Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Luding

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"Wait!" Just as he was about to leave the canyon, a dry voice came into his ears.

Hearing this voice, instead of stopping, he walked faster.

"Little friend, save me! I am Lu Zhenyang, the elder of the Zhenyang Sect, and was sealed here by the adulterer. As long as the little friend rescues me, I will give you a great opportunity!" The voice was very quick and breathless. After that, I was afraid that Zhao Yuande would go away.

"Zhenyang Zong? Lu Zhenyang?" The name quickly appeared in Zhao Yuande's mind.

When he walked in Zhongyu, he heard about one thing. The Taiyang elders of the Zhenyang Sect, a giant in the world returned to the Zhenyang Sect. The Zhenyang Sect held a grand celebration ceremony and feasted the heroes of the world. He used to eat mixed drinks.

What a coincidence? Zhao Yuande felt a little weird.

But he thought about it carefully and connected things back and forth, but found that they were completely logical.

A powerful person in the world has already possessed the inner world, and it is also normal for Lu Zhenyang to turn the inner world into remains.

Thinking this way, he also felt that after he entered the ruins in the last life, he took a few things, which may be where he was sealed.

After he left, the other party returned to freedom and returned to Zhenyang Sect, and the ruins would naturally be found!

This Lu Zhenyang is also a resounding figure, if he rescued him himself... Zhao Yuande began to calculate the profit and loss, whether it is necessary to take this risk.

"Lv Zhenyang swears with his own heart, that he will definitely not go wrong, and will never harm the children!" The voice saw Zhao Yuande stop and hurriedly expressed his pledge.

To swear with Dao Xin, this is the heaviest oath of the practitioner. If you do not honor the oath, Dao Xin will be broken and cultivated for nothing!

"Senior, why are you trapped here?" Zhao Yuande finally stopped, his own memory of the past life and the other's pledge, let him believe for a while.

Although he didn't put a strong man in the world in his previous life, he is definitely a great opportunity for him now.

"My friend and I got a secret picture. There may be a cave house of ancient immortals in this grand canyon. The two of us came to investigate and finally found the traces of cave houses in the cave house. As a result, after entering the cave house of the fairy house, this person had a bad heart. While I was not prepared to hurt me, I lost the opponent and was sealed here by him..."

Lu Zhenyang began to talk about his tragic encounter, but Zhao Yuande heard the other party saying that here is the ancient fairy cave house, and he was confused again.

He came to this query many times in his previous life, but found no trace of the ancient fairy cave house, and why the other party had to seal it instead of killing it. Knowing that sealing a person is a hundred times more difficult than killing a person. lie?

"Senior, why didn't the other party kill you?" Zhao Yuande asked his own question.

"Hey! I practiced half an immortal body, and he could not kill me at all with his ability, only to seal me! This seal is a few hundred years, and every Mo family will come to torture me every ten years, let me Life is better than death! There are ten days before the arrival of the Mo family. You are coming now, it must be the arrangement of heaven in the midst!" Lu Zhenyang sighed again and again, the voice was full of loneliness, desolation, and desolation!

Half an undead! Zhao Yuande's heart suddenly jumped.

The immortal body is the beginning of the world, a congenital supreme created the power, the body is immortal, as long as a drop of blood can be reborn.

In the previous life, this kind of exercise was carved on a broken green tripod, captured by the three demons, and finally became the heritage of the three demons.

By virtue of their undead body, the three demons soon became one of the top ten demons, and finally became the strongest striker attacking the human world.

Did this person get the green tripod, and was finally killed by the three invading demons?

His heart was beating, if he had put Luding in his hands in advance, wouldn't the three heads of demons get this kind of exercise, would the future world be changed by himself?

What's more, his chaotic holy body plus the immortal body is simply the Xiaoqiang who can't die. This will be a powerful technique that is not lost to Kaitian Jiulun. In any case, he will get the green tripod from his hands!

"Who is your enemy?" But Zhao Yuande was not impressed by his story, and he still didn't fully believe him.

"Mo Hongtian!" Lu Zhenyang said the name gritted his teeth, and wished he could eat his meat.

"Mo Hongtian! Mo Hongtian's ancestor Mo Hongtian?" Zhao Yuande whispered in his heart, really!

This Lu Zhenyang may not have been killed. Mo Hongtian has his own selfishness and wants to get an immortal body!

Somewhat surprised, this guy is deeply involved with himself, and the two of them must have a clear future.

