Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 240

Chapter 240: Scarlet Doll

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"Yes, maybe I am too excited!" The elders exhaled for a long time. "Now the world of Snow God is open, you only need to get a Snow God Bead in the Snow God Palace, even if you succeed! We will select six candidates for the final baptism!"

Zhao Yixin turned his head, smiled slightly at Li Rushuang, and came to her with Zhu Luan and Po Tian.

"You..." Li Rushuang wanted to ask something, but Zhao Yixin waved his hand and refused.

"This is not a place, we will talk about it in the world of Snow God later!"

"Good!" Li Rushuang was calmly infected by Zhao Yixin, and he became full of confidence.

She suddenly felt that someone was paying attention to herself, turning her head to look in one direction, and found that a familiar person was smiling at herself.

She looked cold and couldn't help turning her head in exasperation.

"What's wrong?" Zhao Yixin looked in the direction she had just now, and found that a young man who looked like Li Tian three points was looking in this direction with resentment.

But when this young man saw Zhao Yixin, it was obviously a little strange, and his eyes were full of a burning light.

"Damn things, dare to think about me, I will make you regret being born in this world!" Zhao Yixin turned his head, no longer paying attention to others, and walked into the black hole behind Li Rushuang.

Light and shadow change, and they appear in a world of ice and snow next moment.

Although the four were still together, they disappeared from the others.

"Introducing myself, I am Zhao Yixin, Zhao Yuande's distant cousin!" Zhao Yuande nodded slightly to Li Rushuang and pointed at the other two. "She is Zhao Yuande's woman Zhu Luan. It is Zhao Yuande's friend. It is up to the three of us to help you get the final place!"

Zhu Luan is actually very happy at this time. When Zhao Yuande introduced himself, he said that he was his woman, and his current identity did not say to the other party. Obviously this was to increase his closeness to himself!

"Zhao Yuande's woman!" Li Rushuang was very sensitive to this term, and she looked up and down at Zhu Luan.

It was found that this woman was beautiful and graceful, and her figure was touching, and she was not under her own. Her heart suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

"Yes! I am Zhao Yuande's woman. I was veiled by him. If I don't be his woman, I will kill him!" Zhu Luan is somewhat interested in Li Rushuang in front of him, and the other party is obviously his own potential competition. The opponent, and the other party has known Zhao Yuande for a long time, and is kind to Zhao Yuande's family. This kind of opponent should be taken seriously. With such thoughts in mind, he can't help but also have a bit of a fighting heart, "Do you want me to kill him?" Or become his woman?"

Zhu Luan took a deep look at Zhao Yixin, his face showing curiosity.

"You are in charge of your affairs, you don't need to explain it to me. Zhao Yuande and I are just ordinary friends!" Li Rushuang evaded the question and said that the relationship between the two was weak.

But her eyes will not lie, there is a faint mist in her.

In my heart, Zhao Yuande gritted his teeth. This **** Zhao Yuande sent the woman to me in a few years. Is this a big surprise for me?

"Okay! Now it's not time to say this, let's go to the Snow Palace!" Zhao Yixin didn't want to discuss this issue now, and hurriedly changed the topic, "But where is the Snow Palace? How should we find ?"

"The Snow Palace is under the direction of Yu Pei in my hand, this direction!" Li Rushuang looked at Zhao Yixin a few times, and inexplicably felt a burst of emptiness in her heart, and felt that she seemed to have a formidable strength as a little girl. I glanced away and pointed in a direction, "As long as we keep moving in this direction, we will reach the Snow Palace!"

"Let's go! Don't say anything that doesn't matter now, we must first enter the top six in this screening." Zhao Yixin waved his hand, "Now go to the Snow God Palace!"

Li Rushuang and Zhu Luan glanced at each other, nodded gently, and then followed Zhao Yixin's footsteps.

Po Tian didn't say anything, he didn't think about anything, just follow Zhao Yuande's side!

The weather in the world of Snow God is very cold. If ordinary people are here, they might be frozen into ice sticks, but for their current practice, the coldness is like the breeze.

Of course, this world is not peaceful, and often powerful beasts will rush out to stop them.

It's a pity there is a broken sky, these fierce beasts usually can't live with three breaths, and Zhu Luan is a very good logistics person. The best ingredients must not be wasted!

Before they marched to a icy peak in the sky, they suddenly smelled a strange fragrance from the top of the peak. Zhao Yixin urged his nose to light up!

"There are more than seven orders of elixir on the top of the peak. Let's go and see!" She took the lead to rise into the sky, and fell to the top of the ice peak thousands of feet in a blink of an eye.

Sure enough, at the top of the peak, he saw a large flower-bone flower with a square foot and a few feet, which was waiting to be released, and the fragrance was emitted by this flower-bone flower.

When Zhao Yixin saw this big flower, there was a trace of surprise in his eyes. How could such a thing appear in his heart?

It was at this time that all three of Li Rushuang also appeared behind him, looking at this big flower in shock.

"What kind of flower is this? Why is it so fragrant?" Zhu Luan counseled his nose, and he stepped forward, but Zhao Yixin grabbed it.

"Don't go, this flower..." Zhao Yixin's words were not finished, and seven or eight people rushed to the top.

"Haha! What a luck, I could find such a treasured potion here!" One of the youths looked at this big flower and his eyes suddenly became bright, and the excitement in his face could not be concealed, and he moved towards the big flower. Go.

"Huh, aren't you Sister Li?" Others were guarding a stunning woman at this time. When the stunning woman saw Li Rushuang, she couldn't help but show an inexplicable smile in the corner of her mouth. "I don't know where Sister is stronger than us. Will make that guy Li Feng so obsessed!"

"Sister Jin Ling, why talk nonsense with her, we might as well slaughter them directly, and it's an obstacle!" You are a fat woman with five big and three thick sides beside her, and her face flicked, looking at Zhao Yixin and three people cold Laugh straight.

Li Rushuang's face suddenly sank, and she was going to blame each other, but Zhao Yi kissed him!

"We back away!"

Zhao Yixin's voice rang in the ears of the other two, and everyone did not question her decision at all, and stepped back very cooperatively.

"You still want to go..." The fat woman was about to start, but heard a scream.

The young man who had just walked towards the big flower just now was close to the big flower. He stretched out his hand and grabbed the big flower. The big hand that had been around a few dozen feet out of thin air appeared out of nowhere and directly grabbed the big flower.

But at this time, the big flower seemed to feel the danger, and suddenly opened all the petals, and a small red **** doll stood among the stamens. At this moment, the little baby's face suddenly stood up and opened his mouth towards the void. With a bite, a big tear in the void appeared in front of the youth in the next moment.

"Click!" The young man's head was directly bitten into the mouth, and blood flowed down the white teeth in his mouth.