Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 239

Chapter 239: Souls

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"Sister Rushuang, is your friend still in the future?" The strong man looked at Li Rushuang with a sneer on his face. "If there are really no friends, I can let Li Feng come over to help you!"

"Thanks to the elder, Rushuang's friends will come soon!" Li Rushuang bit his lip, he knew that all this was designed by the elder, the purpose is to let himself marry Li Feng, let the Snow Palace and Da The Li Dynasty formed an alliance!

If it werent for his own master, the last practice of the Falling Snow Maiden's retreat impacted the world, and then there were loud noises at the retreat, which only came to the news that the Saint's will fall!

The sage girl didn't know the death, and the closed place could not be forcibly opened. Therefore, Luoxue Palace will temporarily choose one of the six standby sage girls to become the next generation.

However, Li Rushuang is a temperament that never bends, and threats are of no use to her.

Zhao Yixin had taken Zhu Luan and Po Tian to Luoxue Palace, but he was taken to a hospitality palace. After waiting for a long time, no one took them to Li Rushuang.

Zhao Yixin obviously felt something was wrong, and it stands to reason that Li Rushuang must be very anxious to see herself, but why hasn't responded for such a long time.

"No! There must be someone who doesn't want us to go up the mountain, **** it!" Zhao Yixin stood up and took the two of them away from the palace.

"Three guests, please don't walk around in our Snow Palace!" A middle-aged woman with a solemn face appeared in front of the three.

"Take us to see Li Rushuang, otherwise I'll rush over myself!" Zhao Yixin grabbed the three-color streamer behind him in his hand and pointed at the woman opposite.

"Bold! You dare to break into the Snow Palace! Come on, come and take them for me!" The middle-aged woman grinned at them, her expression on her face succeeded, and her body slowly backed away.

I dont know where I rushed out of a large group of young disciples in Luoxue Palace, and culled towards them.

If they kill these disciples, they will inevitably become endless enemies with Luoxue Palace, and even more will involve Li Rushuang.

If you don't kill them, they will attack undauntedly, distracting you.

However, they underestimated the power of the three people. Zhao Yi shook his body and body, and these fast people could not react at all. Before the ridicule on the middle-aged woman's face had disappeared, his hand was pinched on the middle-aged woman. The man's neck, and the other hand is against her eyebrows.

All the young disciples in Luoxue Palace looked back at this situation and all stepped back to the side. This one must not die, otherwise their new disciples would not be able to walk around.

"Take me to the entrance of the world of Snow God, otherwise I will make you exterminate!" Zhao Yixin is not frightening her. As long as she dare to say half a word, she will definitely kill him the first time.

There are so many disciples in Luoxue Palace here, so he doesn't believe that he can't find someone to lead?

"You..." The middle-aged woman's complexion changed a lot. Although her cultivation behavior was only in the later stage of the yin and yang integration, her eyesight and insight were good. The tone of the other party could not be placed.

"Don't kill me, I'll take you, won't it take you!"

"Huh! What did I do?" Zhao Yixin let her go. "Lead the way ahead! But you must not lead me in a mess. I can hold you once and I can hold the second time! But the first The second time I grabbed your head!"

The middle-aged woman shuddered, almost scared to the ground, but a foot that flew behind her kicked **** her fart, kicking her.

The middle-aged woman walked up and down with them and walked to the Luoxue Palace before coming to the world of Snow God.

"Great elder save me!" The middle-aged woman saw everyone standing in front of the world of Snow God, and ran towards the elder immediately, calling for help while running, "They, they are good at breaking down the Snow Palace and holding the disciples! They violated the rules of Luoxue Palace, and they deserve to die!"

Zhao Yixin did not chase, but looked at Li Rushuang who was standing there alone, waved at her gently, and then walked with Zhu Luan and Po Tian.

"Li Rushuang, my brother Zhao Yuande asked me to help you!" Zhao Yixin confirmed her identity to her, believing that the other party must know how to do it.

"Really?" The elders looked at Zhao Yixin's three people from top to bottom, and suddenly there was a dignified color on her face. She saw that these three people were very extraordinary!

But no matter how extraordinary, there are only three people who should not pose any threat to other saints.

"It's true, you elders, you see this is the mark left by her pinch disciple's neck!" The middle-aged woman raised her neck, and she saw the two dark blues above.

"The elder disciple wants to ask Sister Zhang why my friends are kept up and down. Doesn't she know that my friends are here to participate in the battle for the quota of Saints?" Li Rushuang has not yet When the big elder was in trouble, he pointed the finger at the middle-aged woman in advance.

"They... They didn't explain it!" The middle-aged woman called Sister Zhang looked at Zhao Yixin and lied. "They didn't tell the origin, they just broke into the Snow Palace!"

"Humph!" Zhao Yi cold eyes, coldly said to her, "If you are here again and say erotic, believe it or not, I will make your soul destroyed on the spot!"

"Master Zu, look... Ah!" Sister Zhang suddenly felt a strong wind pierce her eyebrows, her weak little pathetic soul, was instantly annihilated, and her eyes looked in the direction of Zhao Yixin, revealing An incredible look.

All the people present were in an uproar at this time. Although they did not think that it would be powerful to kill this Sister Zhang, but to be able to kill this Sister Zhang in a fair and decent way, then you need to have enough courage to have a peaceful palace. The courage to tear the face.

"You're bold! How dare you kill my disciples in Luoxue Palace in front of me, are you not afraid that I will kill you here?" The elder looked at Zhao Yixin with a very ugly look.

"Okay! This **** is completely nonsense, you and I know it, and everyone is not a fool!" Zhao Yixin continued to laugh regardless of the ugly face of the other party, "If you dare to move me, you will have already started. Otherwise, you wont wait until now! Since you dont dare to do it, dont waste your time. Our time is very busy. Lets get started!"

"You..." Big Elder pointed to Zhao Yixin, and he didn't say anything for a long time.

She was a little bit imperceptible to Zhao Yixin. The other party's cultivation behavior seemed to be a combination of yin and yang, but it gave her a strong sense of danger in the world!

This sense of danger was tempered by her years of fighting, and she is very accurate! The other party does not cultivate more than oneself, there is something hidden in the body that can hurt oneself, obviously the other party belongs to the latter.

People who can possess such powerful treasures are likely to have powerful forces behind the Snow Palace that cannot be provoked.

"Big Elder, this disciple must have been talking nonsense! Now that she is dead, forget it!" Another elder came out at this time to find a step for the big elder.