Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 250

Chapter 250: Successive Challenges

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Her face was very unattractive, at this time she stood on the stage staring at Zhao Yixin, her eyes full of endless killing intent!

"Who gave up my maid? Get out quickly and die!" Qi Yao was long and with a frost on his face. Obviously, Zhao Yixin scrapped her maid so that she had always been cherished and wanted to take Zhao Yixin's surgery.

"This kind of little person is not worth my shot, you can solve her for me, Po Tian! Remember not to exceed three strokes!" Zhao Yixin did not respond to Qi Yao's provocation, but waved to Po Tian.

"Reassure!" Po Tian answered it succinctly in its signature language, and then strode toward Qi Yao.

"Humph! Coward, he sent someone to die for himself. In that case, I slaughtered this monkey!" Qi Yao saw Zhao Yi's unwillingness to fight, and he was so angry that he pulled out his long sword and killed him.

The sky-breaking body looks small and there is no deterrent between walking, so it does not seem to be very strong, but as long as the person who fought with him knows how violent this guy is!

"Roar!" Po Tian saw a sword light coming, the euphorbia in his hand did not move at all, but just raised his claws and grabbed at Jian Guang fiercely!

Qi Yao's cultivation practice is indeed not low, and the combat effectiveness is also very strong, but compared with Zhu Yan, a mythical creature, it is simply a little witch.

Jianguang collided with the claws, emitting a dazzling flash of light. Qi Yao found that her powerful attack could not even break the fur of the other party. When she was shocked and speechless, a claw suddenly cut through the space. Appeared directly in front of her.

Po Tian's body seemed to be fitted with a spring, shrinking and bouncing, and his claws were already resting on Qi Yao's neck.

"Ah! Rao Ming!" Qi Yao only realized the gap between him and the other party at this time, and just started asking for mercy, he felt a sore throat.

The whole head dripped and grunted and rolled to the ground, and blood spewed out from between her necks, staining the sky half red.


The body crashed to the ground, and everyone awoke from shock.

There was only footsteps in the audience.

Jin Guangsheng was scared by the result and almost screamed. She never imagined that Qi Yao, the strongest disciple of her strongest fighting force, Yu Huazong, was so fragile that she couldn't persevere even one move.

She instantly sweated all over her body, feeling that many of her previous challenges were looking for death, and the other party's means were not imaginable at all! No wonder the close subordinates were killed, the elders didn't dare to put a fart, this is the reason!

At the moment, even the old lady floating in the sky couldn't help but take a look at the sky. How could this monkey in armor be so powerful, what identity does it hide?

"So strong! This guy is too strong!" Some people couldn't help frowning and admiring that this kind of strong man appeared here, it was a challenge for many people.

"How can he be so strong, there are only four of them who are still a little boy, I put together a few people to let them die soon!" Someone immediately exposed sharp fangs.

No matter how powerful it is, it's just one person. Ten of us will drive you down, and you can't survive!

The thirty-eighth position is the position that many people Meng demanded. The inheritance of the fairy world is likely to be born in the top one hundred, and at this time there is such a crippled team, and they will do everything for this position.

"I want to challenge the thirty-eighth Frost Lady!"

The dead body was just cleaned up by someone, and then someone stood up and took her team to the stride.

"Send your subordinates!"

This team came out with a majestic big man, a pair of thick long horns on the forehead, a pair of **** red eyes, and the whole body was icy and cold, forming a set of frost armor, which gave everyone a strong oppression sense.

"This is a bull demon, good at cold ice, and the field has four levels of freedom, Zhu Luan, you go! Take care, this is not difficult for you!" Zhao Yixin whispered in Zhu Luan's ear.

"it is good!"

Zhu Luan shook his fist and exhaled gently. Although she was a little nervous, she knew that it was her own temper and she must overcome it!

"Substitute! This time is a beautiful woman, cultivation is not strong but talented, she will not be a forsaken! What a pity!" Some people are not optimistic about Zhu Luan.

"I don't think so. Look at her confident face, maybe there are really terrible means!"

"Then we will wait and see!"

Zhu Luan walked in front of the Minotaur, his spirit sword gently pulled out, and a scorching light suddenly rose into the sky. The temperature suddenly rose in the field, and everyone only felt that he was close to a scorching sun.


An irritable cow roar sounded, and the tauren on the opposite seemed to be unable to endure the scorching heat, and white smoke rose from all over his body. The ice armor that had originally condensed on his body showed signs of being gradually melted.

It couldn't wait any longer, and rushed towards Zhu Luan with a roar!

Zhu Luan saw the opponent's movements and couldn't help but outline a smile, her body swayed like a stray leaf in the wind.

The Tauren's huge body roared, but it seemed that a hurricane had blown it, and the leaves had been blown away before the person arrived. It was impossible to reach Zhu Luan's clothes.

"Oh! I didn't expect that she not only mastered the rules of fire, but also realized a very deep level of understanding of the rules of the wind. It seems that she has not fallen down to practice these days!" Zhao Yixin saw Zhu Luan's body style, Suddenly a heart was put down in the heart, and with this understanding of the wind, the other party was already defeated!

The roar of the bull roar on the battle platform continued to sound, becoming more and more irritable and angry, but no matter what, he still couldn't catch the shadow of Zhu Luan.

After verifying his own rules of wind, Zhu Luan gradually launched her own counterattack against Tauren.

The opponent's rough skin is thick and the defense is amazing. Her spirit sword is just a top-grade spirit treasure. The cut on the opponent's body is only a shallow wound, but she is not in a hurry. Although the damage is shallow, But what she couldn't bear was that every time her sword was cut in the same place, down dozens of times in a row, the tauren's knee was finally cut open with broken effort by Zhu Luan's perseverance!

The tauren is slower, running staggered, and his eyes are getting red, a terrible breath gradually brewing in the tauren's body, like a volcano about to erupt.

"Not good! This guy is going to explode!" Zhao Yi changed his face and shouted, "Pay attention to its breath, seize the opportunity to kill!"

Everyone saw that the fierce battles in the field were also in tension, and some of them did pay attention to this situation. They suddenly retreated back and expanded the venue again, so that the self-detonation in the battle would not affect them.

Zhu Luan had known for a long time, she felt the other party's rage, but her heart was very calm at this time, the flame field outside the body slowly opened, and her hand was quietly holding a seal.

"Roar! I want you to die!" The tauren suddenly swelled up, rushing towards Zhu Luan regardless of his body, arms wide open to hug Zhu Luan.

It was also at this time that Zhu Luan retreated forward and slammed into the tauren's arms, and the seal method in his hand was directly poured into the spirit sword in his hand.