Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 244

Chapter 244: Snow City

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"Okay, don't be stunned. Now start the big ship and set off toward the other side!" Zhao Yixin waved to the stunned people and let them work quickly.

There are three saints among these people. When I look at Li Rushuang at this time, my eyes are full of envy!

With the urging of these people, the big ship galloped on the big lake like an arrow. I dont know whether Zhao Yixins powerful deterred all the monsters or the speed of the big ship. Anyway, the next calm and quiet, just a short half day, their big ship has crossed the entire lake and appeared on a black plateau full of frozen ground. on.

Everyone jumped out of the boat and sat pale on the ground, breathing heavily. They were so tired that almost all of their spiritual power was exhausted.

"Let's go, let's go first!" Zhao Yixin took Li Rushuang and the three through these guys, and Youzai Youzao hurt the road.

"It's the right direction!" Zhao Yixin looked at a mountain that was getting higher and higher in front of him, and couldn't help but ask Li Rushuang around him.

At this time, it had been three days since the distress of the Great Lakes. They walked on this frozen plateau for three days and three nights. Not only did people not see one, but even the fierce beast had not seen the shadow, they once doubted This direction is wrong.

"Yes, that's the direction. It should be almost over the mountain!" Li Rushuang was also a little embarrassed. He had already said this many times, but over and over, there were more than one hundred in a row. It's a huge peak, but it still has a bright future.

"This area is too big! And there is always a group of ice phoenixes in the sky that seem to be cursed. Each end is extremely powerful and surprisingly fast. No one dares to fly to the sky, otherwise how can we I will walk on foot for such a long time!" Zhu Luan was also upset. There was a black, endless mountain here, and no matter who saw these feelings, he couldn't get better.

"Okay, I feel like the end of the road is ahead, but there is a huge crisis waiting for us!" Zhao Yixin patted Zhu Luan's shoulder and comforted softly, "But the crisis is usually accompanied by opportunities, we If we can seize this opportunity, maybe Zhenhai can get something!"

"Really?" Zhu Luan looked at Zhao Yixin puzzledly.

"When did I lie to you, go ahead boldly!" Zhao Yixin took the lead toward the top of the mountain.

Everyone was refreshed and followed behind her.

Turning up the mountain, everyone only felt that the line of sight in front of them was bright, and there was no black frozen soil in front, but a slow snow field. At the end of their line of sight was a huge towering city.

"A city in the world of Snow God? Will there be anyone in it?" Even Li Rushuang was staring at the end of the sky.

Although they are expensive to prepare a saint, their authority is not high, and they dont know much about the world of Snow God. It is not easy to know that they have innate spirit fire inside, and he has nothing to do with other things. Knowing, it can even be said to be black on the eyes.

"I feel very strong vitality rising in that city. I think not only there are people, but also many people, a large number of people!" Zhao Yixin said with more certainty.

"It's still a good place for someone else, otherwise I'm really going crazy!" Li Rushuang looked at Dacheng with some expectation and murmured in his mouth.

"Humph! Maybe you will miss the days when no one is there!" Zhao Yixin smiled softly and took a big step toward the big city.

Now that they have a goal, their speed becomes faster, and they soon appear not far from the big city.

Standing here, you can already hear the hustle and bustle in the big city, and it sounds very lively.

"Welcome to the Virgin! You are the 138th Virgin who arrived in the Snow God City, this is your jade card!" They just walked to the gate of the city, and suddenly a team of powerful soldiers walked in front of them. A bearded general walked up respectfully to Li Rushuang and presented a jade card.

"Thirty-eighth!" Li Rushuang's tone was obviously improved. They can't compare with the dozens of preparatory saints who came in. So now there are so many more at once?

"Yes, you are the first in the Eastern World, and the 38th in the beginning. Do you have any objections?" This bearded general is very respectful, and is not annoyed by Li Rushuang's doubts. "Don't you not Know that this is the once-in-a-lifetime ceremony of the Snow God World?"

"Sacrifice Ceremony!" Li Rushuang increasingly felt that this was a bit strange. Didn't they get photographed to get the Snow God Pearl?

"Okay! The saint already knows, let's go down!" Zhao Yixin waved his hand at the bearded general and motioned him to leave.

Bearded looked at Li Rushuang suspiciously, but didn't talk much and turned away.

"Let's go! Let's go first, don't ask too much, and I will tell you when it's inside!" Zhao Yixin took Li Rushuang into the Snow God City. Several people were shocked by the bustling scene in the city.

"I'm afraid it is the former dojo that existed in Immortal Realm. Her inheritance is not only limited to the Eastern World. Just like other major forces, there are the same Snowfall Palace or Snow God Palace in other worlds!" Zhao Yixin glanced at the powerful practitioners who came and went, and his face showed the look of expectation, "These people are from other big worlds. It is a kind of experience for you to be able to deal with them. I didn't expect to meet so early Geniuses from other big worlds!"

"Then what's the matter with the ceremony?" Li Rushuang looked at Zhao Yixin as if she knew everything about the girl across the street.

"This should be a genius contest. I don't know what kind of role we can play here. From now on, you can't slack off, Li Rushuang, maybe we won't be able to play in the next battle!"

"Well! Oh, I will work hard!" Li Rushuang clenched his fists, looking forward to his eyes.

Everyone was watching the flow of people on the street, looking at various races, tall and majestic, some small but three feet tall, some as fat as a ball, and some as thin as hemp.

Other than Zhao Yixin, everyone else was a little dumbfounded. They had never been exposed to these, and felt very fresh and very curious.

"This saint, please take your entourage to the Feixue Palace to report, in order to receive the true saint's emblem!" At this time, the old man who thought he was slender and slender with a pair of antlers on his head stepped forward seriously. To remind, "Otherwise, tonight, outsiders who are not covered by the emblem of the Virgin will be mercilessly slaughtered!"

Zhao Yixin could feel that the old man was extraordinary, but he could not judge the true cultivation, so he was curious about him.

"Lu Wanqiu, the late emperor of the emperor, one of the guardians of the snow **** city, the elder of the snow deer family, with the blood of the innate **** demon, middle-level ingredients, matching recipes... table of ingredients..."

This turned out to be a strong man in the late Emperor's Emperor, and he could be promoted to the realm of Divine Emperor within a step.

But having said that, I can't be sure of my current cultivation behavior, and it seems that the identification has also been restricted, and the emperor's later period can't escape his own eyes.

"Excuse me, where is Feixue Palace?" Li Rushuang glanced at Zhao Yixin and found that she didn't respond, so he asked the old man respectfully.

"Feixue Palace is there!" Lu Wanqiu saw Li Rushuang as a saint, but was so humble, she couldn't help but feel a little more like her, and immediately showed a smiling expression, pointing to a nearby one A huge palace towering into the sky with a finger.

"Thank you seniors for your guidance!" Li Rushuang thanked hurriedly and showed great respect.

"Hey! This is all my internal affairs, please go quickly, saint!" Lu Wanqiu hurriedly waved his hand, but his face was more and more happy. He looked around and no one paid attention to it. Chuanyin said, "Remember not to exchange the emblem of the Virgin with others, please!"