first food and wait for me, where there is Wan Wanzong's Zhu Wanqing, the average person does not dare to move you!"

"I... how can I go so injustice first!" Black Wind shook his head.

"Go! You know the righteousness, you can't help here at all, hurry and go back to me to practice hard, and upgrade to the realm as soon as possible, otherwise you won't be able to take you to play next time!" Zhao Yixin even threatened to scare , Drove the black wind away.

As soon as the guy heard that he couldn't take him to play, he was anxious and jumped away!

At this time, the sky gradually dimmed, and Zhao Yixin went to God Island alone. At this time, God Island was a hustle and bustle, and countless powerful people rushed to the huge battle platform in the center of the island.

In the past, there were often contests on this battle platform. They usually consulted and verified their behaviors, and did not hold a battle between the dragon and the tiger, as they do today.

At this time, Lu Changsheng had stood proudly in the center of the field and looked around at the audience, as if looking for someone.

When he saw Zhao Yixin appearing under the stage, he felt refreshed and nodded gently to her.

Countless onlookers were not fools, they looked in Zhao Yixin's eyes and found that Zhao Yixin was standing outside the pavilion.

"Sister Zhao! You are here too!" Someone immediately greeted enthusiastically.

"Sister Zhao said here, I have an empty place here for you..."

"Sister Zhao..."

Almost all men look at her with fiery eyes, and wish to take her as their own.

However, the Ji family is not only a man, but also a large number of female disciples. They suddenly felt that their limelight was taken by Zhao Yixin, and all cast a malicious look on her.

"Where is this vixen? It looks so demon!" Suddenly, a female disciple of the Ji family began to talk about it.

"It is said that he is a friend of a disciple of this family. Although he looks good, you can see that her figure has not grown up at all. What about these wolves!"

"Don't underestimate her, I heard that hundreds of pieces were received for the gift alone, and even my brother sent a top-level Lingbao!"

"I really want to go up and step on her face so that she looks so demon!"


"Lu Changsheng, I thought you didn't dare to come!" A loud voice came from farther away, and a fiery figure roared, and suddenly the sky was full of fire and rain, almost burning the entire sky,

"Ji Biyu, you thought I would be afraid of you! Just in front of my sister-in-law today, I don't want to be too rude!" Lu Changsheng sneered with disdain, "Now, now, on the battlefield, we fight for life and death. Beauty, the loser dies!"

"It's just what I want! Today I will cut you, a surname, under the sword, and wipe out the name of my Ji family!" The fire rain fell, and Ji Biyu held a flaming sword in his hand and pointed at the landing immortal.

"Since that is the case, you are destined to come!" Lu Changsheng's body was shocked, and a colorful light rose from his body, and a ghostly figure of the tall and powerful shore appeared behind him, with three heads and six arms, each There are six terrible weapons in his hands.

Lu Changsheng punched Ji Jiyu with a punch, and the ghost behind him followed his six-arm rotation, turning into a windmill and attacking Ji Biyu!

At the beginning of the battle between the two, it was a brutal fight. The two people had the same state and similar fighting power, so this battle was extremely fierce and exciting.

Even Zhao Yixin felt terrified after watching it. He knew that his body was probably not the opponent of these two people before he was promoted.

But now he doesn't even know how powerful this fairy corpse is. He doesn't have so much power of the soul to urge it. Otherwise, it might explode with power that makes the whole world tremble.

As for the outcome of the battle in front of him, if one of them is okay, he will not be implicated for the time being, and if the two lose both sides, it is likely that the two powerful players will find themselves.

However, he is already prepared, if the other party really tears his face to kill himself, it is a big deal to tear the space and leave directly. The strongest of the two forces is only the strongest in the early days of the Divine Emperor, and he can't track the void shuttle.


Just as Zhao Yixin was thinking, suddenly there was a muffled sound from the battle platform, and a figure was hit on the ground by a fierce blow.

"That's Ji Biyu! How could it be that the one that didn't puncture Lu Changsheng's skin just now, his body is too strong!" Someone exclaimed.

"Ji Biyu, you die for me!" Lu Changsheng's body skyrocketed into a heavenly god, with a height of thousands of feet, and he stepped on it in the direction of Ji Biyu's fall.


The whole battle hall thundered and was crushed by this foot, and a large piece of basalt diamond fell off, splashing all over the ground.

Everyone saw a **** flesh under a big foot, and Ji Biyu was trampled to death by this foot.