Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 234

Chapter 234: Great Majesty

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"Jasper!" came a cry, and a strong man rushed to the stage, glaring at the landing longevity. "Junior, you are too vicious, even such a venomous hand to Jasper, today I will destroy you!"

This is an old man who reached out and patted the longevity of the landing.


With a roar, a golden light crossed the sky, and a powerful body of golden armor fell on the battle platform, flicking the old man with a flick of the palm.

"If the fair battle between the juniors can kill Lu Changsheng, I will never intervene! If someone dares to bully the small, don't blame me for not giving face!" The golden armoured strongman looked around, and the powerful momentum rose into the sky. The moon and moon are much more dim.

A black shadow rushed out from under his big feet and rushed towards the old man who had returned.

The old man saw that the spirit of the **** was still there, and then he took a breath and put it away.

Then he looked at the golden armor goddess bitterly and said coldly: "I will truthfully report my ancestor! Goodbye!"

"Humph! I dare to grab a woman with me, seeing you in the face of the same ancestor and the same ancestor will put you on a path!" Lu Changsheng's body slowly changed back to his original size, turning his head to look at Zhao Yixin's direction, revealing a confident smile.

Zhao Yixin didn't expect that this guy would be so powerful. His physical body was no longer weaker than his own body. He was just pretending to be a pig and a tiger.

"It's amazing! This Lu Changsheng seems to be ranked among the top three disciples of the Ji family!" Someone's eyes showed envy.

"His physical body is already comparable to that of the world's strongest, and his mana is extremely thick. I think he can already contend with the world's three-fold innocence!"

"Wizards are definitely rare wizards of all ages and definitely have the potential to become immortal seedlings!"

"This time the Wanjie City Sea Election must have him a place!"


There was a lot of discussion, and the people who thought she was arrogant had already begun to express admiration.

This is the power brought by strength!

"Sister Yixin!" The winning Lu Changsheng looked at Zhao Yixin under the stage, and the smile on his face was thicker. He said aloud, "Sister Yixin, what do you think of me Lu Changsheng? Can it meet the standards you said the day before yesterday?"

"Standard is enough!" Zhao Yixin slowly turned around and walked up to the battle platform, laughing as he walked, "But Brother Lu seems to have forgotten that I said another one, if I want to talk to me To be a Taoist, you need to be able to defeat me!"

Soon she stepped onto the battle platform and stood in front of Lu Changsheng.

"Sister-in-law, I thought you were just kidding!" Lu Changsheng looked at this beautiful girl as if it were strange, not knowing why when he saw the serious expression on the girl's face, there was not only a trace of fear in his heart .

He didn't know how this was the case, but he really felt this feeling. He even thought he was hallucinating because of the battle just now.

"No! I'm never kidding! This is the rule set by my master before I came out of the mountain. As long as I beat me, I can meet your requirements. If you can't beat me, then you are not qualified to ask anything!" Zhao Yixin He tickled the little finger on the landing Changsheng, the sound seemed a bit naughty, but listening to Lu Changsheng's ears always felt a little weird.

He felt as if he had fallen into a big pit, and suddenly regretted killing Ji Biyu!

But he soon put these down. Everything he had just imagined just now might not be true!

But the beautiful girl in front of her is really in front of herself. If she can't beat this little girl, why not die!

"Since the sister asked so, then I would rather be respectful and obedient!" Although Lu Changsheng faced a little girl, he did not dare to have the slightest contempt.

"Miss Zhao, don't drink this guy to fight, he's a lunatic!" Someone shouted anxiously when he heard this sentence.

"Miss Zhao, this guy will not show mercy to your men!"

"Miss Zhao, come down, I will give you a bright future!"


For a time all the young and powerful people off the stage threw the olive branch towards Zhao Yixin.

Lu Changsheng's body expanded rapidly, and he still turned into the giant of thousands of feet. Behind the giant of giants turned a golden treasure wheel, just like a **** descended from the fairy world.

"Sister of Hearts! Since you have already decided, then I won't keep your hands! You will take me a stroke of the Emperor's Divine Fist!" The giant Qian Qiang's voice rumbled, and punched at the tiny dusty Zhao Yixin below. .

This majestic, as if an emperor descended the world, hit with all his strength.

At this moment, the whole sky was trembling, and your endless terrifying power gathered on his fist, a burst of fire, thunder, earth, water, wind and fire burst out on the fist, and the entire Divine Island seemed like the end of the world.

"Great momentum! Great majesty!" Zhao Yixin saw that the huge fist like a meteorite hit him, but he was not panicked, but he made a judgment about his character.

Almost everyone looked at this beautiful girl in a silly way, she was either crazy or terrified!

"But...the power is there, but unfortunately the strength is not enough, the body is not good, this attack has no effect on me at all!" Zhao Yixin felt that the fist in front of him was getting closer and closer, and the power could be described as shocking. A huge space crack appeared in the place where the fist passed, and the whole flame burned the whole sky!

Just when her fist was only three feet away from her, a violent wind blew her hair flying, and she stood in the center of the battle platform, blooming like a god!

She pointed at the tremendous fist that the terrible, ordinary people could not imagine.


As if a ball was poked, it seemed that an egg had hit a rock!

Everyone saw an incredible scene in the cracks covering their eyes!

The girl who looked weak and weak, touched Lu Changsheng's terrible fist with one finger, and then Lu Changsheng was like a deflated ball, quickly shrinking...

He looked at Zhao Yixin inconceivably, and looked at the trace of disdain on her face, a big spit of blood spurted from his mouth, and now he finally understood that people came to renovate himself!

In the eyes of others, everything that you are proud of is just a play by a child. You are being played like a fool.

But this is too late!


Suddenly he heard a sound of explosion coming into his body, and the next moment he found that he had been blown into a piece of minced meat!

The moment his own soul floated out of the sea, he was also shocked by the power of terror, shock...

At the next moment everything was silent, leaving only a pool of flesh on the stage.