Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 245

Chapter 245: Escape From Prison

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Li Rushuang froze a little, but nodded quietly.

"Seniors say goodbye!" Li Rushuang, with some clouds and fog in the clouds, took Zhao Yixin to the Feixue Palace, and he was puzzled.

"Holy lady!" Lu Wanqiu looked at Li Rushuang who had left, and could not help shaking his head slightly, said softly, "Hey! Such a good lady, hope she won't fall here! Hope she can listen to me Hold on to the greed in your heart!"

Lu Wanqiu sighed in his heart that although he was a strong emperor and one of the guardians of the city, his origin was destined to belong to the lowest level in the Snow God City. In order to meet the saint, he had to bow down and see. The saint could kill her in one sentence.

In this snow **** city, the most important thing is the status, lineage and blood, which are strictly divided into three, six, nine, etc. The first one is the snow **** high priest, the only descendant of the big fairy in the beginning realm, she is supreme in the snow **** city. The existence of the word can determine the life or death of anyone.

The next class are the virgins of the Snow God City and several elders, who are above tens of thousands under one person. Anyone who sees them must salute.

The third is the sage girls who came to participate in the ritual ceremony. They are likely to be the sage girls or elders in the future, and their status cannot be ignored.

The fourth class is the guardian of the Snow God, who is the descendant of the guard of the former Snow God. They have the largest number. They are loyal to the Snow Priest. They will kill wherever the finger of the high priest is.

The fifth class is like the indigenous people of the native world of Snow God. They can sign up as the guards of the Virgin and serve the Virgin and the elders.

Those cultivators who followed the saint to the world of snow gods will be discussed for the fourth time.

When going to Feixue Palace, Li Rushuang told Lu Yiqiu's secret voice to Zhao Yixin.

Zhao Yixin nodded and said: "This person can say this, there must be his reason, let's see what kind of development will follow."

Li Rushuang nodded.

They soon came to the Feixue Palace. At this time, there were many people wandering in front of the Feixue Palace. After they saw Li Rushuang, they immediately looked at him with joy, and all of them hugged.

"This saint, this is my Zhu family's invitation. If you have time, you can visit my Zhu family. My Zhu family got it recently..."

"Holy...This is my wolf's invitation, please accept..."

"Holy lady, this is..."


Li Rushuang was surrounded in the center, and some of them looked at the invitation-givers stupidly. None of them were normal human beings. They seemed to be adults of demon cultivation, and each of these people's behavior was above the world. Inadvertently exudes momentum, which makes her a little trembling.

When she was overwhelmed and wanted to ask Zhao Yixin, suddenly a woman's anger came from Feixue Palace.

"Fuck me all! Don't delay the business of Her Royal Highness!"

Everyone heard the anger and suddenly raised their heads in horror, looking in the direction of the Snow Palace, and saw that a woman in plain clothes was slowly walking out of the Snow Palace.

"Sorry Elder Li, let's go!"

Everyone left Li Rushuang in horror.

Li Rushuang only took a breath, and she was really a little scared just now.

"Thank you seniors for your siege!" Li Rushuang paid a respect to this woman.

This plain-dressed woman is extremely beautiful, and she has a refined and pure temperament in every line of laughter, so that the people watching her involuntarily have a feeling of self-consciousness.

"Li Su Niang, the owner of Feixue Palace, the elder of the Snow God City, the early stage of the God Emperor Realm, has the blood of the Snow God, and intermediate-level ingredients..." Zhao Yixin got this result, and he was shocked in his heart. Don't ever hide this dragon in the Snow City. Clash with the God Emperor, otherwise they will probably recognize themselves as a fairy corpse, which may cause a lot of unnecessary troubles at that time. Some people are better off in front of them.

"Okay, come in!" The plain-clothed woman waved at Li Rushuang.

Several people like Li Rushuang immediately followed her and entered the Feixue Palace.

"I am Li Su Niang, the princess of Feixue Palace. Which holy lady are you from?" Li Su Niang slowed down and walked with Li Rushuang, inadvertently asked this question.

"Return to the Palace Master, I'm Li Rushuang from Dongxue Great World Luoxue Palace!" Li Rushuang bowed slightly and behaved very well.

"Oh! Not bad, we turned out to be our own! Donghuang World is the first world in our beginning, which contains endless secrets. You have got the 38th from Donghuang World. The rankings are promising in the future! Work hard!" Li Su Niang heard that Li Rushuang also had the surname of Li, and that she came from the East Emperor Great World. Her enthusiasm rose by three points.

The two chatted along the way. Li Su Niang often deliberately and unintentionally bulked up the world, and there were many expectations in her eyes.

Li Rushuang also performed well all the way, winning further favor from Li Su Niang.

"The front is the place to exchange the emblem of the Virgin, you go!" Li Su Niang pointed to a house not far away, let Li Rushuang go.

"Thank you, Master, I'm gone!"

"Hey! One thing to remind you, don't allow anyone to exchange the emblem of the Virgin at will, no matter what conditions they put forward!" Li Su Niang suddenly stopped her again and said exactly the same as Lu Wanqiu.

"Thank you for reminding the palace master!" Li Rushuang knew that the other party must be for his own good.

"Go!" Li Su Niang waved her hand.

Li Rushuang led the three people into the house with a big stride.

There was only a dry old man in the room. After sitting at a table, he saw Li Rushuang coming in, raised his eyelids, and said lazily: "Give me your temporary token."

Li Rushuang passed the token.

"Well! Very good, but only the field of long-term habitat can win the position of thirty-eight, very good! I hope you will cherish this opportunity!" The old man gave Li Rushuang a slap-shaped diamond brand, the brand is lifelike. An ice phoenix is carved into the sky.

"Report all three of your subordinates to their names and cultivation practices, and enter their information into the emblem of the Virgin." The old man began to ask Zhao Yixin about the situation of the three of them.

Li Rushuang and Zhao Yixin had already arranged a set of speeches and identities, which is just right now.

"Everything is done, you go out from this portal!" The little old man tore around at random, and suddenly a void door opened.

The four of them stepped into the door of the void and disappeared into the room.

"Interesting! Really interesting, this time there will be such interesting things in the ceremony, even a **** beast was also involved! And the little girl, I can't even see her cultivation and race, is she More mysterious than Zhu Zhu, the mythical creature? Could it be a fairy!"

The old man's complexion suddenly changed, and he began to pinch and calculate.


But for a long time, the old man's mouth spouted a blood, his face became very dignified.

"No! At this time, we must report to the Snow God high priest, otherwise there will be trouble!" The old man hurried out.

But when he walked to the door, he suddenly stopped again, with a greasy and excited smile on his face.

"Why should I tell her that the chaos in this world has anything to do with me? Chaos! Only when there is chaos in the world can we escape from this closed prison!"