Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 248

Chapter 248: The Situation Of Snow City

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These days, the spirit is highly tense. After repeated battles, although the two guys Zhao Yixin and Po Tian are still superb, but the two girls need to be quiet and rejuvenated.

The people rested beautifully for a day, and the next day the servant knocked on the door and told him that someone from a large family came to the house to ask for an interview.

After asking Qin Xingyu, I learned that there are usually two waves of visitors to the Virgin. The first wave is the visitors who exchanged the badge of the Virgin. The second wave is the exchange of the patriarchs of the major families after the failure to seek refuge. The truth is that the hundred previous saints and the third wave of visitors are the spokespersons of the elders. They look for potential saints to join together, so that they can get some benefits in the sacrificial ceremony.

Zhao Yixin asked the servants to bring all the family patriarchs into the hall, with hundreds of people.

Each of them is magnificent, even if they are standing there is a kind of superior kind of momentum, they are talking in a small group of five or five in the lobby.

When they saw Li Rushuang entering the hall, everyone stopped talking, and all looked at her with burning eyes.

"Your intention, the saint of my family has already known, we have agreed to the Qin family's union, if you are okay to go back!" Zhao Yixin is still an agent.

"The Qin family? How is it possible! They are only the family after the three hundredth ranking, could the Royal Lady be deceived by him!" Someone immediately questioned.

"Yes! Our Ou Family is in the top 30 families, why does His Highness not choose us! We can bring the greatest benefit to His Highness!"

"Although our Hou family is not ranked high, it has a secret method to make the soul grow stronger. In the sacrifice ceremony, it will give Her Majesty Her Lady the best chance!"

"Our bear family..."

Someone took the lead and suddenly there was a lot of noise on the scene. All the families talked about the strength and divinity of their own families, so that Her Highness changed the mind.

At this time, a man in purple robe standing behind everyone showed nervousness, excitement, and even disturbed emotions on his face. He didn't dare to talk much, but was looking forward to the little figure behind Li Rushuang.

"Okay! Are you questioning the saint's decision? Do you still need your little strength as a saint?" Zhao Yixin's voice was quiet, but the whole hall was quieted down, she pointed. Qin Xingyu said to everyone, "The saint is concerned about the potential of the family. The Qin family has this potential, and you don't."

"We... our family's potential is also good, and my son can be ranked in the top 100 among the tens of thousands of geniuses in the Snow God City!" Someone was not convinced and whispered.

"He is just a child, and he can't help the festival of rituals and the contest."

"Our children can help the sage at least now, and the sage should never lose the big one!"


"Let's go! My saint has chosen the Qin family, and we need to discuss the next matter with the Qin family, and give it away!" Zhao Yixin was too lazy to chat with them and waved his servant.

All the patriarchs' faces are not very good-looking. They have prepared a long time of rhetoric and they have not come in handy today. They can only go to the next one, that is, the thirty-ninth Saint's Bieyuan, hoping to be there Good luck.

Only the head of the Qin family was left at the scene, and the man in purple robe came forward with some excitement to salute Li Rushuang.

"Qin Chaohe has seen Her Royal Highness!"

"Master Qin doesn't need to be polite, let's sit down and talk! We still don't understand many things!" Zhao Yixin surpassed his behalf and waved his hand to let Qin Chaohe sit down.

Qin Chaohe glanced at Li Rushuang, and found her meaningless, curious in her heart, and did not say much.

Qin Xingyu was very clever. When he saw his father coming, he did not take the initiative to speak, but stood quietly behind Li Rushuang to observe.

He is observing Zhao Yixin's every move. He feels that this man who is to become his master is even more powerful than the saint. The saint has to listen to her. What is his relationship with the saint?

"I don't know what Her Royal Highness wanted to ask?" Qin Chaohe said respectfully.

"Let's talk about the general situation of the Snow God City. What did the saints do here, and what is the ritual ceremony?" Finally, Zhao Yixin threw out all these doubts in his heart.

"There are about three forces in the Snow God City. The Snow God High Priest and the Snow God guard in her hands are the first and most powerful. They have two-thirds of the power of the Snow God City! They are the law enforcement of the Snow God City. The ruler is also the rule-maker, and no one dares to defy! The second is the Holy Lady and many elders. They control the Presbyterian Church. They are second only to the power of the Snow God High Priest and have many rights to kill and kill! Its our families and many alternate saints. We are the bottom of the city. We are bullied and have no right to live in fear every day!"

Hearing Qin Chaohe's account, Zhao Yixin gradually understood the situation of the entire Snow God City. It seemed that the Snow God City seemed calm and calm on the surface, but in fact it was undercurrent. These people have been suppressed for so long. Burst out.

"Go on!" Zhao Yixin digested the information just now and motioned to the other party to continue.

"The saint came here naturally to accept the inheritance of the snow god, and the ritual ceremony is where the inheritance is accepted. At that time, the high priest of the snow **** will sacrifice the snow god, and the snow **** will lower Fuze and let the saint and her subordinates We have benefited and improved. I dont know exactly how to do it. Our Qin family is not ranked high in the 3,000 family. Only one saint has successfully won the inheritance in hundreds of thousands of years, and has experienced time. It is too long, and a lot of information is missing!" Qin Chaohe's face was a little embarrassed.

"Okay! This information is enough!" Zhao Yixin waved his hand and continued to ask, "The last question, how many saints have been passed down? Did they go there?"

"Every time there is more than one virgin in the ceremony, the virgin who has inherited can choose to go back to her big world to continue practicing, or you can choose to become the next generation of virgins here!"

"Originally, then let's talk about how you help the Saint..."

The conversation was very pleasant, and the conditions of Qin Chaohe were very satisfying to Zhao Yixin, and their family would contribute a top-level spirit treasure to help the saints guard the spirit of the gods in the final sacrifice ceremony.

This is a very rare top-level spirit treasure that can be worn for the soul of the gods, and its true value is probably not worse than a congenital spirit treasure!

And they will provide a variety of resources to allow them to improve their cultivation as much as possible before the ceremony.

Because there is a challenge before the ritual ceremony, all the virgins have a chance to challenge other virgins. If they can advance one, the chance of the virgins getting inherited will increase by one point, because their ranking is related to distance. In the ceremony of the ritual ceremony, the first place will stand in the same row with the snow **** priest at the forefront of the inheritance hall, and the will of the snow **** will come and they will be the first to feel it.

The next day the Qin family sent a lot of cultivation materials and many spirit jade.

However, several elders spoke with the Qin family. They all asked Li Rushuang to take refuge with them in a high attitude. They would send the strong to participate in the challenge.

But Li Rushuang does not need this, as long as Zhao Yixin is in her mind, she will be relieved.

Politely rejected the spokespersons of the elders, saying that they should make a decision after considering it clearly.

They began to practice for a month.