Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 247

Chapter 247: Star Divine Body

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Some people left the scene one after another, and at last there was only one little boy left, about 11 or 12 years old, white and cute.

He looked at the badge of the Virgin in Li Rushuang's hands and was very hopeful.

"Little guy, don't you want to exchange with us?" Zhao Yixin looked at this little guy and couldn't help but be surprised.

"Qin Xingyu, the early stage of Lingtai's pregnancy, the master of the Qin family in the Snow City, the star **** body, high-end ingredients, matching recipes... list of ingredients..."

This little boy turned out to be a star **** body. This is an amazing and terrible system. The speed of cultivation under the star is extremely amazing, and when you reach the five-fold **** state in the field, you can condense the star phase. This physique is for the star road. Comprehension has a unique advantage. Others may not be able to comprehend their entire lives, and they will certainly come to fruition within three years!

That is to say, as long as this physique can enter the later stage of the world, it will definitely become the emperor in three years!

This is simply the evil physique of the sky!

"I...I...I don't have any treasures, but I really want to..." The little guy twiddled us and didn't speak well, and his face was a little red.

"Oh! Are you thinking of white wolf with empty gloves?" Zhao Yixin looked at the little guy with a smile.

"No! I'm not... I just want to be the **** of the saint!" The little guy finally gathered courage.

"Become the escort's guard, your cultivation is too low!" Zhao Yixin looked at the little guy up and down, "What gives you the confidence to be a guard?"

"I...I can pick up the star power!" The little guy's voice was very small, and he didn't seem to be confident.

"Little brother, what are you doing here!" A girl's voice came suddenly and clearly, making people look up.

This is a 16-year-old girl. She looks about the same age as Zhao Yixin. She has a slightly dark skin and big eyes. When she laughs, she reveals two deep dimples. His hair is short ears, and he wears a whole body. The suit is very clean.

"Qin Bingyu, mid-phase of Yin and Yang, the Qin family of the Snow God City, the body of the ice spirit, low-level ingredients..."

Zhao Yixin originally wanted to find any surprise in this girl, but he was slightly disappointed.

The girl saw the little guy running and pulled him.

"Sister! I want to be the **** of the saint, I want to go out and learn, I don't want to stay at home all the time!" The little guy struggled for a long time.

"Family union should be visited by my father, Farewell Court, what are you doing now! Would you like this kind of cultivation person to want you? Hurry up! Come home with me, my mother is looking for you everywhere!" He glanced at Zhao Yixin a few people, with alertness in his eyes.

Zhao Yixin immediately got a message from the girl's mouth, they will soon be harassed by the second wave.

The girl was about to pull the little guy away, but Zhao Yixin stopped her way.

"Hey! Wait, I promised to let him be the guard!" Zhao Yixin could not let the boy go. This is a genius evildoer. Once released, he won't be able to meet him next time.

"You..." The girl looked at Zhao Yixin inconceivably, and finally turned her eyes to Li Rushuang, asking carefully, "His Royal Highness, is this your decision?"

Although Li Rushuang doesn't know what trick Zhao Yixin is playing, she can only support it unconditionally.

She nodded gently and smiled: "Yes, it's my decision, why? Is there any problem in it?"

"No! No." The girl was shocked first, and then her face appeared ecstatic.

Their Qin family is the lowest family. If they can really have a relationship with the No. 38 saint, they may be able to rise up in the future!

"Since it's not enough, go back! Your brother we will take away!" Zhao Yixin waved at the little guy.

The little guy broke free of his sister's palm and came to her with excitement, his face full of pride.

"Since that is the case, I will go back and tell my father, and let my father come to thank His Royal Highness!" The girl also excitedly ran, and went back to tell her.

"His Royal Highness, please come with me, I will take you to rest at No. 38 Bieyuan!" A group of bodyguards in the distance saw that things were over here and hurried up to lead the way for Li Rushuang.

With the group of guards, the crowd soon came to a huge Bieyuan. This piece of Bieyuan was tens of acres in size. The large group of people at the door were already ready, and they were greeted with respect. .

After dismissing the servants, Zhao Yixin sat together in a hall.

"Your name is Qin Xingyu!" Zhao Yixin looked at this little guy. Although his age is very small, Xiuwei has reached this point, especially that kind of special constitution, which no one can match, even if it is The body of Zhao Yixin, who has such an inherited tradition of eating the Dao, can't guarantee that he can practice faster than him!

Many people are in the world's triple dominance, because the delay of Tao's comprehension is hundreds of thousands of years, and even thousands of years is not a small number, even if the genius is Shui Cangyun, the daddy of the water **** who is the son of the old water god, The dual-attribute physique of ice and fire, the terrible existence that opened the eye of killing, all delayed for decades in this realm. Without his own help, he still does not know how many years it will take to be promoted!

And this guy can be promoted to the emperor within three years! It really makes people envious and jealous!

" do you know?" The little guy was obviously taken aback, he never said his name.

"I also know that you have a star **** body." Zhao Yiying looked at each other with a smile.

"You... what do you want to do!" Zhao Yixin smiled, and instead of feeling pleasing to the eye, this little guy felt a sense of horror, as if all of his inner secrets had been explored, and a feeling of uneasiness flooded his heart.

"I want to train you well!" Zhao Yixin patted his shoulder to signal him not to be nervous, and continued, "I want you to be my disciple!"

"What? Your disciple? Are you... how much older are you than me? What are you doing for?" The little guy looked at Zhao Yixin with suspicion and thought she was not reliable. "Besides, I am going to do The **** of the Virgin!"

The little guy glanced at Li Rushuang and found that she did not respond to her words at all, but nodded gently to herself.

What does it mean to nod? The little guy didn't understand, did the saint agree with me?

"Oh! Little things, you are still very picky!" Zhao Yixin smiled, she had thought of the other party's reaction, "So! You follow us, and temporarily be the escort, if you think you want to worship me that day. Master, let's talk about this matter again!"

Zhao Yixin felt that coercion and temptation were not as good as being convinced. He showed his strength and convinced him.

He didn't mention the matter again, the people just talked casually for a while, and then they rested separately.