Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Wang Chen

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According to what the other party said, Zhao Yuande entered the so-called ruins again, almost following the route taken by the previous life, cleverly took some good spirit treasures, and finally came to the deepest part of the ruins.

It was a heart that was about to dry up, and a black flag was inserted on the heart. The black light lingered on the flag, continually absorbing the energy in the heart, and a terrible evil terror breath was uploaded from the flag and overwhelmed Zhao Yuande. After retreating again and again, there was a dullness in his chest and he could not breathe normally.

"It is this black wind flag. As long as you help me to pull this flag out, I will be free again!" Lu Zhenyang's voice was a little trembling, and success was right in front of him, he would be free again, and he couldn't be more excited.

"Wait! Does Senior have to fulfill the agreement first!" Zhao Yuande stood in front of his heart, not eager to start.

He was afraid that the other party would not abide by the promise after he got out. Although he vowed with Daoxin, but if the other party made no room for nothing, he would not care about the backlash of Daoxin's oath.

"Little brother! But you are in my inner world, aren't you afraid that I will kill you in a rage?" Lu Zhenyang's voice was cold and quiet, with a little murderous intent.

"I don't think that seniors will do this!" Zhao Yuande said without panic. "You are a powerful person in the world, and you can claim the existence of the emperor further. Do you destroy your future for a kind of practice?" Moreover, there is a ray of the Masters soul hidden in the younger generation. As long as the seniors dare to kill me, the Master will inevitably have a sense. With the temperament of his old man, even if you escape to the end of the world, you will be a dead end!"

"You..." Lu Zhenyang was obviously frightened by Zhao Yuande's words. The other side said something good. It was definitely not worth it to ruin his future for a kind of exercise!

"Okay! I will give Luding to you!"

A slap-like four-footed small tripod appeared in front of Zhao Yuande. The green patina on the small tripod was mottled, and one tripod was missing.

On the inner wall of Xiaoding, there are densely carved ancient scripts, some of which have been corroded by green rust, and they have long been unclear.

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but sigh in his heart, no wonder the other party just trained half of the undead body, it turned out that this scripture is missing!

He squeezed Xiaoding in his hand and felt the endless vicissitudes of ancient meaning contained in it.

He squeezed his fingers and pointed towards Xiaoding.

"The gluttonous true spirit tripod, broken! The immortal true spirit is contained, the top container, doubles the efficacy of all recipes!"

"I rely on! Against the sky!" Zhao Yuande was ecstatic in his heart, but now is not the time, wait until it is safe to leave here, and wait no longer.

He put away Xiaoding, and did not spend any time, walking towards the heart step by step.

Despite the magical power on the Black Wind Banner, he still can't resist his incomparably strong body and tough and invincible state of mind.

He grabbed the Black Wind Banner and pulled it up.

At the next moment, the scene changed, and Zhao Yuande found himself standing in the canyon, and there was a middle-aged man with a long eyebrow in front of him. It was Lu Zhenyang, the elder of Zhenyangzong Taizhang.

Lv Zhenyang looked Zhao Yuande up and down, his eyes showing a slight killing intent.

As soon as the killing intention came out, the entire canyon seemed to turn into a molten hell. The endless flame turned into a fierce fire jiao, and opened a big mouth of blood toward Zhao Yuande.

"Well, Senior, I still have something to do, don't make trouble!" Zhao Yuande looked as usual, as if he didn't feel it at all.

"Boy! Are you not afraid at all?" Lu Zhenyang smiled helplessly, the flame **** disappeared instantly, and he looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes full of appreciation.

"Seniors won't hurt me at all, why am I afraid of it!" Zhao Yuande looked at this Lu Zhenyang, his breath was strong and weak, and at a glance he knew that the time of suppression was too long, and his cultivation might not be enough in the heyday. One in ten thousand.

But this is not the reason why Zhao Yuande is not afraid of killing himself.

"Oh, come and listen?" Lu Zhenyang asked curiously.

"I said earlier that seniors want to go further, otherwise they will not seek Rongtian Daodan, and seniors cant be sure whether my master has left me with a life-saving hand. The most important thing is that I am just a senior No matter how insignificant little people, seniors will not care about everything for me." Zhao Yuande looked at each other with a smile, and said, "Senior I am right?"

"Okay! Sure enough, he is indeed a disciple of Dan Ding, remembering the agreement between you and me!" Lu Zhenyang stepped high into the sky and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Zhao Yuande was stunned, looking at the sky with envy.

"Hey! When will I fly to the sky again!" He sighed softly and whispered to himself.

"Here for a long time, it seems to be speeding up, otherwise I may not be able to enter the first one hundred!" Zhao Yuande straightened his mood and flew out of the canyon, rushing towards Moyun Mountain.

Although his cultivation practice is not only in the early stage of **** sea environment, but his body is extremely powerful, no matter the strength speed is much beyond this level, so he runs ten times faster than ordinary monks!

After delaying for a small period of time, he could not see the people in front after entering the wild ancient ridge.

However, they often saw a broken corpse in the ancient mountains. These people were either killed by their companions or became the food of the beasts. From this, we can see the cruelty of this selection.

After catching up for an hour or two, he heard the roar of monsters not far in front of him, the screams of the practitioners, and there was also a wailing of pain.

He didn't want to delay time here, so he detoured the first time.

But contrary to expectations, two figures emerged from the stone forest in front.

Seeing these two people, Zhao Yuande found that the person in front of him actually knew him, exactly what Wang Chen saw at the fair.

This person and Zhao Yuankui walked together and impressed him.

The other person is a young man, but at this time it is extremely embarrassed. Because he is not as fast as Wang Chen, he is one step behind Wang Chen.

Behind the two, seven or eight wolves with one-horned horns roared out of the stone forest. The first giant white mouth chewed a human arm.

Obviously Wang Chen and the two were chased by the evil wolf, and their partner was buried in the wolf belly.

What Zhao Yuande subconsciously lost was an appraisal technique.

"Third-order fierce horned wolves, a horn above the head gathers a lot of spiritual power... low-level ingredients, matching the recipe Sanyuan braised wolf meat, a small amount of cultivator power, a list of ingredients..."

It is Sanyuan braised wolf meat, but it is an upgraded version. The three accessories need a longer period of time, but the strength of eight hundred pounds is already a lot of money for me now.

Although the two were fast, the unicorns were faster than them, and they had rushed behind them before escaping a few steps.

The viciousness on Wang Chen's face flashed over and pushed towards the youth behind him.

The young man could not have thought that his partner would push himself to the wolf belly for his own life. The young man was bitten by the unicorn quil in the back of his neck.

"Wang Chen...I..." The young man looked at Wang Chen incredulously, his mouth spitting out blood, spit out these words and died in anger, but his eyes protruded and stared at Wang Chen.