Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 238

Chapter 238: Snow God World

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He knew that Po Tian and he were stronger than the contract between master and servant. He knew that Zhao Yixin was Zhao Yuande the first time.

The sky was glared, and suddenly his body shivered, and the next word was not spoken.

Zhu Luan has noticed this situation for a long time, and his heart suddenly moved. It is easy to guess that the girl in front of me may be Zhao Yuande!

However, with her cleverness, she didn't say anything at all, just put this matter in her heart for a while. Zhao Yuande must have his pains to do so, she can't break the matter without permission.

"I want to discuss with them about helping Li Rushuang, uncle and aunt won't be surprised!" Zhao Yixin smiled at the second elder.

"You chat, you chat! The child who can help Shang Rushuang is the best. This child is not easy!" Zhao Yunpeng gave Jiang Yilin a face and took her out of the backyard.

"You... are you really Zhao Yuande?" Zhu Luan's face was hung with crystal tears.

"Yes! But this is not my real body. The real body can only come back after gestating a second soul in retreat! My body name is Zhao Yixin. You must not make a mistake in front of my parents. "Zhao Yixin didn't explain things carefully, this thing is really difficult to explain.

Both nodded silently.

"Little Luan, your cultivation behavior!" Zhao Yuande saw that Zhu Luan's cultivation behavior didn't even know when it had grown into the double sky of the realm. The speed of this cultivation was simply appalling. No wonder the previous life could become the Eastern Emperor. The only existence in the world that proves to be an immortal can beat the invincible opponents of all realms in three hundred years.

He hadn't really used her appraisal technique to identify her physique.

"Zhu Luan, one of the three saints of the original demon clan, has a double-sky realm in the field, and the descendants of the congenital gods and deities have the body of the congenital **** of fire, high-quality ingredients, matching recipes..."

It turned out that it was the body of the innate fire god, Zhao Yixin suddenly relieved that this innate physique was not weaker than his chaotic sacred body, and had the potential to grow into an innate **** and demon.

It seems to train her well!

It seems that the Youhai Fire Lotus is prepared for her, and the third recipe, Shengxian Soup, is completely tailor-made for her!

If she can be promoted to Fairy Fire Body, she will save a lot of trouble on her way to becoming an immortal and can grow faster.

However, when discussing these issues from time to time, the most important thing now is to help Li Rushuang get the only quota.

"My cultivation base does not know why it is so fast! It may be because I am the body of Vulcan!" Zhu Luan also answered uncertainly.

"No! Your physique is the body of the innate **** of fire! It is entirely possible to grow into a powerful physique of the innate **** and demon."

"What! You said I am the innate body of Vulcan!" Zhu Luan heard the name, and his face suddenly became very wonderful, "This... I... I must go back to the underground world, my family is in There is a Vulcan Hall underground, if I am really a congenital body of Vulcan, I can completely unlock the seal of the hall! I will inherit the inheritance of Vulcan..."

Not to mention Zhao Yixin, even if the sky is broken, there is something to be stunned. How powerful is the innate Vulcan, what a shocking event to get his inheritance!

"You...will not go now!" Zhao Yuande felt that he had no reason to stop the other party. This is a great opportunity that anyone dreams of.

"No... my cultivation is not enough, at least to reach the world to qualify to enter that sacred area!" Zhu Luan's face is full of yearning, then he glanced at Zhao Yixin, his face a little ruddy, " Me, I hope that you will be able to go with me at that time, because my family has a rule and can bring their own men into it!"

"This is no problem, when you are promoted to the world, I will go with you!" Zhao Yixin smiled softly at her, which contained many unclear feelings.

"Thank you!" Zhu Luan blushed and felt a little weird.

"Okay, now let's discuss the question about Li Rushuang!" Zhao Yixin opened the subject and eased the awkward atmosphere.

"Will Li Rushuang be your woman too?" Zhu Luan suddenly looked at Zhao Yixin curiously, "How many women do you still have?"

"That's it!" Zhao Yixin's face turned red, and the other party said a woman. He thought of a name the first time, Shui Juekong!

At this moment she is still trapped in the world of copper furnace. If you don't recover one day, you can't open the copper furnace world, and you can't get out of the water!

"Okay, I won't ask you anymore!" Zhu Luan looked at his expression, and immediately understood it, there is definitely no need to ask!

Although she has a certain resentment against Zhao Yuande, but as Ji Yuling said, it is normal for such a powerful man to have several women. What she has to do now is to occupy more important positions in the mans mind as much as possible. .

For example, now, she is with Zhao Yuandes mother and chats every day to increase the relationship between her mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, so that even if she is recognized by his parents, she is also given a chance.

Although the atmosphere at the scene was very embarrassing, the three people quickly adapted. They each expressed their opinions and made suggestions for tomorrow's trip to the Snow Palace.

Before a huge frozen palace in Luoxue Palace, many strong men stood here and watched the frozen palace quietly. Their faces all showed expectant looks.

Behind these strong men, there are dozens of women with superb looks and temperament. At this time, they also show their tense and excited faces, and some even look rosy and excitedly clenching their fists!

All of the women are surrounded by several young powerfuls. They are either big men with strong breath like wild dragons, handsome young men with sharp sharp swords, or peerless women with graceful posture...

These people's cultivation base is the cultivation base of Yin and Yang, and some even reach the realm of realm!

The last woman was alone, and there was no one beside her. With a trace of disappointment in her face, she kept turning to look at the rugged mountain road behind her.

This woman is Li Rushuang!

"Humph! It's useless to see, you won't agree to Li Feng's conditions, who will come to help you!" A saint nearby looked at Li Rushuang coldly, with a hint of sarcasm in her tone, "The first hurdle got the leader No matter how they were accepted as disciples by the previous generation of virgins, it is not the destiny of being eliminated in the end. It is so easy for you to become the true virgin of Luoxue Palace!"

"Li Rushuang, you dare to waste my maid, let me lose my face! If you dare to enter alone, I will definitely make you look good!" Suddenly there was a voice of hatred next to the saint.

Li Rushuang gritted his teeth, still silent, his eyes kept staring at the mountain road.

"The time has come, open the world of Snow God!" A strong man in front of the void towards the frozen hall, the whole hall suddenly split open, revealing a black hole.

The power of the space in the cave is agitated, at first glance it is a passage to other small worlds.