Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 243

Chapter 243: Ants Collide With Dragon

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Once on the island, everyone felt something was wrong, how could there be an ice island in such a hot lake? Why doesn't the snow melt?

"These are not true, they are mirages!"

Someone approached a cedar and found that it was just an image, but the real situation made them a little helpless. The island is only a few acres in size, and even the barren plant on it did not grow.

However, they can escape the attack of underwater monsters, they can also be considered a life, otherwise once the ship is broken, who knows what terrible existence underwater.

"What do you think?" Li Rushuang looked at Zhao Yixin, waiting for her answer.

She found that only after she and Zhao Yixin were in a hurry, the human brain became bad, and she had to ask her for advice first.

Not only she, she also found out that the girl named Zhu Luan and the armor monkey who never hummed hummingly had the same problems as herself!

"We're in big trouble!" Although Zhao Yixin said this on his mouth, he didn't have that meaning on his face. Instead, he looked at Li Rushuang with a smile and asked her, "You think if we fell into the lake at once, we would What is the result?"

"Fall into the lake?" Li Rushuang shuddered. "There are monsters in the lake. If we fall in, we might become monsters' food!"

"Okay! If you don't want to be food, get close to me later."

"Huh? What are you talking about?" Li Rushuang froze for a moment, so he said this?

"This is... why the island is moving!" Suddenly someone exclaimed!

They felt that the island tilted all at once, and then reversed, and everyone was pressed into the water by the island.

"Ah!" Suddenly a scream came, and I didn't know where to jump a huge monster, grabbed the leg of a cultivator, and pulled towards the bottom of the water!

The sharp sword waved by the cultivator in a panic fell on the monster, and a large piece of Mars splashed in the water.

"It's the ice and snow crocodile. Let's fly into the sky!" Someone saw the monster as if it were a huge crocodile with a silver light shining through it.

People just woke up and they all rose up into the sky.

But at this time, the water suddenly shot a thick water arrow, and shot towards the practitioner who rushed into the sky.

These people deftly evaded the attack of the water arrows, and before they were relieved, they suddenly heard a clear sound of Fengming!

A huge ice phoenix appeared on the sky, dragging its long tail, and the ice and snow suddenly flew, and the temperature of the air suddenly dropped by some degree.

These ice phoenixes seem to have lost their wits. Seeing the cultivators in the sky is like seeing the meat in the plate. The long beak that rushed up to open the sword like a bite is a burst.

Blood spattered the sky, a corpse fell from the sky, and the entire lake was suddenly stained with red.

However, these ice phoenixes only killed the practitioners flying in the sky, but there was no trace of hostility to the practitioners in the lake below, as if the sky were their territory, they only killed the invaders!

"Let's get on the boat quickly!" The people who didn't have time to rush to the sky immediately shifted their targets and rushed towards the still floating ship in the Great Lakes.

"Hurry up and let's get on the boat!" Zhao Yixin smashed a snowy big crocodile with a punch, protecting the other three people and rushed into the boat.

At this time, there were only more than 20 people left on the ship, and the owner of the ship was already dead. They desperately urged the ship to go away in the distance.

These two dozen people are almost scared to death. They now have question marks in their minds. Why did the island just overturn?

But soon they discovered the true image of the matter. A huge figure appeared in the water. This figure was tens of thousands of feet long, and the back was only a few miles in size. It turned out that the so-called island they just had was this figure. back!

"Quick! We need to stay away from this monster, otherwise the ship close to us will be broken!" Some people cried because the huge figure rushed out of the water at once, and suddenly the whole sky was covered by this figure Covered, a huge pressure pressed into everyone's heart, the air in the entire space almost froze, and they all couldn't breathe with their mouths open.

This monster has at least the strength of the emperor level, the body can already collapse the space!

Everyone urged the big ship with all their strength, but that figure was too big. The hurricane wave brought by jumping out of the water alone was hundreds of feet. Their big ship seemed to be a leaf rippling with the waves.

"Ah! We're going to die!" Some people screamed in horror, some cried in tears, and others shivered all over the body.

Only Zhao Yixin had a faint smile on his face, and said to the three uneasy people around him: "If it is this kind of thing that competes for places, we don't have to worry!"

"I'm still in a joke at this time!" Li Rushuang looked at Zhao Yixin quite far away, "I'm not happy to think of a way, otherwise we will be eaten in a while!"

"Relax! He has count!" The hand of Zhu Luan Lala Li Rushuang shook her head gently to reassure her.

Po Tian was even more concerned about his face, watching those people sneer in their eyes.

At this moment, Li Rushuang looked at the girl in front of her, who seemed to be younger than herself, and felt as if nothing could hardly hold her, as long as she was among these people, there was no need to worry.

"It's coming, it's going to eat us!" Someone suddenly screamed in horror.

I saw the behemoth like a whale, opened his mouth with a few acres of laughter, and bit hard at the big ship.

If it is bitten by this big monster, let alone a big ship, even if ten or a hundred ships have to be turned into powder, they will definitely become the dead souls on the ship.

"It seems that I can't do it if I don't move!" Zhao Yixin stretched his body, rose from the sky, and punched him with a punch at the monster.

Everyone stared blankly at this scene. It was simply a tribute to the car. It was absolutely impossible for the ants to defeat the Shenlong!

But at the next moment, everyone was completely stunned!

I saw the little ant hit the dragon's mouth with a punch, and directly crushed a tooth with a length of dozens of feet!

The giant monster's huge body was directly slumped back with a punch, and the body suddenly fell into the lake water.

"Oh!" There was a series of painful roars in the lake water, the waves hit the sky, and tossed a dozen or so to breathe the whole lake before slowly calming down!

Everyone looked at the little body that came down from the sky. It was hard to imagine that such a small body could explode that kind of power. It was even a punch that knocked back a monster that was equivalent to the body of the Emperor Realm. Who is the two of them? It's a monster!

The twenty or so people who survived watched Zhao Yixin trembling all over.

Others don't say that at this time, Li Rushuang can put two eggs in his mouth, his facial expression is exaggerated, and there is a gurgling noise in his throat.

Zhu Luan was not surprised by these things. She knew from the beginning that the journey was unstoppable. As long as Zhao Yixin was there, nothing would bother her.

Breaking the sky is a matter of course. The big guy looked scary. In fact, he can be done even if he is changed. Zhu Yan is a **** beast. There are many ways to deal with this big brainless guy!