Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 237

Chapter 237: Youdao Pavilion

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"It turns out so!" Zhao Yixin smiled happily on his face, and the other party was not moved by the threat of the Seven Princes. "Senior, it's up to me at this time! You first send a letter to Rushuang and tell her here Situation, let her send someone to pick me up tomorrow morning!"

"Really?" Li Tianyou's eyes lit up suddenly.

"Senior just worry, I'll go to the Zhao family to see. Before dawn tomorrow, I will definitely come back!" Zhao Yixin sent a reassuring smile to the other party, and then strode out of the Li family.

Class individual? Breaking the sky, wish Luan plus me, is it just right!

Deep in Luoxue Palace, in a magnificent hall, a beautiful woman is frowning and sighing, she is Li Rushuang.

"Hey! I don't know what happened to my father and Qi Yao! If there is no reply tonight, I am afraid I will fight alone!"

"Holy lady, don't you still have His Royal Highness the Seventh Prince? If it doesn't work, you just..." A pretty maid on the side carefully mentioned the Seventh Prince.

"Xiaoqing, did you take Li Feng's panacea? Otherwise, why would you speak for him!" Li Rushuang glanced coldly at the maid beside him, his face showing a cold color.

"No...Holy girl, how dare I! Xiaoqing just thinks that holy girl is too tired..." The maid bowed her head in fear.

"Forget it! I'm too sensitive!" Li Rushuang waved his hand and smiled apologetically, "Okay, Xiaoqing, go down and rest!"

"Yes! Saint girl!" Xiao Qing's body slowly receded, and he slowly exhaled until he exited the hall.

"How's it going? Did the saint agree?" A faint voice rang from behind Xiaoqing.

"No! As long as I mention His Royal Highness the Seventh Prince, the saint is anxious to me, I have tried my best!" Xiao Qing lowered her head, a trace of fear appeared on her face.

"Humph! Stubborn, I don't know why His Highness the Seventh Prince has chosen this woman..." The voice dissipated faintly!

"Hoo..." Xiao Qing took a breath.

"Huh? It's my father's voice!" Li Rushuang's face suddenly showed joy.

"Qi Yao has spoken? She also sent her little maid to the house to show off his blaze!" When Li Rushuang heard the little maid's actions, the face was cold and frost, and a force of coldness swept across the entire hall instantly. The hall was suddenly wrapped in a thick layer of hard ice, as if entering the ice and snow.

"Zhao Yuande's sister, and the cultivation is so ridiculously strong, that the blood of the little maid is abolished in one finger? I have never heard that he still has a younger sister, and he is still such a powerful younger sister." Lust, "But since she said that, maybe it was the helper Zhao Yuande's guy found! A few days ago, Sister Ruolin came to thank me specifically, saying that Zhao Yuande gave her two top-quality tricolor points! His adventures are not small, I dont know if I can come here to see me this time..."

Speaking of this, Li Rushuang's face could not help revealing a blush.

The trading area and the eastern area are separated by hundreds of miles. Zhao Yixin walked around the city, but in just half an hour, he came to the trading area.

"Youdao Pavilion! Although the name is a bit of a publicity, but it is also good!" Zhao Yixin quickly heard the name, followed the guidance and came to a three-story attic, looking at the above "Youdao Pavilion" three A big character, a smile on his face.

He stepped up and walked into the Youdao Pavilion, and saw a variety of elixirs on the counter. A middle-aged shopkeeper with a slightly gray temple was introducing the shop's elixirs to several guests. The shopkeeper's face was full of Vigor, no joy at all times.

"Father!" Zhao Yixin originally thought that in his own mood, seeing his parents wouldn't cause too many waves, but what he didn't expect was that the figure in front of him seemed to sway the string deep inside him to let him Almost rushed into the man's arms.

But he still strongly resisted this urge, because now he is not his real body, so I am afraid that there will be many misunderstandings.

After several guests paid the money with satisfaction, and took away the Elixir, the middle-aged shopkeeper, Zhao Yundes father, Zhao Yunpeng, smiled and looked at Zhao Yixin.

"This girl, what medicine do you need?"

"Oh! I don't need a panacea. I just want to inquire about someone." Zhao Yixin, if it wasn't for his cloak covering his face at this time, I'm afraid his father had already seen the unnatural expression in his expression.

"Girl, please." Zhao Yunpeng had a warm smile on his face, not knowing why he always felt an inexplicable sense of intimacy when he saw the little girl with his face covered.

"I want to find out if Zhao Yuande's family is here." He had to ask.

"Yuande is my son. won't be his friend!" Zhao Yunpeng had an inexplicable closeness and trust to the girl in front of her, and he said his relationship with Zhao Yuande without evasion.

"It turns out to be Uncle, I'm his friend. My name is Zhao Yixin!" Zhao Yixin took off the cloak above his head, revealing his true face.

"You..." Even Zhao Yunpeng almost lost his looks when he saw this character. He couldn't help but secretly called himself a beast, maybe he was the son's wife, "Cough, girl, my Yuande hasn't come back in a long time. I'm afraid I can't find him here!"

"Uncle, I know! He is still retreating in a secret place to impact the realm. He let me come over this time just to let me visit his family and help Li Rushuang to help!" Zhao Yixin could only Orchestrated himself in the world of the copper furnace, "He two other friends Po Tian and Zhu Luan are also here!"

"Here they are! They are in the backyard now, and I will take you there!" Zhao Yunpeng was convinced when he heard this, and hurriedly ordered the boy to close the shop door, and hurried to the backyard with him.

At this time Zhu Luan was chatting with a dignified middle-aged beautiful woman. They talked and laughed to show the intimate relationship between the two, while a monkey in armor was squatting on the ground and dozing boredly.

"Yi Lin! Look who is coming!" Zhao Yunpeng shouted with joy as soon as he saw his wife, "Yuan De's friend, she brought Yuan De's news!"

"Yuande! My son Yuande, where is he?" The middle-aged beautiful woman was Zhao Yuande's mother Jiang Yilin, who was laughing at Zhu Luan, but when she heard her son's name, she stood up suddenly and looked forward to it. He looked at Zhao Yixin.

Zhao Yixin bit his tongue sharply, forcibly suppressed the full of excited blood, and tried his best to be calm.

"Auntie, I'm Zhao Yuande's friend. My name is Zhao Yixin! He is currently in closed place at the secret place to attack the realm. He can't return for the time being, so I have to ask me to visit the two old men!

"Good! Yuande is safe! Peace is good!" Although Jiang Yilin showed a happy face, but her heart was still empty, although the son heard news, but the person who did not see the son, as a mother, she had A little bit lost.

"You..." Zhu Luan felt something was wrong when she saw Zhao Yixin at first glance. She was too familiar with the person's breath, and there was a constant connection in it.

"Zhao... Yuan..." On the side of the sky, bored and dozing off, at this time, he suddenly stood up and walked toward Zhao Yixin, his mouth is still a distinctive voice, but its third word has not yet vomited When he came out, he was interrupted by Zhao Yixin.

"Zhao Yuande's friend, Zhao Yixin!" Zhao Yixin stared fiercely at the sky.