"You also know this person?" Lu Zhenyang was a little surprised. With this young man's cultivation behavior, it seems that the identity should not have heard of this name.

But... this young man seems to be low-spirited, but it gives him a very mysterious feeling, and he is calm and impatient. This temperament makes him shocked, maybe this person is a big family The descendants came out to walk around the world.

This thought Lu Zhenyang felt reasonable, but since the other party is the heir of the big family, he must have extraordinary knowledge. If he wants to use a little interest in exchange for freedom, he will be ruined.

"How many people in the cultivation world don't know Mo Hongtian's name?" Zhao Yuande pretended to be an old god. He knew that the other party doubted his identity.

"Youth, after saying so much, would you be willing to save me?" Lu Zhenyang asked full of hope.

"It's not impossible to save you! But..."

"But what?" Lu Zhenyang was trapped here for hundreds of years. There was an opportunity in front of him to escape. How could he not worry.

"However, it depends on whether the price you pay is worthy of my risk!" Zhao Yuande waited for the other party's inquiry, and he now took the initiative and could get what he wanted.

"Who are you? What exactly do you want?" Lu Zhenyang felt as if the other party knew something.

"I am Zhao Yuande! My Master is the real person of the Lord Dan Ding on the stage of the Saint Dan Sect." Zhao Yuande proudly said, what do you think you can give me?

"What! Real life of Ding Ding? Is your honorable real life Ding Ding?" Lu Zhenyang's voice is full of unbelievable, "He, his old man is still alive?"

"Yes, my teacher only accepted me a few days ago, and now I have gone to the wild ancient land to find the God Spring!" Zhao Yuande said that there was some consternation in his heart. Does the other party know Danding real people? Don't wear it!

"Haha!" Lv Zhenyang laughed, filled with ecstasy, "Senior Dan Ding is still alive, I still have hope, there is hope!"

"Little friend, how can you prove your identity!" After Lu Zhenyang exulted, Fu regained his composure.

Zhao Yuande could feel that the other party's eyes were staring at himself.

"This is my evidence!" Zhao Yuande thought for a moment, took out a jade box from his arms, opened it gently, and one of the crystal-like jade medicines lay quietly in it.

"A Xuanyuan true spirit pill?" Lu Zhenyang was puzzled. "A spirit-level top grade pill, can you prove your identity?"

"Senior, this is a spirit-grade top-grade medicinal product that I have personally refined, and the refining time is less than three days! What does this represent? Seniors cant possibly not know it!"

"You made it? Are you a spirit-level pill master? No, the spirit-level pill master can't make the top grade Xuanyuan true spirit pill, are you a xuan-level pill master? How old are you this year?" Lu Zhenyang thought What emotion was a little excited.

"I am sixteen years old this year, Master Xuanji Dan!" Zhao Yuande proudly said, "In addition to my teacher, who can train disciples like me?"

"I believe it! Little brother, as long as you help me out of trouble, I will promise you whatever conditions!" After a little silence, Lu Zhenyang finally spoke.

"Give me Luding, I will help you out of trouble." Zhao Yuande was waiting for him.

" know Luding!" Lu Zhenyang almost screamed out, but this is his biggest secret. Why did Mo Hongtian not kill him, just to get the secret of his undead body, even Mo Hongtian Know the existence of Luding.

"Yes! Real Ding Ding should be able to guess. It must be that he made you want me to ask for it." Lu Zhenyang's emotion suddenly became a little low, and he was silent for a long time before slowly, "Ling Ding I can give you, but I also want to ask you one thing, as long as you agree to the transaction between us, it will be done, otherwise you will go!"

"what's up?"

"I want to ask for a Rongtiandaodan!"

"Master Zun Shenlong will not see the end, I don't know when I will see his old man next time, and I want to refine this top-level holy pill, maybe it will be 30 to 50 years, you can wait Is it true?" Zhao Yuande secretly smirked in his heart, if he really used a skill that exchanged the Heavenly Dao Dan for the immortal body, it was really profitable!

"I have cultivated into the inner world, with a long lifespan, but within three to fifty years. You can swear it with your heart!" Although Lu Zhenyang was about to gain freedom, she lost her green tripod and felt a touch of loss in her heart.

"Senior is really cautious, I swear with Dao Xin..." Zhao Yuande did not intend to deceive each other, so Dao Xin's swear had no effect on him.

"Okay! You do what I say..."